Marketing Music Business with Insurance Mortgages and Loans?

by Matt @ Kurb on September 9, 2011


(If I can’t make somewhere near to $1000 on this gig than it’s not worth my effort, I have to say that stuff upfront for both our sakes, trust me.)

Well not a lot to report this week, or should I say, no special angle just some thoughts off the top of my head and me reminding you what the deal is, get your cd replication or dvd replication done through me, that way I can make enough money to make it worthwhile for me to help you with your online marketing.

At the moment I’m putting together packages of cd/dvd replication, online music marketing and a music video for $1000 – $2000. I know that’s a lot of money but I got a take something home or I’m not going to be motivated. While you have to accept you have to invest, and people have wasted a lot more than 2 large on trying to get a cd together with a music video and a proper online music marketing campaign.

I’m still working on my artist website, I’m having trouble because I am really wanting to create something visually impressive but the cheap outsourced website designers I hire aren’t doing a decent job. I’m labouring away with differnet designers trying to come up with workable templates.

The bigger you’re pushing it, the bigger your website has to feel, and I don’t mean flashy loading sequences and flash stuff, I mean a great smooth look that gets to the point.

Once the site is ready, you freshen up or deploy new advertising campaigns online, where I’m already strong, and you have that platform, that stage to present your primary work. You can focus on that and blogging to back it up.

I mean if I do a great viral video campaign or a brilliant song, my website is not going to be up to task of turning casual fans into real fans which is what it needs to do.

If you’ve got a video or a song that’s starting to break through, your website is your net to catch the lolly scramble of potential fans that come from one of your songs or videos picking up heat.

With me the priority is getting them to listen or watch, and like – then sign up for email. If you start getting heat online, people are going to be watching and listening and liking, but you need to make the next step that that person who appreciates your material takes obvious to them.

Like the music?

Like the videos?


Make a damn good reason for them to do it.

Encourage them to download free exclusive content, connect on social media, subscribe to blogs and feeds – get them connected to build the vibe of your tribe of fans, who will respond by creating financial opportunities for you as an artist who has an established fan base.

I am obsessed with concepts of how artists with loyal fans can make money without their fans having to be the source of the payments.

I have plenty of little schemes of how advertising deals can be made that allow your fans to participate in advertising that makes you, the artist, money, but most of them need a email sign up to work.


I did want to mention this little nugget if I hadn’t already, doing some research into online advertising, I discovered that these particular subjects make the most money from advertising. In fact, I began putting completely random references to Mortgages, Insurance and loans into my blog titles and posts and sure enough, my blog advertising started showing ads for mortgages and loans, and my ad revenue went up 40%.

Porn also falls into this category, understandably, a lot of people feel that’s unsavoury, and I completely agree, I wouldn’t promote any kind of pornography under my artist brand.

But put it this way, some people have standards and morals, but my job is to help artists eat so they can keep making art, it’s a better way to live. I would rather sell porn than work a 9 to 5. I would sell porn if it was the only way I could stay involved with music, because I love it.

Music, that is. Not porn. Haha.

But, thank god I don’t need to to do any of that.

Moral of the story is that if you need to make money in music, making some compromises to only the most unsavoury advertisers and products can be lucrative once you have a loyal following.

Do you know what I would do?

I would say that I don’t personally use insurance, no not even on my BMW which is worth about $10,000 – I don’t really believe in the concept, but if you have a look at this advertising for insurance, my career as a musician will finally start getting towards paying for me to stay alive.

Always a good thing.

And the beauty of it to me is that it is almost subversive, because if you promote insurance and mortgages and loans to your wild and crazy fans, aren’t they going to realise that this is how you make a buck, and it’s a little bit ridiculous to take it at face value?

There are many reasons why the email sign up is preferable, but you have to accept some people will always prefer facebook or twitter, and you have to cater to those fans too, so long as it’s viable.

The more traction you get, the less channels you can afford to ignore for your ongoing online branding and development.

I’ve also been thinking about is youtube partnership dollars, I talked to a guy last week who has had 55 million video views across his channel and pays his rent with youtube alone, he’s made just into 6 figures over coming on 3 years. $2 per 1000 views is a realistic figure, from my source. See that’s starting to be serious money, enough to fund the next step of turning that attention into other income.

With blogging, it’s important to write for an audience and tell people something they want to know. It’s good for search engine reasons to write your blog even if few people read it, but if you want to get to a certain level where fans are active on your blog before you’ve had a breakthrough song or video, you’re going to have to write for your audience.

I can write casual posts like this and my traffic will keep bobbing along like it always does,

Even better if it’s something that other bloggers will link to, but you really have to drum up something that;s going to work. It’s all about creativity after all.

Fans want great music, cool videos and blogs and newsletter that contain information thatt’s valuable to them, so that’s how you have to tailor it.

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sylvester 10.14.11 at 10:44 am

pls i am an upcoming artist;$ i has nobody to assite me in music career,i am well talented i beleive my seif that i am serious cool doing rap $ R$B too,so i am using this opp to tell u if really u cn help me out in any way,i will apprt it so much,meanwhile i am a nigerian,if u cn pls i beg u help me and i will never forget u
thanks waitin for ur repl.

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