Hi I’m Matt, I do music marketing online, organise CD duplication anywhere in the world, and I make cheap music videos – it’s all about keeping the prices down so you can get in the game and get it happening!

You want 1000 CD’s, an online music marketing campaign AND a music video for under $2000! Don’t you? EMAIL: kurbpromo@gmail.com

I knew I should have kept blogging around here – just a few posts and the site is back over 200 visits a day. 200 Visits a day usually means one person at least emailing me to talk about music marketing services that we sort of offer. That means business for me.

That’s what you want isn’t it? To get visitors, turn them into fans and do business?

This blog is so special because it is the ONLY marketing I do for my music marketing services, and shows that blogging can be business if you know what you’re doing. I already make good cash doing cd duplication so I don’t blog so much. Blogging and advertising works a treat so talk to me!

Why do I get people coming to this blog?

1: I blog heaps – 350+ posts
2: Keywords “music” “marketing” and “management” in my domain name are things people want to know about, I didn’t call it “kurb promotions” because “kurb” doesn’t mean anything to anybody but me.
3: Links – over the years I have done bits of work here and there to get a range of different links from all kinds of different sites, using different methods.

That’s how I get 200 visitors a day and someone always email me about music promo, but honestly, it’s not easy work, I wish I had someone to help, but working for musicians who are usually down to their last bean is no holiday, trust me.

If you are a musician do you need help with blogging? Blogging is a great cheap way to start with online promotion, and I have a few tricks for drumming up a whole lot of content for your blog – you need relevant blog posts – at least 5000 words worth of content – on your site to get serious about bringing in search engine traffic as I was saying before. Which is FREE traffic, people coming to your site who share interests and want to read your blog because it’s fresh and they connect with your ideas and outlook.

Blogging is a great way to practice the system, use the blog to put an idea out there, then use social media to push the idea, and get people talking, visiting, liking, retweeting, sharing . . . once you master this with blogging you’re definitely ready to do it with viral videos, memes, or especially recorded tracks, even software and apps. It’s Content baby!

I do offer help with blogs as part of my music marketing services but I usually like to put them in a package with say, 1000 CD’s or a music video so I can make enough money to make it worth my while, while you get a fair swag – CD’s and/or a video AND a music marketing campaign that’s decent, for less than $2000.

I still do a 1 month trial package for $250 – you could use that for us to really ramp up your blog posts with 5000 words worth of good material, get a press release out there and get some links back to your site.

You gotta email me, Matt so we can hammer out the details: kurbpromo@gmail.com

I am doing a lot more blogging – not just because I have the time, and I think I’m slowly gathering the resources to put more effort into my blogs, but also because I’ve accepted that top quality content is a big priority.

You’re only going to get so far hammering away and/or trying to game the system, I know all about that stuff – if you do bring in the fans, what then? It’s 2011, people know what’s up and they see through your cheap efforts. They’re not going to hang around just because you spent a whole bunch on a flashy campaign and now the flash is gone – you have to stay consistent to stay on people’s radars, or somebody else with more flashy marketing money is just going to come along and be newer and flashier than you.

Trying to win the game with money is foolish, especially since most of you have none of it, blogging is a journey to define exactly who you are and what you are about to fans, that is about hard work and heart, not setting fire to a bunch of cash so everyone will see you in the light as they watch it burn.

How do you connect with people? It’s not easy, but it’s part of my job in contemporary music marketing management – if fans expect realness, real connections how do you facilitate that while allowing the artist to express themselves and stay immersed in the creative side of the work?

If you’re a great musician in a business sense, you shouldn’t need to organise the business of your music or the marketing, because there are specialists – like me – who take care of that, in music marketing online, it’s our job to translate that essence of the musician into a message that resonates with the fans and they can enjoy authentically.

We’ve got to turn that 1-2 hours a day you have to commit to this into a meaningful experience for thousands of fans, that’s a big call!

But it doesn’t matter what your budget is with blog content. Blogs are just an easy way to connect, that’s why I blog – because messages are so easily dispatched, and from that point an organic following can flourish, once readers and fans are maintaining the community around social networks, blogs, your sites, and sharing secondary content etc. you know you’re succeeding. You’ve got an asset there.

But blogging that works is about defining your artist brand, it’s about showing you’re a person, or having an angle that people tune in to – being relatable. People want something relatable in a confusing world. An artist that “gets it”. A blog is often a place where the tone can be set for how the messages in your artists brand and music are translated into more frequent and engaging experiences for fans.

Once you’ve master transmission and communicating ideas and connections to fans through blogging, taking those ideas to youtube is the next step up. You’re not just making dumb random videos because you know what works on your blog, you’re just turb charging it strategically with moving pictures and sound that you know get the fans hollering!

What do I mean by engaging fans? You may only release one album a year but if you blog every week and you’re very good at it, you stay tight with your fans, you create new opportunities to develop relationships with the core fanbase, and ideas will naturally start to flow between you and your fans as to how to grow the movement behind you.

How do you create that, how to paint that picture, bottle that essence?

That’s what I’m saying here, you can give me $600 to do some work on your marketing spread out over 3 months, but do you think that will really make a difference? Marketing campaigns are usually only as good as the ideas behind them, so my usual operation is to take your $600 and build something online that is ready for an idea.

But incubating a great idea that is perfect for expressing to fans what you offer as an artist . . . that’s serious thinking – that’s something that will cost a lot more than $600 to plan and execute, it’s about taking steps to grow your music business smartly.

It does depend on what you’re trying to achieve – a lot of my effort has gone into building my cd / dvd duplication and replication services business which is now where I make most of my money. That didn’t need a lot of content to become successful because I am marketing a very specific service.

As long as the price was very competitive, and the service good, then it would grow on the back of charmless brute force online marketing techniques, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing such as adwords, I’m pretty good at that and it’s a great way to push into the market with a competitive product.

But most musicians don’t have a competitive product. They have maybe 1 or more songs and a video they shot. And what? We’re not caring yet.

Also the blogging I do is very brutish, because I’m sure no one who is as eloquent as I am when it comes to writing trashy throw away blogs has as much time to do so, this is another competitive advantage – having a blog while keeping the great music coming is a luxury most musicians can’t afford because they haven’t googled my site and found me like you did.

