The Business of Music: State of Music Publicity and Promotions

by Matt @ Kurb on October 17, 2011

I’ve got a tonne of old posts around here I never finished, y’know, there might be some tid bits of interest to pick over, but really we just want to keep it moving around here, we still get 200 visitors most days here so why not keep posting! I got nothing to lose, I’m not really doing music marketing any more, I make enough money from cd duplication without having to think too hard, and I also offer really competitive cd dvd replication to any body anywhere in the world, and I throw in my marketng services to sweeten the deal, so if I mention that at least it’s not a total dead loss for me.

Today we’re posting a top secret exclusive online music marketing campaign strategy from a super professional music PR agency so you know what you can get for $5000. How fancy.

First though the obligatory bit where I shout about all the things you won’t get out of me now – but cd replication and dvd replication.

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here, we’re still NOT kicking off big music marketing campaigns for artists and what’s more, here in New Zealand, we’re providing international artists based overseas with exceptional value . . . (if they order cd replication or dvd replication as well)

The big publicists and music marketing guys in LA, New York, London etc. – they don’t know anything I don’t know, they just charge a whole lot more!

You got to accept a music marketing campaign is going to cost some money. You can’t build a career or a music busines with $500, but $500 will take you a lot further with us then it will anywhere else, or let’s say $1000, because I changed my mind.

But if you order CD replication or DVD replication, then for just $250 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 12 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe, we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need.

That’s sounds promising doesn’t it? Well let’s just say we have some pretty good stuff to help you if you order cd replication through me. I know a tonne of stuff, I’m on 6 figures, I’m not an idiot.

All you have to do is contact me at:

and we can start talking about the musc marketing campaign we can put together for you. I’m interested in hearing from musicians who’ve got ideas and something to offer.

We do – website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine ranking, youtube promotion, video production, copywriting and blog management, ad campaigns with free credit, and email list management and set up! All the strategy, the content, all the marketing!

we’re even doing publicity now because we may not be hotshot publicists – but at least we do the job at a reasonable price!

Now what’s all this then? Well it’s a list of all kinds of stuff for a publicity and promotins campaign for an artist. This is the kind of thing that starts off around $5k and when I looked at this once upon a time I though well, all we need to do is work out how to do it cheaper.

The thing about all of this though is that their system is probably built around making whiney artists happy, with all kinds of reports and stupid feedback designed to make it look like they did all kinds of stuff when they took your money.

I HATE THAT PART OF THE JOB. That was always the worst, telling the artist to leave me alone and stop badgering me while I tried to come up with an idea for them that worked.

And what’s missing from this grand online music marketing and music publicity plan?

Ideas. They talk about blogs and youtube clips which is bloody brilliant.

What kind of  blogs and mystery youtube clips, what about? Who comes up with the ideas? Are they good ideas or just the same thing you did for the last guy? See I started to realise that you needed good ideas and good execution to make this stuff work, and guess what? That ends up costing $5000 and usually more, especially if you want me to run around organising it.

“digital footprint?” so 2010.

All this talk which just means “we’ll set up your myspace for you”. Come on!

But seriously, the strategy here is sound, but there’s no detail of the tactics. To me you can’t rock twitter, you can;t rock facebook, and blogs and have a sweet tumblr or whatever it is these days if you don’t actually have ideas.

If I have an idea I have to be honest, I’m not giving it to you for $250 a month while you whinge at me “is it working yet? is it working yet?  am i famous yet?”

Anyway check out the lay out for your average fancy pants social media and online music marketing campaign. Educate and advise your footprint!

goal: create & manage digital footprint & brand across the internet

Digital Footprint (creation, maintenance and associated digital marketing), Footprint Managment, Social Network Integration, Mobile Phone Integration, Ease of Use (enter data in one place), Social Media Advisement & Implementation,  Education, Blog Campaign

Digital Asset & Footprint Assessments, Creation, Maintenance

  • facebook
    • page makeover
    • maintain the page
    • 1,000 fans by July 13
  • twitter
    • use it like a news feed
  • youtube
    • mystery clips
    • small doses
    • build the mystery
  • blog
    • create
    • educate on how to use
    • help strategize posts
  • maintenance
  • monthly reports
  • education of how to use
  • unlimited consulting for duration of project

Blog Campaign

  • pitch to bloggers
  • followups w/ reports
  • mp3s, reviews

Month 1: Focus on Creation & implementation
Month 2: Focus on Blog Campaign & New Release, social network BIG push, grow audience, 1,000 fans
Month 3: Focus on Marketing, link exchanges, blogger outreach and education

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