Music, Marketing Campaigns and the Bottom Line

by Matt @ Kurb on July 10, 2011

If you have a credit card, I can give you a discount and make it $1000, for 500 CD’s delivered worldwide and 3 months marketing (what a deal!) but there are very special conditions.

Once you start becoming a bit successful you start to think . . . I’d rather not do that, actually. I’d rather not do the consultancy and coaching with bands and musicians because it requires a lot of my time and attention, and relying on outsourced contractors to complete certain components of the music marketing set up jobs quickly and within budget.

So this year I decided to go with the flow a bit more and try to stick with what I’m best at but eventually, my other businesses were growing and becoming more demanding.

I thought it would give me the opportunity to go back to my own music and creativity, and apply some of the lessons I’d learnt over the years, in fact, it would be a great advertisement for my business if people could see that I had my own music website that was successfully demonstrating all the principals i discuss here.

To me I had already recognised what a huge vacuum the break down of traditional record labels created in terms of capital – artists were going to have to back themselves more than ever. Maybe I was foolish to try and create the idea that $500 could buy you a marketing campaign because it’s similar to those arguments against free music – it sets a unhealthy precedent.

I am pretty familiar with how competition works and I think my efforts in music marketing represent a situation where I hadn’t learnt to provide a marketing service that was in demand from musicians at the right price. The product wasn’t ready. I could not charge $500 for that product because I wasn’t committed to delivering it.

So . . . back to the drawing board, which as I said, would be my music site.

I’m really good with advertising but I still didn’t have everything in place to present to targeted audience in a way that would pay off – that’s why the first months of your music marketing campaign are likely to be all about setting up a platform – your website, your newsletter, some decent relatable videos, some decent copywriting to get the propositions in motion, testing your ad campaign.

Like many artists I waiver between feeling creatively fulfilled and dynamic and doing something that has legitimacy through it’s viability.

Viability is more important the more you make profit is essential for you to stay in it, and keep building.

To me, revenue shows that what you’re doing has some meaning to people that they will pay for it, so even though I don’t regard my music as a money spinner, for my own benefit, I treat myself as my own test client. If it works for me, it’ll work for someone with more talent and less of their life absorbed in entrepreneur behaviour like myself.

But your fanbase is the key to your viability. If you can afford it you need to focus on strategic ways of getting yourself out there. My specialty is advertising, not publicity, but you need everything available. I do do some blog publicity but not the serious, expensive press publicity artists need to breakthrough.

But this is what I keep saying, if you’re going to sell a big image you need, your website is going to have to look the part, your social media nad your youtube need to look busy and to really sell it to people further up the ladder who make the decisions that effect your career, you need to nail down at least a few hundred fans who represent an estalished audience for whom this product works and is valuable.

If you’re on a budget for your music marketing campaign, you need an outfit like us to get this often arduous process underway so you’re ready sooner to start having fans, media, music industry becoming aware and involved.

How do you afford it? Well I do a packages starting from $1000 that include 500 CD’s. If you can get rid of those CD’s, then you won’t lose money and you’ll already have more people listening to your music on disc and online. If you have a credit card, I can give you a discount and make that $1000, for 500 CD’s and 3 months marketing (what a deal!) but there are very special conditions.


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independent music marketing 08.29.11 at 8:07 am

It is truly a very good deal for 500 CD’s to be delivered worldwide and 3 months marketing services for that price! How will I know the details on the conditions that you have mentioned? Can you tell me, please?! Thank you.
music marketing

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