But yeah, in a nutshell, between advertising and blogging, that’s how I end up doing doing so well in CD DVD duplication. If you’ve got $600 I’m happy to show you a bit of what I can do.

But more creative endeavours are a different story, you need people buying into what you’re selling by agreeing that you’re demonstrating creative talent that would be of significant value to them.

Music promotion bloggers have been talking about attention economies for years now, an it’s all still true, if not truer, it’s just you’ve got to work at scale. It means just like Lefsetz says, you have to be focused on raising the talent level, and to do that you can’t afford to worry about online promotion, you need to be focused on your talent.

That’s why you give me $600. Not to expect a miracle, but because you got to be focused on representing, on living as a true talent, true talent doesn’t have time to build websites, set up blogs, to do any of the stuff thats not rock star, thats why even though it’s your hard earned money you can barely afford you give me $600.

Because you’re the talent. Be the talent, leave the promotions to someone who knows what they’re doing at the bare minimum I can bring myself to charge for it.

If you’re coming to me and you’ve got nothing then you need a website. There’s a whole lot of ways you can throw your money away on music promotion when you’re not ready, but blogging is about becoming ready, step by step, developing something that fans respond to that you can say is worth spending money to take to a bigger audience.

This stuff is about kicking off a career, that’s why it’s modest. That’s why it’s only $600 for the cheapest little deal. That’s why we’re talking about blogging because if you’re coming out of nowhere, you’re going to need to plan and test and save your bullets for the real fight, keeping those fans thinking about you and your work every day.

That’s a business.

And that’s how I run my business, ready to work, and ready to make sure my clients get what they need.


How Much Does It Cost To Become Famous?

by Matt @ Kurb on August 22, 2011

Just wanted to jot down some ideas about working towards how much it cost theoretically to get famous, I mean I love crunching numbers to see how it can work and there’s no point being gentle with the artists and trying to pretend you can invest into the opportunity to have a music career by only spending a few hundred dollars.

If you want to make your music into business, you’ve got to treat it like a business, which means a lot of upfront investment.

Well just to run some raw numbers, you could use an online advertising campaign, pay $1000-2000 to bring 20,000 targetted fans to your site in the hopes of snagging 1000 fans to become “true fans” – it’s a starting point to viable a fanbase.

To get that you need strong initial content:

– strong ad campaign design – could be $500 for a quality campaign but you could use those bones for years. if you’re spending $1000+ on advertising, you ought to have the best campaign.
– strong landing page – (not really my focus here – more prominent sign up, more compelling reasons and a video!)
– strong video compelling fans – again up to $500 for a quality video
– strong offer (to get fans motivated to sign up)

but of course to keep them you need continuous content, content that links to focused outcomes.

Usually that’s 1 of 2 things – selling something or another action that leads to income, or getting more fans. I am not certain that 1000 is enough for a career, but if the campaign focuses on activating current fans to bring in more new fans, your fanbase can grow very quickly.

I think for the first 12 months at least, it’s important to focus on blowing that fanbase as wide as possible

Compare 1000 to 5,000 fans if:

10% purchase your new single

10% agree to click on an ad because they understand you make about 50c for each click

1% can make your next gig

2% purchase a $19 product and you receive $9 as commission.

0.1% purchase a special one off collector’s item of significance for $100

Just to set up such an email could be 4-6 hours do to properly, and if thousands of dollars become involved, then you want me to spend all day on it even if it costs you $400 for me to do it properly, optimized for the most revenue. But that’s at least a year away.

At the “1000” stage however, to keep that fire burning, keep those 1000 fans engaged – I would suggest the minimum requirements:

Basically you want the $250 blog and video packages every month, so there’s a new blog at least once a week, and strong newsletter/press release each month, featuring a new video each month – each month there’s a theme that pushes either an action leading to income, or an action leading to more fan sign ups.

Blog publicity and ad campaign tweaks should be maintained at a cruising speed. I’m a fan of jango also. All the little social media tricks should be used, but they are only of surface value often, so I would pass those services on at a cost price (for example $25 for 10,000 fake views, comments etc on each video)

So this is a pretty unflinching summary:

ad campaign: $1000 / approx. $10 p/day + $500 set up
top quality “sign up video” – $500

written content, video content, advertising and publicity maintenance, misc social media costs, admin of revenue programs: $600 p/month

+ possible jango costs

If you’ve got 7 videos, that’s an opportunity to cut costs in that area, but there are other purposes for videos that relate to your 2 outcomes to be acknowledged, I would suggest every second month you highlight one (or two) of your 7 videos and I charge $350 for that month.

Hi I’m Matt, my company Kurb offers a full and comprehensive range of online marketing services and strategies and you can jump on skype and have me consult with you personally on issues releveant to developing YOUR music career – not some cookie cutter, read the manual solution – a PERSONAL music and artist marketing solution

For just $250 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 10 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe (I work from New Zealand) , and not only to we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need, we have great resources and contacts and now . . .

ALSO – you can now jump in skype and get in touch with me to discuss your campaign.

All you have to do is contact me at:

kurbpromo@gmail.com // +64 27 684 8250

We do – website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, youtube promotion, video production, copywriting and blog management, ad campaigns with free credit, and email list management and set up! All the strategy, the content, all the marketing! We’re even doing publicity now so you can hit those blogs!





I may not be doing much music consultancy right now but I won’t be going anywhere because I am more committed to earning supplementary income online than ever, I’m crazy about it.

Especially as you get older, I start to think well . . . I’m actually not interested in doing anything else but my music, and creative stuff, and if people don’t like it then I don’t care. However, it would be nice to make a little bit of change. Because afterall this is the internet and everybody out there is a potential customer.

Wherever you’re at getting random cheques in the mail can’t be a bad thing, to me the idea of making a bit of extra pocket moeny of my music is a kick. And of course, it’s something that gradually tends to increase, not typical of most musicians long term careers.

It seems like years since I was going on about attention economy models and all kinds of click this buy that models that could get you paid, well nothing has really changed – it’s still possible but I haven’t proven that your average part time musician can make it work. Ultimately, if I do make it work then I probably won’t be writing this blog because my adoring fans will be hanging out for my next deep thoughts as an artist. Haha.

