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by Matt @ Kurb on March 30, 2012

Still not dead, no way! You know they say these little round discs are on the way out but that’s basically all I’ve been doing for the last 2 months, doing CD and DVD duplication – would you believe it?

I can barely do anything else, let alone get my own music going, so it’s not likely I’ll be doing any music marketing soon to be honest, but I did build up a really good blog here, and I didn’t plan to spend the rest of my life making CD’s and DVD’s, I’m still wanting to make a go of my music, and by that I mean connect to people!

What do you want to do with your music? I’m ALWAYS BUSY MAKING CD’S AND DVD’S for bands and all kinds of stuff, it really took off and so that’s all I do now. So I don’t have time to do much with my music, which is a bummer, because now my music comes out on various low level labels, so all I have to do is get people to buy it!

Because I do really well making CD’s and DVD’s because I’m real good with the whole internet marketing thing, I didn’t really think it was the best move for me to go touting my music marketing packages when I still wasn’t really delivering with real solid results for musicians, I thought it was best I went away and focus on creating my own campaigns for my music and learning, and then seeing if this created a better quality service I could offer.

I wanted to work with designers to create websites that not only looked good, but actually worked as a platform to serve up content that engaged visitors to the point of creating high fan conversion.

Anyway, I wrote a bunch of stuff on my artist blog about plans for my website which you can pick up some stuff from maybe.


I got this image in a dream of a website with videos down the right hand side, that you could scroll down. That kind of describes how we see the media page.

How do we deal with the idea that once the home page is finished, we send advertising there, but . . . well, it’s still not finished. Because we need to start again! We need to then go about making it better again, sending the current design off to be somewhere else and rehauling the front page with new, and grander intent.

The super concept is that you design new front pages etc, and then send them off to somewhere else for another job so you don’t get uniformity on your website, but you do get some quite striking designs that are pretty interesting, even though there’s not so much continuity, but I’m sure we can get to that once the 6 main pages have been done and we’ve had practice rolling out a random new landing page just for a particular campaign.

I guess this is the thing with websites, it’s really just a really strong image, and then some stuff to interact with that’s going to . . . well you’re going to click off to somewhere else, but if you liked the picture, and the music and the video you saw, then cool.

The thing I’m working on now is the home page, but it’s not specifically a landing page. My strategy is to roll out regular ad campaigns with tailored landing pages with basic elements specific to the campaign:

large video
large photo
relevant blurb
buy links
sign up form
social media connection
download relevant free download

so effectively, there are many portals into the site, home just serves as a home page for the sake of convention.

We have to go step by step over the blog, music, archive, media and enquiries, our secondary pages so that they serve their purpose.

At the moment I just want to get my front page looking acceptable so I can begin advertising it, and get that going, but soon enough I will want to have a template going for my new landing pages. In fact that’s what the new design will be, it’s not to be a home page it’s to be the landing page.

So much like our music videos, we’re going forward and back. We’re going forward to new campaign pages that relate to new campaign concepts, but we’re going backwards saying well we need the music page, media, inquiries, archive.

Basically you’re then just using advertising and whatever other promotion to funnel people through this landing page, and it’s good for fans and newbies because it’s all new, but works to a format.

You’re basically just funnelling them through to either buying or downloading music, going to check out the blog, or the site or videos, more content, deeper content, social media, or you’re actually getting them on your mailing list. Basically you’re plugging them into content channels. Then you have to provide the content. And that’s why I write this blog, basically, to practice providing content constantly, not going 48 hours without posting something.

Understanding what a core audience wants to hear. Writing in a way that frames your whole brand into a message that people can connect with. That’s why I write this blog to work out how the hell to be interesting!

The website is only a portal, an interesting frame, by which to represent the artist’s message. This is the whole idea, I’m no longer worried about my website making me look like I’m some kind of amateur, so I begin the advertising. I move closer to where I’m focused solely on artistic content, because my site is prepared to present that content to an audience, so with the delivery platforms in place all I have to do is write new songs, put up new videos, write, and cut that writing down into newsletters and tweets and updates that are actually interesting.

I’ll still blog about boring crap, but blogging and the archives out the back all about what I did in 2004, well that for the handful of crazed fans and befuddled individuals who come to the site looking for archaeological evidence.


We have to go step by step over the blog, music, archive, media and enquiries to choose the lay out. But the sign up need only be on the landing, home and blog pages. The fact is once our front page is done, the landing pages are all that matter, old songs don’t matter so much as new songs, and each landing page represents a new something to check out.

The thing is, the landing page and the campaign can just stay there, if it’s not happening, oh well, but maybe some campaigns will continue to work, each ad is linked to each landing page so it’s very targeted. in 5 years we could have 50 of them, $1 a week each bringing 500 random people in on some peculiar vibe, you’re only trying to build up 100 people who are totally into what you’re doing, and it’s on.

SO back to those secondary pages:

It’s not pretty, it probably not something I should go on about on my artist blog but here goes:

The media page has:

3 vids, 1 main vid and 2 others, and links to a vid archive
ready download press pack
menu of links to slideshow options
images archive
design archive

so it’s videos dominating down the right hand, and slideshow images, like a flicker app down below, you need to download the press pack but also have like a 300 word bio there (bigger bios in press pack)

this has tertiary pages: design and images (photos), i may have my own design portfolio thing set up with its own url?

music page has:

– soundcloud and players big
– buy links
– featured download/latest release
– download archive
– full music archive

The music page is to get people to buy new music, download free music, and browse old music.

enquiries page has

enquiries video,
terms pricing for hiring, contact details
social proof
more a slimmed down slicked back business presentation

the archives pages has

The archives will need a bit more thought in order to have a music archive, a video archive, images archive, and then it all comes together in a master archive that links it all. You start with content, and then you start to add archival entries that group together certain content chronologically or thematically.

Then you have a menu of those entries, which you start to string together on a timeline. It would be cool if you could switch, show a chronological timeline, and you can turn off and on music, video, images, gigs, etc. it’s going to be hard to organise that information and it will most likely take me years, so I’ve got time to make a plan. In the meantime I’ll be adding songs and videos and when I’m tempted to make my first entry in regards to a connection of a group of content, I’ll take it from there.

Sweet got a plan.

What I haven’t I covered? Games? Apps? That’s all for later on, but you’re talking about being hyper functional, having 100-1000 leaning on you for a connection to some kind of knowledge or experience. How do you provide that, or are you trying too hard to be an entertainment supersystem when really you want to focus on being a music dispensary?

You want 50 people in brazil, 50 people in east europe, 50 people in auckland to be excited about your next gig. You want 200 people who’ll buy your single even if they aren’t that into it, because they’re fans. This is more valuable than the 5000 people who know your name because they saw your song on a mix.

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