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by Matt @ Kurb on December 26, 2013

Have you heard of Soundcloud? I won’t really believe if you say no. Being the leading social platform “for the creators of sound” with other 20 million users by date, there is no doubt Soundcloud has reached you in one form or another.

Soundcloud - Stand Above The Noise

David Noël

It was a sunny (and hot) Summer day in 2011 when the Dotted Music / Stand Above The Noise filming crew (Andrew Apanov and Katya Apanova) conducted an interview with David Noël, a Soundcloud Community Evangelist at the time, in the company’s hip Berlin office.

David, who is now the Vice President Community for Soundcloud, explained what Soundcloud is actually about, talked on the philosophy behind the social network and discussed the modern music industry, technology, and practical ways to build your online following as an artist.

Watch the full 15 mins video below, and refer to the contents section beneath (if you open the video on YouTube, the timecodes will be clickable).

00:00:33 – David Noël introduction
00:00:57 – Soundcloud has done for audio what Flickr has done for photos, YouTube for videos and Twitter for text
00:01:39 – The impact of technology on changes in the music industry
00:02:26 – Hasn’t the value of music decreased?
00:02:51 – Looking into the industry of music instruments and comparing casual music creation to gaming
00:04:12 – Just like in ecommerce, there are many business models in music
00:05:39 – Tech services give artists a new playground of building relationships with fans
00:06:09 – Comparing “old-school” marketing to marketing on Twitter
00:07:24 – The three key concepts behind Soundcloud
00:08:31 – Bringing the conversation inside the context of a track
00:09:34 – CASE STUDY: A promotion run by a classical composer Oliver Sadie
00:11:16 – What makes Soundcloud special
00:12:02 – CASE STUDY: How “the voice of Reddit” used Soundcloud
00:13:03 – How to promote yourself on Soundcloud: it’s the same as in a real life
00:14:00 – It’s not about the amount of followers

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More Stand Above The Noise News

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We premiered the Soundcloud interview with Sam Agini this exact way yesterday, and it went really well. The recordings of the sessions are not made available afterwards though, so please don’t miss the next show.

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Over a year ago I got an email from Andrew over at dotted music, saying he had been following my blog when it was active and that he was producing a series of interviews he had collected with online music people in the know and was interested in knowing if I would be into republishing this content.

This is just basic networking stuff, but I really felt that music marketing and my blog was not a priority for me at that stage, since my cd/dvd duplication and poster printing services were doing so well. But as I’ve said I would hate to see the platform I’d created here go to waste especially as I was and am still involved in music.

Since he was obviously out there doing it and I wasn’t posting on my blog, I felt I should run his piece just because he’d made the effort to contact me.

Just took me awhile to get around to it, I’m a bit like that – I always do what I say I will – just as long as you’ve got the time to wait around haha 🙂

But also andrew and I have both been involved in the drum and bass scene although on other sides of the world, but andrew is also based over in eastern europe where I’ve had the most traction for my music in that very specific niche, so definitely thought he would be a good contact to have if things started to pick up for me in future – fingers crossed!

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