You think I would have worked out how to make money by then? We should hope so.

It’s a cycle. Online, you’re getting some traction, so you should be getting some clicks on your ads on your sites. Your youtube partnerships. Did you know artists are making $2-$5 per 1000 views on youtube? I didn’t realise it was so high! 10,000 views is on average $33. These little streams of income add up over time.

You got your affiliate marketing. This includes itunes and amazon. You should be selling some songs by then obviously, starting to push out other stuff that is easy to package up as a monthly special item.

You should have exclusive limited edition items. Get used to finding something every month. Start with 5, then grow it as your fan base grows making sure that there’s always never enough of the unique item to go round. Naturally, this kind of stuff require a bit of thinking.

And hopefully the more online traction you’re getting, the more fans you’re picking up which means again, if you can direct their attention and get people to your appearances, then you have the pull to start putting up your performance fees.

And performance fees are higher than ever for artists who can fill venues.

More performances allow you to connect with more fans, and in new ways to sell them stuff.

This again is part of the advantage of being well organised online, you can see why you need to focus on getting that fan base established before you worry about 101 ways to make a $1 every day.

The first step is getting the fanbase even if it takes a decade because that’s what the game amounts to now, when you have the fans, you will find a way to get paid.

Now we’re going to hear some tips on music promotion and stuff from my friend charles who writes for me. If you’re busy and creative like me, you need to find ways of getting your blog to happen on the cheap, without sucking your resources, that’s why we have guys like charles around who help out there writing blogs and doing these kinds of jobs so you can focus on the serious stuff.

PS I just finished off a music video for one of my projects first official releases – I can do one like this for you for $350. It took me most of two nights so I can’t be too cheap. It’s take me 2 weeks, but I’ll do it in 1 week if you give me $400.

Why not get a music marketing campaign and 1000 CD’s too and get a mega crazy special deal! So much deal at music marketing management!!!

The best way to do Music Promotion

There are many singers out there who have no idea on how to make their music known by the masses. This however should not be the case for there are many different ways to do music promotion. The internet has been voted one of the best and fastest ways to advertise your music especially through the social media sites such as twitter, face book and many others. With the rise of technology your music can be passed to the people within the shortest time possible through online shops.

If you are a fresher in the field of music, it will be a good idea to link up with those who have made a name in music industry. This way you will get ideas on how to go about online music promotion. It is hard to make it big by relying on your own power, you may end up frustrated and reaching only a handful of people/fans. Many musicians have discovered that by getting their music into the hands of a well known label can get them a contract faster than doing it alone. The label will act on your behalf in getting you some platforms to advertise your music. It maybe challenging at first but it is nevertheless a worthy venture to consider taking if you will ever make it big in music.

There are many music labels out there and it is best to do some research first before settling on the ones ro approach. Have some demos of your music at hand as you go about looking for a good promoter of your music. You should also have a rudimentary online presence – myspace, facebook, youtube, twitter and of course your own music website and artist blog at the centre of your social media hub.

This will help them get a feel for what you wish to promote. The best way to introduce yourself to the promoter of your choice is by emailing a personalised introduction describing your music. Different labels have different rules/guidelines for admissions ensure you follow them to the letter.

A music consultant will be of great help during this period of time. Music Consultants have very vital information in the music sector having spent much time studying in detail the music industry. This way, you will save a lot of time which otherwise would have been used researching on the same information. Music consultants will furnish you with the answers to your questions as well as offer you guidelines on what you intent to do. Promoting your music is a very important project and it therefore may require you to hire a consultant especially after your mind is made up on what you expect at the end of the deal. Being sure of what your target is will save time and resources as the chances of hiring the wrong consultant will be minimized.

After getting the right advice and hooking up with your promoter, the next thing to do is to be sure of your target market. The next thing to do is to engage your fans through the social media networks after establishing a good strategy on how to best promote your music to them.

The best way to promote your videos online

There are many sites that deal with promoting of promotional videos. Getting the right network will place your promotional videos on the top ranked sites which in turn will drive many people to your shop. Sometimes the sales can drop drastically which may call for a tactic change on your promotional methods. There are many reliable video submission sites where one can place his or her videos for the targeted audience/viewer. These are the most reliable methods to promote your work because they ensure that your video quality is maintained intact. Many of the promotional sites see to it that your video brand is popularized online with the right audience given priority.

It is one thing to have the right stuff yet if you miss on the promotion goal, the work may not serve your intentions. It is therefore important to ensure that your work (promotional videos) is well advertised in order to reach the right people who will benefit by purchasing your videos. If you are sure of your work, ensure then that it is given the highest visibility there is in the online platform. Hook up with a video promotion company that will ensure that your targets are directed to your websites so that they can purchase your products. Many of these video promoters are able to promote your products as well as increase traffic to your websites.

In researching for the best company to promote your videos, it will be good to consider the following hints; the credibility and work history of the company. By checking on the company’s previous work you can gauge its credibility. Avoid those who use automated methods to submit your videos-the manual method works well for it ensures a constant monitoring of the progress. Ensure that your videos do not end up being posted in the wrong category which may reduce visitors to your product. Place your videos properly and you will get the right traffic to your products. Get a company that will give your videos the best results by taking care of your video optimization as well.

Make sure that your videos are directed to the right website and that the right information and descriptions are given to avoid confusion or misguiding the people. Many of the promoting sites will help you with account creation, registration and confirmation of your account should you desire the assistance.

There are many benefits of advertising your promotional videos. First there the assurance that your products are marketed by having the right links to your shop/websites. You get to be highly ranked especially if you subscribe with the best video promoters. You get to contextualize your labels to fit with the target audience who in turn are directed to your site for the purpose of purchasing the product. This method of promoting your videos ensures that the target customer is well informed of your products and they are given the right direction on where to do the purchasing of your videos.

