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by Matt @ Kurb on July 7, 2011

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb and this is my blog about online music promotion.

I also offer cheap CD / DVD manufacture worldwide, cheap music video production services, and music marketing support IF we do it in a deal with one of the first two.


By doing a special where I do your CD pressing and/or your music video and/or your online music marketing all in a package deal, then I can make enough money to make it worth my while to help you with your marketing while still keeping it affordable – $1000-2000 for the whole package.

Video production is where it’s at. Blogging is great because of the whole google SEO thing, but videos are powerful when they are done right why do you think the music industry relies on them?

Because an incredible music video can take a song stratospheric, and convey much deeper experience to the audience, but for those of you playing rock star at home, the uses are a little more humble, but no less significant, and practical in online promtion!

grannies and and grandad’s ring me all the time, once they see my video and see I’m a nice young man, that’s it they’re busting with trusting for me to do their cd pressing or dvd duplication job.

You should know by now you can do a lot more with video than ever before but unfortunately it is all a bit daunting. I’ve used video as best I can but to be honest it really takes a lot of motivation. Thats your cue to get the jump on all the other lazy punks who aren’t getting serious on youtube about what they’re doing.

Put cheap videos up on youtube that are just slightly better than the average amateur demo, then slap 10,000 fake views on it, and suddenly everyone who does visit thinks that you’re music is actually something that’s a thing on youtube.

People are sheep honestly, we need to tell people that it’s ok to like your music, understand?

I want to do video because I know how powerful it is, but it’s that content issue again – if you’re going to all the effort of putting together an online video, you want to make sure it’s decent! You wouldn’t believe how long my videos took me to make – days! It is really a bit of a task.

I think having a videographer close to a musician is essential, it’s almost like an MC and a DJ. It’s all about the MC really, but how will the crowd really feel it if the DJ isn’t there to take it home?

Videos are so powerful you really need to pick and chose how you use them if you’re like me and are struggling to step up your video game. It’s about motivating people to take a certain action, to me, welcome and intro videos are jut as important as the video for your single, so do something with it!

I’m at the stage of my business where I want to invest into my brand and my outcome strategy is selling cd replication and music marketing packages, perhaps maybe a few music videos as I say, because right now I’m working on how to rattle off fairly dynamic and original music videos for $200-$500, I want to be working away so soon people will be like . . . you did THAT for $500?

So off I go trying to do funny videos. It’s a little bit calculating, you make the video entertaining, funny, etc, but you push your thing. I’ll be pushing the package with the CD’s of course, and stressing that I can get cheap deals on CD’s and DVD’s that I will sweeten up with my awesome music marketing services so you get a good deal and I get paid. Everybody happy!

You see what I’m doing? I’m using “funny” videos, something people will want to see for humour only, to highlight my CD DVD stuff because that’s where I get paid. I know my CD DVD business is THE business, so now I just need to draw attention to it however I can.

So another good point – awesome video but crappy songs isn’t really a starter if you’re trying to use video to draw attention to your music is it? But it’s never to early for a band to start using video, mainly you have to get over your self, but come on remember you’re a performer, an artist!

If your video is remarkable, if it’s funny and likable, and a lot of people end up watching it because it spreads, but only a tiny fraction of those people will want to get cd’s done with me, or come and buy your album or sign up to your email list, but because you did something that people liked enough to share, and you managed to wedge your message in there inoffensively just like an old school ad man.

But everywhere you want fans to do something, you have a chance to use video to say . . . hey . . seriously, if you have videos all over your site and people watch them, after awhile they get familiar and comfortable with you. This is the power of quality content, blogging just can’t do this, it doesn’t have that power or reach.

Once you earn trust with people, then they will buy stuff off you. They will no longer care so much about getting the best deal.

If people laugh and think your videos are wild, then there’s a better chance they’ll remember you. But we’ve been over this. How do you make better videos? Well I’m trying, when I have something to show you I’ll talk you through it. Then I’ll do another.

That’s me, I want to be making good money in a few years talking with bands about the videos they want to do and putting it all together for them, so you can make sure ALL your songs are on youtube where fans can soak their brains in your vibe and get fanned up and ready to part with some cash!

You need to have a video for every song, even if it’s nothing special because youtube is alive. Youtube is still king of the video sites so you need to be in there, in the game.

The way I see it, just go out and film yourself, then send the footage to my team, and then we’ll get some concepts going and we can build something up that looks like somebody thought hard about it, and you’re telling the world you’re serious enough to have this kind of content, not just a still picture.

I’m trying to see if I can’t deliver a video worth watching for $500.

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