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by Matt @ Kurb on December 18, 2011

Hey everybody just checking in.

You know the drill, I’m really only doing CD DVD Duplication because that’s where I’m making a nice amount of money, but I still write here because heaps of people still come by this blog even though I don’t write so often, it’s still by far my most popular blog.

I’m actually doing some other stuff now, I’m really pushing my pirate birthday entertainment business, I started it as an example of how entertainers can make money on the side, but once again, one of my side projects has taken off and stolen the show!

Not only do pirate birthdays pay well, but it’s such a great thing to do – it’s a lot of fun and not really lots of stress like dealing with a band’s music marketing campaign!

Also parents have no worries about spending money on their kids, they don’t think twice, so a pretty smooth ride for me there. Of course I’m still using the internet to market my businesses and I’m trying to get more creative and fun with it, it seriously is a thin line, a lot of fun things won’t make any money and a lot of boring stuff can be profitable, I’ve only got the luxury of playing with it because I’m doing pretty well.

So I still stop by and mention a few things I’m up to here, but I don;t really see the point in doing up the place. I always said that I would make my music marketing blog nice for once, but I don’t really care, as long as I can blog a little bit now and again, I mean let’s face it, more people come here than to my artist blog.

But today I just wanted to say that I’m trying to have more fun and do more crazy stuff with my business because it gets boring otherwise. If it’s boring and you’re not really expressing yourself creatively, you get sick of it and that’s no good, because you have to keep your own motivation up in order to keep doing what has to be done, all the work and such.

So I did this crazy marketing video, I don’t really care about whether people think I’m a good businessman, I do fine, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I’m just being crazy, because I need to express myself.


Somebody already put a dislike on it! How rude. If you put stuff on youtube you have to realise a lot of people will be mean about it but y’know, I’m deadly serious that real professionals don’t care what all the armchair critics say.

They simply don’t care. People being mean aren’t going to stop me doing stupid videos. I’ve already got lots of work but if people start deciding they want me to do stupid videos for them, then I’m happy to charge $500 or whatever I can get away with.

Remember woody allen said that 80% of success is just showing up. I’m showing up with a stupid video, but at least I’m showing up. The important thing is that it’s no big deal to me if no one likes it, I just have to work a bit harder.

Have you even decided who what you’re doing is for?

I’m just having fun and trying to do something that I think is different, I’m not going to be heartbroken if no one likes my stupid videos. Just might end up trying something else.

You’ve always got to ask who you’re doing it for and why.

I’d rather have fun and “do me” if people think I’m nuts then well, hey. But if I wanted to make more money and actually get people to do marketing with me, I would probably think it through and do something that wasn’t just for laughs.

No one really likes my music that much but I still have fun writing that. I’ve actually got my first good song coming out soon which means as ever, I’ll be back and marketing my own music seriously, that would be something to write about here, right?

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