You can engage your customers in an interesting way and thereby lead the competition in your industry.
• Enhance your brand identity and brand profile online.
• Increase traffic count to your website from top social websites.
• Get improved ranking in the search engines and drive good percentage of organic traffic to your website.
• By using video marketing you will be using the trendiest marketing strategy to reach your customers.
• As we optimize the videos in every possible way including choosing the best filenames, using the best keyword phrases, your keyword strength is enhanced dramatically securing you good positions in the top search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Better Online Music Promotion With Blogging

by Matt @ Kurb on August 12, 2011

Do you need online marketing? CD Pressing? Music Video Production? I work out cheap deals for musicians all around the world to get this stuff in our music marketing package deals $1000-2000 email: kurbpromo@gmail.com

This blog post tries to get to the heart of better content, but really ends up covering familiar territory because if you don’t have a decent platform, then you don’t really have any point in trying to produce high quality material for your blogs that will really get fans emotionally invested.

There’s only so much promotion and marketing can help you until it comes down to whether what you’re presenting is any good – there’s no point in using blogs, videos and social media to promote your music if they just make you look boring and amateur, if there’s no charm whatsoever to them.

So how do you add character to your blogs so they’re not just the same dreary old nonsense because that’s where I’m at, I’m sick of writing just for google, it’s honestly a waste of your creative effort unless you’re just like me trying to rank high for cd replication and cd pressing so you can make your money – but the point is if you’re going to write a blog why not try and make it worthwhile?

Yes – it is hard to know what people will like and how google will take to it, I’m probably about to learn people liked this blog better when my style was more practical and actionable.

Look, I couldn’t go on writing about websites and SEO and adwords and whatever was the latest trick on youtube and how embedding a youtube video in your page and using adwords and social media to send people to that page so that they sign up for your email newsletter which blows them away so much they start buy all kinds of stuff of you . . . I couldn’t go on!

I know it’s complex but hey. Either you get it, or you need to email me and get something going, because if you don’t understand the internet then really you’re just ignorantly living in hope. I don’t have everything right, but I’ve certainly succeeded enough at this to know . . .

Surgery, Computer Repair, Internet Marketing it’s not that different because if it’s not A that’s the problem, then it’s probably B, or C, or D, or E.

My point being is if you’re a great musician and you don’t know the a,b,c,d and e of internet marketing then you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re wasting your time, and your better off just practicing your act and talking to me.

There a good reason why i say that, because when all is said and done, people want something good. That’s part of the change in my approach, I realised that people want the best if it’s available, you can only sting them along so long with hype and flash.

If what you’re doing is special and people love it, you don’t need marketing.

Let me get real – more people are interested in this music marketing blog than are interested in my music, maybe you’ve got to make a decision about what you’re doing that people actually want to know about, and bring the threads together.

Look at the compromise I’m making – I’ll continue to write here, if it means artists get me to organise a deal with CD pressing (or DVD’s) for you from asia (they will be as cheap if not cheap er than your local supplier and of similar quality) then I can make enough money to make it worthwhile to do your marketing as well, and help you with graphic design or any of the online marketing stuff you want at the old cheap rates.

I can sort out your CD pressing for a good price, I can help you with marketing if it’s worthwhile, and I know some stuff we can work out that allows a huge discount to kick in, a lot of people might not approve but it really doesn’t matter, I’m only trying to appeal to a handful of musicians who need my help.

So you need to be focused on the best customers and fans for you. These are artists and people interested in marketing who read my blog and see my face and realise I’m here to do what I do and say what I say, and if it works, cut an honest deal.

You need to find the fans you can be real with, who recognise what you’re doing. You need to use blogs, videos, social media to create a concept that fans can embrace beyond

It used to be just an article in Rolling Stone. Woah! Did you read that? That guy’s a bad ass!

Now you’ve got to be your own rolling stone, make yourself look like a bad ass, or whatever the effect you’re aiming for in terms of your brand is.

Personally, I’m more interested in delivering a successful product now, but in marketing, nothing is ever sure, you really have to tailor the marketing for you, your audience, your product, your deal. It’s a whole lot of work, that’s why I’m at this point where if I’m doing marketing for other people, I gotta charge for it.

our basic packages are $250 p/month or $600 for 3 months but if you’re trying to promote heavily we offer the option to double that so you get 6 hours of dedicated promotion week, but that’s still a small amount when you’re talking about launching a big campaign. My method however in online marketing is more slow and steady, but I’m happy to advise you where those hours would be best used to get the desired outcome.

The quick once over:

Firstly, you need a website, have you got that organised?

Secondly, working with online advertising is one of my strengths, once I do the set up, you can control the budget and take your campaign as far as you like.

Thirdly you want written material, press releases, blogs, newsletters, bios worked online so you need some creative for that.

This often comes under the bigger aims for the campaign. it’s hard to execute sophisticated campaigns when your platfrom isn’t set up. A mailing list with a fan newsletter is pretty much essential (this can go out on facebook etc too) not just for interacting with fans and keeping them interested, but for when you want fans to start buying.

Again I specialise in creating revenue from fan bases but to be upfront, it usually takes $2000+ and 6 months at least to get to a point where that fan base is starting to grow and we can start discussing how to sell different propositions to them – this is where more sophisticated campaigns come in because your no longer covering set up costs for everything and we start to have a better understanding of what your fans will respond to.


Playing With More Music Website Concepts

by Matt @ Kurb on August 4, 2011

I am still working on doing up my sites. Man, why does it take me so long?

Because looking good is a branding thing, which is super important for musicians – to look cool, basically – but it matters more that a site actually works. It moves fans, customers, whatever you want to call them, from interest, to action.

Remove the friction. What do you want them to do? Make it easy as possible for them to get there, just like farmers herding the livestock through the gates – if you’re a sheep, it’s pretty obvious going forward is the way to go, why think about it?

this is how you’ve got to see your site to make it work, getitng your fans from a to b – getting the outcome that’s within your means – rather than just another thing that people just come and look at and leave and never come back.

See if I’m going to spend money on making my websites look better – mainly because it sends the message that I must be doing something right because I can afford to have this stuff – well I want to get it right! But it’s not just about impressing people, it’s about conveying a message about your music and brand is about. Who it’s for.

