Building Musican’s Blogs and Managing Online Content For Music Promotion

by Matt @ Kurb on August 24, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I do music marketing online, organise CD duplication anywhere in the world, and I make cheap music videos – it’s all about keeping the prices down so you can get in the game and get it happening!

You want 1000 CD’s, an online music marketing campaign AND a music video for under $2000! Don’t you? EMAIL:

I knew I should have kept blogging around here – just a few posts and the site is back over 200 visits a day. 200 Visits a day usually means one person at least emailing me to talk about music marketing services that we sort of offer. That means business for me.

That’s what you want isn’t it? To get visitors, turn them into fans and do business?

This blog is so special because it is the ONLY marketing I do for my music marketing services, and shows that blogging can be business if you know what you’re doing. I already make good cash doing cd duplication so I don’t blog so much. Blogging and advertising works a treat so talk to me!

Why do I get people coming to this blog?

1: I blog heaps – 350+ posts
2: Keywords “music” “marketing” and “management” in my domain name are things people want to know about, I didn’t call it “kurb promotions” because “kurb” doesn’t mean anything to anybody but me.
3: Links – over the years I have done bits of work here and there to get a range of different links from all kinds of different sites, using different methods.

That’s how I get 200 visitors a day and someone always email me about music promo, but honestly, it’s not easy work, I wish I had someone to help, but working for musicians who are usually down to their last bean is no holiday, trust me.

If you are a musician do you need help with blogging? Blogging is a great cheap way to start with online promotion, and I have a few tricks for drumming up a whole lot of content for your blog – you need relevant blog posts – at least 5000 words worth of content – on your site to get serious about bringing in search engine traffic as I was saying before. Which is FREE traffic, people coming to your site who share interests and want to read your blog because it’s fresh and they connect with your ideas and outlook.

Blogging is a great way to practice the system, use the blog to put an idea out there, then use social media to push the idea, and get people talking, visiting, liking, retweeting, sharing . . . once you master this with blogging you’re definitely ready to do it with viral videos, memes, or especially recorded tracks, even software and apps. It’s Content baby!

I do offer help with blogs as part of my music marketing services but I usually like to put them in a package with say, 1000 CD’s or a music video so I can make enough money to make it worth my while, while you get a fair swag – CD’s and/or a video AND a music marketing campaign that’s decent, for less than $2000.

I still do a 1 month trial package for $250 – you could use that for us to really ramp up your blog posts with 5000 words worth of good material, get a press release out there and get some links back to your site.

You gotta email me, Matt so we can hammer out the details:

I am doing a lot more blogging – not just because I have the time, and I think I’m slowly gathering the resources to put more effort into my blogs, but also because I’ve accepted that top quality content is a big priority.

You’re only going to get so far hammering away and/or trying to game the system, I know all about that stuff – if you do bring in the fans, what then? It’s 2011, people know what’s up and they see through your cheap efforts. They’re not going to hang around just because you spent a whole bunch on a flashy campaign and now the flash is gone – you have to stay consistent to stay on people’s radars, or somebody else with more flashy marketing money is just going to come along and be newer and flashier than you.

Trying to win the game with money is foolish, especially since most of you have none of it, blogging is a journey to define exactly who you are and what you are about to fans, that is about hard work and heart, not setting fire to a bunch of cash so everyone will see you in the light as they watch it burn.

How do you connect with people? It’s not easy, but it’s part of my job in contemporary music marketing management – if fans expect realness, real connections how do you facilitate that while allowing the artist to express themselves and stay immersed in the creative side of the work?

If you’re a great musician in a business sense, you shouldn’t need to organise the business of your music or the marketing, because there are specialists – like me – who take care of that, in music marketing online, it’s our job to translate that essence of the musician into a message that resonates with the fans and they can enjoy authentically.

We’ve got to turn that 1-2 hours a day you have to commit to this into a meaningful experience for thousands of fans, that’s a big call!

