Bass Wave 2018

by Matt @ Kurb on January 10, 2018

Guess who’s back!

What’s going on?

Well I’ve travelled some, settled down some, looked at some, and other ideas and a lot of what I’m seeing is coming together into a new concept.

It’s certainly about areas in the world where it’s cheap to live and areas of the world where opportunities exist and where those two things are located quite closely that it can be worked and the kind of lifestyle stuff you need to manage if you’re going to take advantage of the smartest ways to live a modern life.

Music I love, I will always be a part of it, again, you’re not going to get paid well in the places you can live cheaply but there are opportunities that intersect and that’s where you have to find the smart angle.

Freelancing is definitely part of the new equation also – not for me – I’ve done my time that’s why I don’t post here any more I’ve made enough money I couldn’t go back to the pressure that working on other people’s content puts you under, but if I knew then what I knew now, I would not have stayed in auckland I would have gone in a whole different direction, probably with this blog and this part of my business also, there are just so many places in the world which are wonderful to live for very little and the ease with which you get into a freelancing lifestyle if you know the game, makes me wish that’s what I had done earlier, but I would have had to be so brave to do that without the security I have now.

What I do know is it is worthwhile, the lifestyle that awaits and the reality of what you can do to pay for it is real.

Getting ideas to happen because you’re networked with people who are involved in making things happen is part of how you create a flow of abundance in your life – I see the opportunities for me to get a big advantage from continuing to help people

I love music, I know freelancing and digital work, how to scratch a dollar online, I love the parts of the world in eastern europe and southeast asia that are so cheap and nice to live, I would have to go down to south america to one day to try the life there, but it really is so good, and I very much came back from my first 3 month trip determined to ensure I would always have enough money to keep travelling – without having to freelance of course.

It’s a game for someone hungrier than me now – where I can benefit and offer value is that understand so many aspects of this lifestyle which allows me to offer my knowledge to others, use that knowledge as a basis for a network or to form networks, form hubs, if we can offer value to those who are really creating it, really mastering this lifestyle, then we were naturally benefit.

I am thinking of starting with a pop up shop in some of my favourite cities which is simply me opening the door and saying, come along, get some advice on freelancing and how to get this happening and if you’re a digital nomad or travelling from the west, we are also creating an environment for people doing this kind of work, living this kind of lifestyle, so you get a community of people with different skills, working, developing ideas, seeing what each other is doing.

I not only have the capital to create the space in some of these cheap cities, but I have lots of business ideas that are half set up that it’s easy for someone with skills to get in there and start making it happen, I know all the steps, I just know how hard it is when you don’t have the full stack, the full skillset, that’s why you have a freelancers community so that you can dip in and out of communal projects when you’ve got work on.

it’s about creative people’s needs as well, you need to live somewhere cheap for the part of the year where the weather is good, so you’ve got enough time to focus on your work, most creative people have a hard time balancing personal and work projects – this kind of fuses it all in that you have a community sharing skills, you need to get my progress on work projects and personal projects, now you have a co-op available in which you can participate to get access to the skills and talents of others.

I have ideas ready to go, I have expertise on freelancing, start ups, the whole process, but I love music and blogging and video art, making creative stuff so I’m always more interested in that, as long as I know it’s going to lead to me having my bills paid and this is what I’m pushing for.

While I’m in a cheaper country, I don’t need to do as much to pay the bills, what I’m doing doesn’t need to be so profitable so I can do more of what I like to do, rather than work that constantly feels like a chore, because I have to live by the cold rationality that if it pays better, than it’s worth doing, and then suddenly none of it’s worth doing because you hate it.

You absolutely need to find something you don’t hate, but making money out of something you love really needs some smart and savvy thinking. You obviously are not going to become a rock star, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You need to earn a little bit doing something you maybe don’t hate and a little bit doing something you love and maybe having enough to have a decent life in one of these great places where the cost of living is so cheap and the weather is very nice for at least half the year.

And my next venture is likely to be something that offers more people the opportunity to do so.

In my travels so far I have felt that Kiev, Belgrade, Tallinn and Bangkok all offer opportunities for a nice cheap lifestyle where it’s easy to make things happen if you can secure a small income doing some freelancing or getting a concept off the ground because you understand the western marketplace better than the locals and can leverage that to your advantage.

You are also going to places that a densely populated and offer opportunities there.

It’s a concept I have been developing but am now beginning to see a solid format which I will pursue, and this blog is one of a few outlets I can explore ideas that are relevant to the concept, because it’s about online and digital business, it’s about concepts for creatives who are working on their own and other’s projects, it’s about the opportunities that travel brings for people who are looking to take advantage of population, location, and cost of living.

The process inevitably involves all those things we use to talk about here – branding and websites and social media and all that kind of thing, we have somewhat matured from the myspace days of seeing it as all magical technology, to understanding how all this stuff has to work in order to give something traction in an attention-poor environment.

So there will be plenty of angles to bring it back to concepts that are going to be valuable looking forward and thinking innovatively when it comes to music, marketing and management.

Stay tuned.





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