So if I’m rehauling my blog theme what would I be thinking about including? It’s really a lot of the same principals as your website. The visitor arrives, they GET the vibe of the site, if they care, they want the goods. Where’s the music? Where’s the video?

If they don’t, well . . . they’re gone.

But I want the music player and the video right there, perhaps even in the header. Maybe for an artists blog you do need a huge header. The sign up is also important.

Remember I always talk about outcomes, what do you want to achieve when a visitor comes to your site?

– sign up to email to secure an ongoing communication channel
– downloads some music so they leave your site with a seed, with some of your music that can be shared, so that more people hear your music without you haveing to find them
– connect with you on a social media channel
– watch your video or listen to songs to further build experience
– be aware of the music and content you have for sale
– advertising
– links to more reading material, blogs, archive material should they want to research deeper content, if it’s available

That’s interesting. Don’t discount video as a great way to explain and show fans what to do and how they can help.

But what about aesthetically, what would you include and consider, so that it actually looks cooler?

– navigation menu
– video
– twitter/blog feeds?
– music player / download
– email sign up

I think these last two are particularly important because they should stand out. This fits with what I was saying earlier – your outcomes – you want to open the communication channel or at least plant some music on them before they leave.

So therefore the places where email sign ups and music appear should lead the eye. Think about how your design hits the eye, this is crucial.

A big impressive picture of the artist and how awesome they are is pretty important. Convey enough information so fans aren’t just left wondering what you’re all about. But then it doesn’t necessarily have to be of the artist, although it really should – it’s about the power and space a big strong image can create.

It makes me think, reusing and remixing old images to make up obscure pages should be a go. I love deconstructing and mashing up my own artifacts.

Loading your pictures and visual full of clout also helps you focus your vision on the websites outcomes, about what you’re doing and saying to fans.

The front of your website may be all about new fans – because only fans who are really into it are going to start digging deeper.

– Listen to the music, download free music, and buy official releases, access comprehensive

– See videos and photos that make me look really cool and awesome

– enter the archive for biographical information varying in their exhaustiveness – perhaps the front of the archive could give the visitor options – do they just want the basic rundown, the media version, an in depth historical overview, or the exhaustive blow by blow details of your journey to creative emergence? There’s advantages in communicating when you tailor the message for specific audiences in this way.

– read the rambling blog/journal for updates and random expositions of theory – how you want to use your blog is really up to you. Theory and philosophy is important to what I do as an artist so I style my blog as a sparring session for seeing what strange ideas stick

– contact / bookings – now this is important from a business point of view – making your propositions explicit. You’ll never get an offer to perform if you don’t make the effort to make people aware of your costs, conditions, and what kind of services you can offer. I plan on treating my bokking/contacts page as a sandpit also, where I can offer performing services.

So that’s just 5 basic links.

Sure I want my social media connections there, and links to my labels, radio show, and general music partners.

And then there’s the content – music, video, and you might add the twitter feed, and email sign up to that also.

Just like your music marketing campaign, a music website has to be carefully thought through, launched, and then tinkered with constantly as you retool it for the fans who you’re looking to target and reach out to.

The new fan wants to know what they’re getting, they want things to be clear and explained.

The established fan wants to find new material

The surfer or pilgrim just wants to access whatever item of interest led them to where they are, and that could be anything.

Do the real fans want to be presented with your video and email sign up, again and again?

Do the new fans understand the context of what they see without reference?

Does it work to make people who have signed up feel like they’re in a special club, are those who haven’t attracted to it by what they’re seeing on the site?

This is where long term, ultimately, your website maybe just a tool – a museum, a virtual graceland – where visitors can step inside your little world, as they pass through to the next attraction, you just want to get that email sign up or any lasting connection, that you can build on.

Is it really the newsletter that becomes more important if you’re trying to maintain a fanbase that is serious, and possibly more importantly makes opportunites to make money easy to create?

Whats the point of a magnificant newsletter as your end stop, if no one gets there?

Why have a great newsletter if you don’t have a great website? Why have a great website if you don’t have a great song or a great video?


Need a sweet deal with CD replication and online music marketing? Email kurbpromo@gmail.com

I am back on the outsourcing vibe once again.

You know why? As I said I’ve almost all but given up consultancy because my cd replication business is doing so well – that’s why right now on this music marketing blog I’m really focusing on a couple of main thing:

– Doing a deal anywhere in the world on online marketing and CD replication (y’know, like doing 1000 cd’s and then working out how to sell them)

– Ways that exist for us to cut a deal so you make even more savings, mainly backhanders I get on certain deals.

This is how I’m working at the moment, if you get CD replication and/or some other stuff online through me, I get paid out, so it makes it worthwhile for me to offer you music marketing services, otherwise I can’t offer a good deal AND make enough money to make it worth it.

You get a cheap deal on CD’s marketing and other stuff, I still get paid.

Just being upfront!

But if you’re successful in the music business you’ll have to pass the same point as me. I make my money out of doing CD and DVD replication. It’s crazy for me to not take that money there, but y’know what happens? Look at this website, look at any of my websites! I don’t have time to do half the things I should do because I’m always working on a CD / DVD replication job, because the money is too good to turn down.

When your music is taking off, and you’ve got a tour planned, and you know you’re going to need follow up material as soon as that’s done – the real work of being a musician – can you really worry about doing blogs, and website updates, and social media, having a new dinky video every fortnight so the fans don’t forget about you . . .

But you have to do this stuff. I know I need to get this website and a bunch of my others looking decent, y’know looking like I take this seriously! Because “oh no, sorry my blog looks like shit because I’m too busy making CD’s” doesn’t really cut it, does it?

Especially if you’re a band, to be honest, now days, that’s what people look for to see if your legit.

Is your music legit? Your video on youtube? Your website? Your Twitter? Is it all legit, does it look like an artist that’s actually good, like people obviously think it’s good, because someone (you) have made an effort?

If it looks like you’re making an effort, fans go “Hey these guys might be around, they might be serious.” otherwise YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER SHITTY BAND WITH A SHITTY WEBSITE. The other angle worth mentioning is that you really do do it for the fans. You make your “secondary content” (the stuff you’re not trying to sell) about fans. It is for them, after all.