But it doesn’t matter what your budget is with blog content. Blogs are just an easy way to connect, that’s why I blog – because messages are so easily dispatched, and from that point an organic following can flourish, once readers and fans are maintaining the community around social networks, blogs, your sites, and sharing secondary content etc. you know you’re succeeding. You’ve got an asset there.

But blogging that works is about defining your artist brand, it’s about showing you’re a person, or having an angle that people tune in to – being relatable. People want something relatable in a confusing world. An artist that “gets it”. A blog is often a place where the tone can be set for how the messages in your artists brand and music are translated into more frequent and engaging experiences for fans.

Once you’ve master transmission and communicating ideas and connections to fans through blogging, taking those ideas to youtube is the next step up. You’re not just making dumb random videos because you know what works on your blog, you’re just turb charging it strategically with moving pictures and sound that you know get the fans hollering!

What do I mean by engaging fans? You may only release one album a year but if you blog every week and you’re very good at it, you stay tight with your fans, you create new opportunities to develop relationships with the core fanbase, and ideas will naturally start to flow between you and your fans as to how to grow the movement behind you.

How do you create that, how to paint that picture, bottle that essence?

That’s what I’m saying here, you can give me $600 to do some work on your marketing spread out over 3 months, but do you think that will really make a difference? Marketing campaigns are usually only as good as the ideas behind them, so my usual operation is to take your $600 and build something online that is ready for an idea.

But incubating a great idea that is perfect for expressing to fans what you offer as an artist . . . that’s serious thinking – that’s something that will cost a lot more than $600 to plan and execute, it’s about taking steps to grow your music business smartly.

It does depend on what you’re trying to achieve – a lot of my effort has gone into building my cd / dvd duplication and replication services business which is now where I make most of my money. That didn’t need a lot of content to become successful because I am marketing a very specific service.

As long as the price was very competitive, and the service good, then it would grow on the back of charmless brute force online marketing techniques, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing such as adwords, I’m pretty good at that and it’s a great way to push into the market with a competitive product.

But most musicians don’t have a competitive product. They have maybe 1 or more songs and a video they shot. And what? We’re not caring yet.

Also the blogging I do is very brutish, because I’m sure no one who is as eloquent as I am when it comes to writing trashy throw away blogs has as much time to do so, this is another competitive advantage – having a blog while keeping the great music coming is a luxury most musicians can’t afford because they haven’t googled my site and found me like you did.

But yeah, in a nutshell, between advertising and blogging, that’s how I end up doing doing so well in CD DVD duplication. If you’ve got $600 I’m happy to show you a bit of what I can do.

But more creative endeavours are a different story, you need people buying into what you’re selling by agreeing that you’re demonstrating creative talent that would be of significant value to them.

Music promotion bloggers have been talking about attention economies for years now, an it’s all still true, if not truer, it’s just you’ve got to work at scale. It means just like Lefsetz says, you have to be focused on raising the talent level, and to do that you can’t afford to worry about online promotion, you need to be focused on your talent.

That’s why you give me $600. Not to expect a miracle, but because you got to be focused on representing, on living as a true talent, true talent doesn’t have time to build websites, set up blogs, to do any of the stuff thats not rock star, thats why even though it’s your hard earned money you can barely afford you give me $600.

Because you’re the talent. Be the talent, leave the promotions to someone who knows what they’re doing at the bare minimum I can bring myself to charge for it.

If you’re coming to me and you’ve got nothing then you need a website. There’s a whole lot of ways you can throw your money away on music promotion when you’re not ready, but blogging is about becoming ready, step by step, developing something that fans respond to that you can say is worth spending money to take to a bigger audience.

This stuff is about kicking off a career, that’s why it’s modest. That’s why it’s only $600 for the cheapest little deal. That’s why we’re talking about blogging because if you’re coming out of nowhere, you’re going to need to plan and test and save your bullets for the real fight, keeping those fans thinking about you and your work every day.

That’s a business.

And that’s how I run my business, ready to work, and ready to make sure my clients get what they need.

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