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by Matt @ Kurb on August 12, 2011

Do you need online marketing? CD Pressing? Music Video Production? I work out cheap deals for musicians all around the world to get this stuff in our music marketing package deals $1000-2000 email:

This blog post tries to get to the heart of better content, but really ends up covering familiar territory because if you don’t have a decent platform, then you don’t really have any point in trying to produce high quality material for your blogs that will really get fans emotionally invested.

There’s only so much promotion and marketing can help you until it comes down to whether what you’re presenting is any good – there’s no point in using blogs, videos and social media to promote your music if they just make you look boring and amateur, if there’s no charm whatsoever to them.

So how do you add character to your blogs so they’re not just the same dreary old nonsense because that’s where I’m at, I’m sick of writing just for google, it’s honestly a waste of your creative effort unless you’re just like me trying to rank high for cd replication and cd pressing so you can make your money – but the point is if you’re going to write a blog why not try and make it worthwhile?

Yes – it is hard to know what people will like and how google will take to it, I’m probably about to learn people liked this blog better when my style was more practical and actionable.

Look, I couldn’t go on writing about websites and SEO and adwords and whatever was the latest trick on youtube and how embedding a youtube video in your page and using adwords and social media to send people to that page so that they sign up for your email newsletter which blows them away so much they start buy all kinds of stuff of you . . . I couldn’t go on!

I know it’s complex but hey. Either you get it, or you need to email me and get something going, because if you don’t understand the internet then really you’re just ignorantly living in hope. I don’t have everything right, but I’ve certainly succeeded enough at this to know . . .

Surgery, Computer Repair, Internet Marketing it’s not that different because if it’s not A that’s the problem, then it’s probably B, or C, or D, or E.

My point being is if you’re a great musician and you don’t know the a,b,c,d and e of internet marketing then you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re wasting your time, and your better off just practicing your act and talking to me.

There a good reason why i say that, because when all is said and done, people want something good. That’s part of the change in my approach, I realised that people want the best if it’s available, you can only sting them along so long with hype and flash.

If what you’re doing is special and people love it, you don’t need marketing.

Let me get real – more people are interested in this music marketing blog than are interested in my music, maybe you’ve got to make a decision about what you’re doing that people actually want to know about, and bring the threads together.

Look at the compromise I’m making – I’ll continue to write here, if it means artists get me to organise a deal with CD pressing (or DVD’s) for you from asia (they will be as cheap if not cheap er than your local supplier and of similar quality) then I can make enough money to make it worthwhile to do your marketing as well, and help you with graphic design or any of the online marketing stuff you want at the old cheap rates.

I can sort out your CD pressing for a good price, I can help you with marketing if it’s worthwhile, and I know some stuff we can work out that allows a huge discount to kick in, a lot of people might not approve but it really doesn’t matter, I’m only trying to appeal to a handful of musicians who need my help.

So you need to be focused on the best customers and fans for you. These are artists and people interested in marketing who read my blog and see my face and realise I’m here to do what I do and say what I say, and if it works, cut an honest deal.

You need to find the fans you can be real with, who recognise what you’re doing. You need to use blogs, videos, social media to create a concept that fans can embrace beyond

It used to be just an article in Rolling Stone. Woah! Did you read that? That guy’s a bad ass!

Now you’ve got to be your own rolling stone, make yourself look like a bad ass, or whatever the effect you’re aiming for in terms of your brand is.

Personally, I’m more interested in delivering a successful product now, but in marketing, nothing is ever sure, you really have to tailor the marketing for you, your audience, your product, your deal. It’s a whole lot of work, that’s why I’m at this point where if I’m doing marketing for other people, I gotta charge for it.

our basic packages are $250 p/month or $600 for 3 months but if you’re trying to promote heavily we offer the option to double that so you get 6 hours of dedicated promotion week, but that’s still a small amount when you’re talking about launching a big campaign. My method however in online marketing is more slow and steady, but I’m happy to advise you where those hours would be best used to get the desired outcome.

The quick once over:

Firstly, you need a website, have you got that organised?

Secondly, working with online advertising is one of my strengths, once I do the set up, you can control the budget and take your campaign as far as you like.

Thirdly you want written material, press releases, blogs, newsletters, bios worked online so you need some creative for that.

This often comes under the bigger aims for the campaign. it’s hard to execute sophisticated campaigns when your platfrom isn’t set up. A mailing list with a fan newsletter is pretty much essential (this can go out on facebook etc too) not just for interacting with fans and keeping them interested, but for when you want fans to start buying.

Again I specialise in creating revenue from fan bases but to be upfront, it usually takes $2000+ and 6 months at least to get to a point where that fan base is starting to grow and we can start discussing how to sell different propositions to them – this is where more sophisticated campaigns come in because your no longer covering set up costs for everything and we start to have a better understanding of what your fans will respond to.

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