We have to get our websites looking good because a ratty looking site doesn’t signal to the prospective buyers that it is all on. That THIS is it.

So we need to outsource this stuff. There’s no point in me not spending the money, so it’s probably similar to you deciding you need some music marketing services to maintain audience focus online while you’re performing and/or writing music. Creating the content.

When it’s all taking off, you have to step up your game to go the distance. That’s not just a bunch of cliches. I’m doing great with CD replication now, but fixing stuff with my marketing – like the look of my websites – has to be done if I’m going to keep progressing.

Outsourcing is becoming the only option. I say that with trepidation because outsourcing is not a walk in the park. You can’t go too cheap, and you need to have a grip on what is possible.

So the picture here is that you must outsoruce at some stage. In fact, by the time a musician can afford to outsource online music promotiom, you’re already behind the game. This is the music industry now. Someone has got to pay to invest, and get the hype pumping, get he system in place.

That’s why I keep my prices low and try to work out these deals with cd replication and music marketing. Because then you can afford to start developing a plan a year in advance so when you’ve “penned” or “roped” enough fans they’ve got a nice little online play area where they can uhh, breed? Yeah maybe not, but you know what I mean.

You need blogs, social media, videos, newsletters – at least something every week to keep your fan farm plump and fed. It’s only later once those fans are juicy and fat that we can milk the cows and bring in the harvest.

Successful music fan farming with Farmer Matt!

So at the moment I am looking for new website designers, and new music video production staff because in the content driven online world, musicians and marketer need the content treadmill in action, this is what I’m putting together for artists so that it IS POSSIBLE to produce the required content on a budget, and keeping that buzz and hype alive.

I could do the web design and the music video production myself except I’m not very skilled at that, and I’m making more money out of cd replication. So I must outsource.

The online advertising I will continue to do myself because I have very good skills, there.

So you see I’m doing this both for myself and for the artists I work with because I recognise now that going super cheap is not always the best way. What I’m really focused on at the moment is keeping my products the same price but improving them immensely, looking for web designers and video production staff who are able to produce a higher quality of content because this is what artists need.

The best quality content and online marketing and branding interactions they can get for their money, they’re just not going to make it any other way, not if they spend too much, and not if they’ve got nothing at all!

I’m doing all this stuff for myself, my own music site now, so I know it! Outsourcing is no picnic, it’s hard to know what you can expect for your money, I already said not to go too cheap – you’ve got to end up with something that works, not soemthing hanging round loking half finished for 6 months – these are the issues I’m dealing with trying to find people who are really going to help my music and my clients.

That’s just the stuff that I need and I supposed to BE a music marketing guy! Add stuff I do all the time anyway – blogging, advertising, etc, you can see how much is involved and what your online campaign has to cover.

Imagine leaving out youtube. Imagine leaving out social media sites, not having a website, a blog, going without an ad campaign, all these things are not exclusive requirements but you’re not helping yourself by not having this stuff organised.

You can’t do it all yourself. I’m trying to come up with ways to make this work as cheaply as possible. The fact that it is a challenge to have reliable people who do great work for an affordable price is EXACTLY why it’s worth doing. Because most musiicans aren’t organised enough, they’re not backing themselves with real online organisation.

Real musicians with careers have got this stuff down – and it’s mainly because they’ve been around a few years and figured out what works for them. It’s different for every artist. This is all part of the process. I’d love to serve you a happy meal, but that’ll just leave you hungry half way to the next stop.


Music, Marketing Campaigns and the Bottom Line

by Matt @ Kurb on July 10, 2011

If you have a credit card, I can give you a discount and make it $1000, for 500 CD’s delivered worldwide and 3 months marketing (what a deal!) but there are very special conditions.

Once you start becoming a bit successful you start to think . . . I’d rather not do that, actually. I’d rather not do the consultancy and coaching with bands and musicians because it requires a lot of my time and attention, and relying on outsourced contractors to complete certain components of the music marketing set up jobs quickly and within budget.

So this year I decided to go with the flow a bit more and try to stick with what I’m best at but eventually, my other businesses were growing and becoming more demanding.

I thought it would give me the opportunity to go back to my own music and creativity, and apply some of the lessons I’d learnt over the years, in fact, it would be a great advertisement for my business if people could see that I had my own music website that was successfully demonstrating all the principals i discuss here.

To me I had already recognised what a huge vacuum the break down of traditional record labels created in terms of capital – artists were going to have to back themselves more than ever. Maybe I was foolish to try and create the idea that $500 could buy you a marketing campaign because it’s similar to those arguments against free music – it sets a unhealthy precedent.

I am pretty familiar with how competition works and I think my efforts in music marketing represent a situation where I hadn’t learnt to provide a marketing service that was in demand from musicians at the right price. The product wasn’t ready. I could not charge $500 for that product because I wasn’t committed to delivering it.

So . . . back to the drawing board, which as I said, would be my music site.

I’m really good with advertising but I still didn’t have everything in place to present to targeted audience in a way that would pay off – that’s why the first months of your music marketing campaign are likely to be all about setting up a platform – your website, your newsletter, some decent relatable videos, some decent copywriting to get the propositions in motion, testing your ad campaign.

Like many artists I waiver between feeling creatively fulfilled and dynamic and doing something that has legitimacy through it’s viability.

Viability is more important the more you make profit is essential for you to stay in it, and keep building.

To me, revenue shows that what you’re doing has some meaning to people that they will pay for it, so even though I don’t regard my music as a money spinner, for my own benefit, I treat myself as my own test client. If it works for me, it’ll work for someone with more talent and less of their life absorbed in entrepreneur behaviour like myself.

But your fanbase is the key to your viability. If you can afford it you need to focus on strategic ways of getting yourself out there. My specialty is advertising, not publicity, but you need everything available. I do do some blog publicity but not the serious, expensive press publicity artists need to breakthrough.

But this is what I keep saying, if you’re going to sell a big image you need, your website is going to have to look the part, your social media nad your youtube need to look busy and to really sell it to people further up the ladder who make the decisions that effect your career, you need to nail down at least a few hundred fans who represent an estalished audience for whom this product works and is valuable.

