CD Replication and Youtube Pirate Adventures

by Matt @ Kurb on November 22, 2011


YES – I ship CD’s and DVD’s worldwide, that’s what I do! And some music marketing, too!

You may not be getting the rock bottom best deal, but it won’t be too far off it, and let’s face it – plenty of people can make your CD but I don’t see any of them offering to help you sell it, like me.

What do you want? A website? A video, an ad campaign? If you do your CD or DVD with me then we can talk about that, work something out.


Anyway, so I am always on the trail of some more cash to put into my bank account.

I started off back in the day spamming myspace which was a great gig to get me started.I was already putting posters up for gigs around town but I had no idea that printing CD’s on my crappy cd printer would end up with me now, years later, making pretty sweet money doing cheap cd replication deals, producing 100’s and 1000’s of cd pressings a week.

I also started dressing up as a pirate – since I started this blog – because I wanted to show people how you could make money from entertainment in a way that met people’s needs, so that you could support your passion. I wanted to be a big DJ, but as it turns out, people preferred me being a pirate.

But if that starts to take off for me, well then hey. I’d rather be a rich pirate than a poor DJ.

But this blog is now about me writing about basically being a pirate, being a DJ, doing CD replication whatever, basically – not going broke. Staying creative, and staying solvent using the online environment. It’s about managing and marketing creativity.

Blogging is all I do now for my marketing, and this is one of my most popular blogs, even though I don’t really offer too much fresh music marketing advice.

I just talk from my angle as a creative person who makes money from using the internet to market services that are either creative or for creative people to promote their content – like cd replication.

Some people just don’t get it. If you don’t get it what can I say? Just get a blog. Give it a good name – not a cool name – a name like “music marketing management” that tells you what the blog is about.

I did a lot of link building and I also spent thousands of dollars on advertising but I’m past that now, I don’t really need it to get enough business to stay busy – but the point I’m making is that if I hadn’t put that effort in, who’s to say I wouldn’t be cruising now?

If you’re just relying on your songs being good, then they had better be insanely good. 99% of you aren’t that good, you’re still developing.

As I said, I was never a crash hot DJ, it turns I’m better at organising cd replication woth music marketing packages and dressing up as a pirate.

There’s not a lot of difference between being a pirate and a musician.

I mainly do kids pirate birthday performances but I’m working on a bigger gigs, I’m doing a extended appearance at a market day and I want to work up to doing school shows. Meanwhile, doing pirate youtube videos hoping to get some partnership coin by churning them out.

Then you get this loop, the more your videos get seen, the more exposure for your perfromances. The more you get booked to perform, the more people get a real connection to you they can follow on youtube while you keep your channel updated.

I was going to build a set, and have a pirate ship and everything, you’ve got to go all in unless you’re completely convinced you’re in that 1% of artists who have enough talent not to need bells and whistles and gimmicks and all the rest.

I could approach various entertainment venues, tourist spots, attractions if they would want me around, especially when I’ve got marketing plans and resources all in place. And of course there’s DVD replication so I can sweeten the deal by throwing in product. Of course every DVD will also be an ad for whatever services I can offer.

I mean sure I can do birthdays and shows, but I can do skype stuff, I can do special youtube videos on request, if you don’t offer it, people won’t consider it!

Of course I can push stuff on my website, there’ll be advertising and links/partnerships with companies selling all kinds of supplies for pirate parties and such.

What’s the secret? Give people something they want, connect things people want with what you can give them, where you can turn a buck. Of course my online skills help me out – doing the link building, the advertising, but most importantly – the blogging, relentlessly!

But if my online marketing skills weren’t connected to something people really wanted and had an established interest in, it wouldn’t work.

Kurb Promotions offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of online artist management and music marketing, just so we can sell you cd replication, basically.


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