How Much Does It Cost To Become Famous?

by Matt @ Kurb on August 22, 2011

Just wanted to jot down some ideas about working towards how much it cost theoretically to get famous, I mean I love crunching numbers to see how it can work and there’s no point being gentle with the artists and trying to pretend you can invest into the opportunity to have a music career by only spending a few hundred dollars.

If you want to make your music into business, you’ve got to treat it like a business, which means a lot of upfront investment.

Well just to run some raw numbers, you could use an online advertising campaign, pay $1000-2000 to bring 20,000 targetted fans to your site in the hopes of snagging 1000 fans to become “true fans” – it’s a starting point to viable a fanbase.

To get that you need strong initial content:

– strong ad campaign design – could be $500 for a quality campaign but you could use those bones for years. if you’re spending $1000+ on advertising, you ought to have the best campaign.
– strong landing page – (not really my focus here – more prominent sign up, more compelling reasons and a video!)
– strong video compelling fans – again up to $500 for a quality video
– strong offer (to get fans motivated to sign up)

but of course to keep them you need continuous content, content that links to focused outcomes.

Usually that’s 1 of 2 things – selling something or another action that leads to income, or getting more fans. I am not certain that 1000 is enough for a career, but if the campaign focuses on activating current fans to bring in more new fans, your fanbase can grow very quickly.

I think for the first 12 months at least, it’s important to focus on blowing that fanbase as wide as possible

Compare 1000 to 5,000 fans if:

10% purchase your new single

10% agree to click on an ad because they understand you make about 50c for each click

1% can make your next gig

2% purchase a $19 product and you receive $9 as commission.

0.1% purchase a special one off collector’s item of significance for $100

Just to set up such an email could be 4-6 hours do to properly, and if thousands of dollars become involved, then you want me to spend all day on it even if it costs you $400 for me to do it properly, optimized for the most revenue. But that’s at least a year away.

At the “1000” stage however, to keep that fire burning, keep those 1000 fans engaged – I would suggest the minimum requirements:

Basically you want the $250 blog and video packages every month, so there’s a new blog at least once a week, and strong newsletter/press release each month, featuring a new video each month – each month there’s a theme that pushes either an action leading to income, or an action leading to more fan sign ups.

Blog publicity and ad campaign tweaks should be maintained at a cruising speed. I’m a fan of jango also. All the little social media tricks should be used, but they are only of surface value often, so I would pass those services on at a cost price (for example $25 for 10,000 fake views, comments etc on each video)

So this is a pretty unflinching summary:

ad campaign: $1000 / approx. $10 p/day + $500 set up
top quality “sign up video” – $500

written content, video content, advertising and publicity maintenance, misc social media costs, admin of revenue programs: $600 p/month

+ possible jango costs

If you’ve got 7 videos, that’s an opportunity to cut costs in that area, but there are other purposes for videos that relate to your 2 outcomes to be acknowledged, I would suggest every second month you highlight one (or two) of your 7 videos and I charge $350 for that month.

Hi I’m Matt, my company Kurb offers a full and comprehensive range of online marketing services and strategies and you can jump on skype and have me consult with you personally on issues releveant to developing YOUR music career – not some cookie cutter, read the manual solution – a PERSONAL music and artist marketing solution

For just $250 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 10 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe (I work from New Zealand) , and not only to we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need, we have great resources and contacts and now . . .

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