If you’re on a budget for your music marketing campaign, you need an outfit like us to get this often arduous process underway so you’re ready sooner to start having fans, media, music industry becoming aware and involved.

How do you afford it? Well I do a packages starting from $1000 that include 500 CD’s. If you can get rid of those CD’s, then you won’t lose money and you’ll already have more people listening to your music on disc and online. If you have a credit card, I can give you a discount and make that $1000, for 500 CD’s and 3 months marketing (what a deal!) but there are very special conditions.

Email kurbpromo@gmail.com

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Get Music Money Emailed Every Day OK

by Matt @ Kurb on July 8, 2011

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb and this is a blog about online music promotion. The numbers are picking up around here again back getting 200 visits a day so let’s see how I go picking it up and running with it.

Don’t forget if you want to make a deal with cheap cd replication, music video production and online music marketing – packages include all that with a big secret discount option for $1-2k! – kurbpromo@gmail.com – get in touch.

So it’s a new approach to this blog and I’m talking about it and I’m saying well I need to connect with some kind of viability so the thing feels validated.

If you’re not making money, it’s hard to justify any activity that’s not central to what you do, that’s how I ended up back here because I write what I like about music promotion and people will read it and they will email me.

That’s what you want right, people reading your blog and getting in touch because they want to connect?

So what are you going to sell them?

I’m serious. Look at me now, the new vibe on this blog is “This is what I really think and if you want to hire me it’s at least $1000 because my other businesses are sweet.”

If some body emails ME, I’m going to try and get $1000 out of them! $1000!! And I’ll probably do it. How are you going to do it?

Well not straight away because I’ve been doing this almost 5 years now. But you get my drift right? If I email you all like “oh my god I can’t believe that song is about that and your crazy video with that puppet is like omg so funny . . .”

What do you do?

Think fast. What can you offer someone that’s worth $200? $100? $50? What’s going to make that person think they got a deal?

Well you gotta build up some love first it doesn’t sprout overnight. That’s the work involved, growing the fanbase one by one until one day, you make that video, you upload that song and BABOOM it takes off.

BECAUSE you worked with me, you’re prepared when 600 people sign up to your email ist n 24 hours because

But I think part of my service should be helping artists put together high value items that can be pushed to fans – I need some proper methodology for putting together these things – how much it will cost and

Value needs to come either from band labour or band brand otherwise your margins won’t work. See you know I’m business because I sniff this shit like a shark. If you’re not business minded you need someone like me around to crunch it.

Paying $20 for a t-shirt and selling it for $30 is no good, the profit margin is no good. You get some nice big glossy posters printed that you sign for $1 each they’re worth $5. Decent profit based around the musicians adding value. I’m just jamming here – remember this is the stuff you’re supposed to pay me for I’m not putting all my best ideas for selling packages here!

Giving them a CD is an obvious one especially since the main reason I’m doing all this so I can get artists into my packages with cd replication, the CD’s we supply are just as low cost and high quality as anywhere else, except I get paid which means I can help you in other areas – such as putting togther the contents of a high end $100 “true fan” package – that your other CD manufacturing options wouldn’t cover.

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Music Video Production and CD Pressing Deal

by Matt @ Kurb on July 7, 2011

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb and this is my blog about online music promotion.

I also offer cheap CD / DVD manufacture worldwide, cheap music video production services, and music marketing support IF we do it in a deal with one of the first two.

Email: kurbpromo@gmail.com

By doing a special where I do your CD pressing and/or your music video and/or your online music marketing all in a package deal, then I can make enough money to make it worth my while to help you with your marketing while still keeping it affordable – $1000-2000 for the whole package.

Video production is where it’s at. Blogging is great because of the whole google SEO thing, but videos are powerful when they are done right why do you think the music industry relies on them?

Because an incredible music video can take a song stratospheric, and convey much deeper experience to the audience, but for those of you playing rock star at home, the uses are a little more humble, but no less significant, and practical in online promtion!

grannies and and grandad’s ring me all the time, once they see my video and see I’m a nice young man, that’s it they’re busting with trusting for me to do their cd pressing or dvd duplication job.

You should know by now you can do a lot more with video than ever before but unfortunately it is all a bit daunting. I’ve used video as best I can but to be honest it really takes a lot of motivation. Thats your cue to get the jump on all the other lazy punks who aren’t getting serious on youtube about what they’re doing.

Put cheap videos up on youtube that are just slightly better than the average amateur demo, then slap 10,000 fake views on it, and suddenly everyone who does visit thinks that you’re music is actually something that’s a thing on youtube.

People are sheep honestly, we need to tell people that it’s ok to like your music, understand?

I want to do video because I know how powerful it is, but it’s that content issue again – if you’re going to all the effort of putting together an online video, you want to make sure it’s decent! You wouldn’t believe how long my videos took me to make – days! It is really a bit of a task.

I think having a videographer close to a musician is essential, it’s almost like an MC and a DJ. It’s all about the MC really, but how will the crowd really feel it if the DJ isn’t there to take it home?

Videos are so powerful you really need to pick and chose how you use them if you’re like me and are struggling to step up your video game. It’s about motivating people to take a certain action, to me, welcome and intro videos are jut as important as the video for your single, so do something with it!

I’m at the stage of my business where I want to invest into my brand and my outcome strategy is selling cd replication and music marketing packages, perhaps maybe a few music videos as I say, because right now I’m working on how to rattle off fairly dynamic and original music videos for $200-$500, I want to be working away so soon people will be like . . . you did THAT for $500?

So off I go trying to do funny videos. It’s a little bit calculating, you make the video entertaining, funny, etc, but you push your thing. I’ll be pushing the package with the CD’s of course, and stressing that I can get cheap deals on CD’s and DVD’s that I will sweeten up with my awesome music marketing services so you get a good deal and I get paid. Everybody happy!

You see what I’m doing? I’m using “funny” videos, something people will want to see for humour only, to highlight my CD DVD stuff because that’s where I get paid. I know my CD DVD business is THE business, so now I just need to draw attention to it however I can.

So another good point – awesome video but crappy songs isn’t really a starter if you’re trying to use video to draw attention to your music is it? But it’s never to early for a band to start using video, mainly you have to get over your self, but come on remember you’re a performer, an artist!

