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by Matt @ Kurb on November 19, 2011

If you want to talk to me about a deal for cd replication and music marketing starting around $2000 or would like to come and train with me so you can learn something and take over some of the jobs in online music promotions I don’t want to do – either way –


It’s a good thing I called my blog “music marketing management” because it covers a lot of stuff. We did cover a lot of stuff that’s still relevant, I’m still doing music, I’m still managing business and marketing for that business.

I like to post on this blog because this is my only blog that’s kind of taken off. When I saw this blog take off, I just figured I just needed to post relentlessly on my other blogs and everything would come together, but it doesn’t always work out like that in blogging.

But once you find something that works, just go with it. That fact that I have found things to go with is really enough.

I often come back to blogging because I always say that it’s still the best thing you can do to promote your music in the 30 minutes.

You can have advertising but it takes a bit of sorting out to make it work really well. It’s one thing I’m good at, you can give me $200 to do your basic campaign it will be well worth it – unless your website is really bad.

But I’m so good, I don’t even spend money advertising any more, I just blog, I’ve been doing it for so long, google loves it, and sends heaps of people along who want cd replication, and printing posters for their gigs and all that kind of stuff I make money off, so I don’t tend to stress myself out doing music marketing campaigns or other kinds of marketing stuff where it’s more stressful for me than the money is really worth.

It would be great to find some reliable people to learn the ropes but I want people who take the opportunity seriously, you bring me results, you’ll get work with me doing marketing online and working with musicians, I don’t care what you say you can do.

But if I wanted to manage and I wanted to say how I would push this forward if I could – if maybe there were people out there willing to come in and help and learn something maybe?

. . . well what I do know is we need much better website presentation before we can break out with video and music content. But when the platform is established, that’s when we have to step our blogging up to the level of doing one or more strong newsletters.

Advertising can be your first level of engagement

Video and music, the second level

And third tight newsletter content, once you’ve got fans engaged on that level, they’re fans. They are primed to be activated.

So strong video content and search engine results, advertising, brings fans to the site where you are trying to convince them to download or watch/stream more stuff, connect on social media and sign up for email updates. Once you have got them hooked, connected and on updates, you just need to keep the primary content coming out and blowing them away, while blogs and newsletters become sly tools to encourage revenue in a hundred and one smart ways.

It really seems simple. Once the website is up, you just supply awesome video and music to the front page by way of youtube and music players, then once you’re up to date there, fire of an update, post a blog or work on collating a newsletter depending on what you have material for. As you content becomes more mature, your website must be more mature, as your content becomes more mature, the more you can develop your social networks, blogs and sites for income.

Okay let’s try that again – music marketing and promotions diary, just like the good old days, working day in and day out with artists and the nitty gritty of what exactly we’re doing with our clients right now.

Adwords, Youtube, Branding and Blogging it’s pretty straightforward, it’s just a lot of work why not stick around read some, maybe pick up something.

If you want to talk to me about a deal for cd replication and music marketing starting around $2000 or would like to come and train with me so you can take over some of the jobs I don’t want to do – either way –


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