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by Matt @ Kurb on October 17, 2011

Hi it’s Matt, I just mainly do CD DVD replication now, that’s where I make nice good stress free money, I can send you CD’s and DVD’s anywhere in the world for a competitive price, and I do free online music marketing as part of the deal – email: – funny thing though, heaps of people still come to this blog! so I gotta keep writing about music business online . . . in all my increasingly cynical abandon!

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We’re making tings different around here that’s for sure. Change is such a slow process it’s somewhat hard for our brain to understand it’s nuances, it’s easy to make sweeping statements – it’s going to b like this – for everybody!

That just doesn’t work any more, that’s where solid business principals come into play, if you can find the audience to support you, you can make it work. But you know that’s not going to be easy.

How can your music make money? It’s a good question and one I would particularly like the answer to as I would much rather be making enough money from being an awesome artist than just being a marketing guy in the background, so you should think I would know what to do.

Well the first thing is I wouldn’t be that crazy about trying to sell a lot of music. People don’t want to buy music, so why stop them getting it? Oh, because you’ll lose money? How much exactly are you losing right now because people are downloading your music?

Probably a whole lot less than what you would be making if a million people had downloaded your songs free and were all over the net raving about your cool music.

But how does that work? Well I would give my music away free in the hope that once I had a following I could try and pull off some really crazy internet ideas to get the fans I already had building more fans. You need a lot of fans to become a star and nothings changed since the old days in that respect, you can’t expect to be a good business proposition if at least a million people haven’t heard of you, not if you really want to start acting like you’re somebody who doesn’t worry about where the next pay check is coming from because you’re a rock star.

That’s where people like me – and their aren’t many of them you can get for only $250 per month – come in because not only to I have all the means and resources at my disposal to build your online marketing platform and an online business model, but I also work with artists closely to create powerful ideas that will make fans take action and spread the word. That’s what you need to be happening, that’s what you need to make happen, you need not only strong music and strong ideas for actually reaching people who are your fans, but you need strong marketing strategies and execution in place to

You’re only going to get so far hammering away and/or trying to game the system, I know all about that stuff – you can only use this as a kick start before you’re going to come under a lot wider scrutiny and if your material isn’t up to scratch, if your whole presence is this contrived and fabricated, people you’re desperately trying to sell yourself to will see through it.

It’s 2011, people know what’s up and they see through your cheap efforts. But if they see through your cheap efforts and see real heart, that’s all you need.

“Real Heart” is not about showing you won’t it the most, it’s about showing your a real person, being relatable. People want something relatable in a confusing world. An artist that “gets it”.

How do you create that, how to paint that pictures, bottle that essence?

That’s what I’m saying here, you can give me $600 to do some work on your marketing spread out over 3 months, but do you think that will really make a difference? If a $600 campaign worked I’m sure everyone would be doing it.

If a $600 campaign gives you everything you need – a website, a blog, a newsletter, a social media presence, a video, an ad campaign , a publicity campaign that actually speaks for who you are as an artist then a $600 campaign is fine.

But those things cost a lot more than $600.

It does depend on what you’re trying to achieve – a lot of my effort has gone into building my cd / dvd duplication and replication services business which is now where I make most of my money. That didn’t need a lot of content to become successful because I am marketing a very specific service.

As long as the price was very competitive, and the service good, then it would grow on the back of charmless brute force online marketing techniques such as Search engine optimization and search engine marketing such as adwords, I’m pretty good at that and it’s a great way to push into the market with a competitive product.

Also this blogging I do is very brute force, because I’m sure no one who is as eloquent as I am when it comes to writing trashy throw away blogs has as much time to do so.

Between advertising and blogging, hat’s how I end up doing doing so well in CD DVD duplication.

But more creative endeavours are a different story, you need people buying into what you’re selling by agreeing that you’re demonstrating creative talent that would be of significant value to them.

Music promotion bloggers have been talking about attention economies for years now, an it’s all still true, if not truer, it’s just you’ve got to work at scale. It means just like Lefsetz says, you have to be focused on raising the talent level, and to do that you can’t afford to worry about online promotion, you need to be focused on your talent.

That’s why you give me $600. Not to expect a miracle, but because you got to be focused on representing, on living as a true talent, true talent doesn’t have time to build websites, set up blogs, to do any of the stuff thats not rock star, thats why even though it’s your hard earned money you can barely afford you give me $600.

Because you’re the talent. Be the talent, leave the promotions to someone who knows what they’re doing at the bare minimum I can bring myself to charge for it.

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