If your video is remarkable, if it’s funny and likable, and a lot of people end up watching it because it spreads, but only a tiny fraction of those people will want to get cd’s done with me, or come and buy your album or sign up to your email list, but because you did something that people liked enough to share, and you managed to wedge your message in there inoffensively just like an old school ad man.

But everywhere you want fans to do something, you have a chance to use video to say . . . hey . . seriously, if you have videos all over your site and people watch them, after awhile they get familiar and comfortable with you. This is the power of quality content, blogging just can’t do this, it doesn’t have that power or reach.

Once you earn trust with people, then they will buy stuff off you. They will no longer care so much about getting the best deal.

If people laugh and think your videos are wild, then there’s a better chance they’ll remember you. But we’ve been over this. How do you make better videos? Well I’m trying, when I have something to show you I’ll talk you through it. Then I’ll do another.

That’s me, I want to be making good money in a few years talking with bands about the videos they want to do and putting it all together for them, so you can make sure ALL your songs are on youtube where fans can soak their brains in your vibe and get fanned up and ready to part with some cash!

You need to have a video for every song, even if it’s nothing special because youtube is alive. Youtube is still king of the video sites so you need to be in there, in the game.

The way I see it, just go out and film yourself, then send the footage to my team, and then we’ll get some concepts going and we can build something up that looks like somebody thought hard about it, and you’re telling the world you’re serious enough to have this kind of content, not just a still picture.

I’m trying to see if I can’t deliver a video worth watching for $500.


Matt Turner does promotions in music etc. specializes in DVD / CD reproduction, video production and general online music marketing and management

email kurbpromo@gmail.com to get a great deal on CD / DVD replication worldwide or music video production, including full online marketing support to sweeten the deal.

Deals including 500 CD’s, a music video and 3 months online promotion start for as little as $1000 with our discount programme.

So I’m back on the music marketing management blog but with a new approach.

I’m focusing on writing in a way that I enjoy, with more expression, but I also want to be more effective. Sounds like a bit of a dream. What, you mean enjoying yourself while effectively making money? That’s the idea. I think that’s why we got into this business, right?

Before on my blog here I was constantly explaining about websites and SEO and advertising and using bots and affiliate marketing and it was all just a bunch of confusing nonsense when really what you need to worry about is firstly that you’ve got a great vibe, a great product, and THEN that you have someone who is smart like me to do your marketing and worry about that stuff.

It might not be me because I used to be very cheap and patient, now I’m not as cheap nor as patient so if I’m not really enjoying something or making good money out of it I’m not that interested.

You still need smart marketing online because if you’re on a budget it’s really the only game you have a chance of winning, because every other strategy is going to cost you six figures that you don’t have. Even if you want to get signed to a label, they probably won’t touch you until you get half way there on your own steam.

So read and learn, because you may not be ready to hire me – so let’s just be honest about the situation. If you haven’t really thought through how you’re going to break through then you don’t have the wind behind you in terms of making it online.

I was thinking that I needed a way to get myself out there a bit more and step it up myself, and so I had to come back to this blog because mixing business with pleasure is what I do best. I’m not ready to start throwing money around because I’m still perfecting what I’m doing.

The content war I spoke means crappy content is just not of any use. Anything that is second rate is no good. It may fill a gap temporarily but the competitor with the better content, the better offer, the highest value, is going to win out in the end.

You can’t just muck around or you’ll be locked out.

You gotta do something that people care about! Too many artists are self absorbed they don’t get that the world doesn’t get them! That’s cool, but giving me money won’t fix that problem if you’re not connecting. It’s not about selling out, it’s about being able to get people’s attention. That is the value in music now. As I said, the rest is up to someone like me to make it into business.

So if you don’t have fans going crazy don’t talk to me about making money. Because where’s your vibe at with the fans? Well then you’re going to have to spend money and work hard to get it happening because no fans means no one spending money, no business. Doing music business takes a big investment in backing yourself.

Often with my clients we start now because if in a year or two your music is ready, when your fan base is built then your business is ready. You’re funding your own development. I can do the whole mentor thing if you like but you got to pay me. It’s hard for me to get excited if I’m not making at least $50p/hour.

So I guess if I charge $50p/hour I should know how to work your problems out with a flow chart goal sheet? Gosh. I’m turning into a coach, please, no.

I’m taking this blog in a new direction, it was clean before, I tried to think about my audience but it got boring because it’s like this.

cheap music websites, cheap online music videos, cheap advertising campaigns, cheap publicity, cheap social media management blah blah, I been doing this for years now and what does it really matter if your idea is half cooked? You need to get something going on that you know people respond to and then you need to work out how you’re going to pay me to try and work out how and when you could make some money.

My ideas meant I could make some money. It’s what I’m good at. Can we make some money out of your ideas or not? Are you ready or not? Are you clear about where the money is coming from, when and how – is this a real idea or do you need to talk to someone like me about how long you’ll wait and how much you’ll have to spend before you see it come back?

I wanted to do my own thing, do my artist blog, but it didn’t really work, what I was doing there didn’t connect with people like the music marketing I talk about here, it didn’t feel valid.

If I blog here, people can pick up my knowledge, and become aware of some of the deals I’ve got going doing packages of cd replication / pressing and online music marketing. If I make some money well, excellent.

Again it’s that Derek Sivers thing – try and help people out, try and make yourself useful, insert yourself into the equation as the solution to peoples problems.

I’m hoping by talking honestly and being much more upfront about what’s going on here, people will work out that what I’m doing is worthwhile and I can be valuable.

How are you moving forward in your effort to provide real value, real quality content? Because if you can do that I’ll have no trouble getting you fans and no trouble getting those fans to part with their money but first you’ve got to get what you’re doing right to connect with people.

Think seriously, how are you going to connect with people, how are you going to give something really valuable so you can get a break?

I’m sorry but “because my songs are good” is just not enough!

That’s the new direction of my blog. Not just going on about details and how I’m so cheap, just to scracth a buck, but connecting with people so it’s known I can sort them out with CD reproduction, DVD’s Music Video production and yes even online music marketing and music management.


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