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by Matt @ Kurb on July 8, 2011

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb and this is a blog about online music promotion. The numbers are picking up around here again back getting 200 visits a day so let’s see how I go picking it up and running with it.

Don’t forget if you want to make a deal with cheap cd replication, music video production and online music marketing – packages include all that with a big secret discount option for $1-2k! – – get in touch.

So it’s a new approach to this blog and I’m talking about it and I’m saying well I need to connect with some kind of viability so the thing feels validated.

If you’re not making money, it’s hard to justify any activity that’s not central to what you do, that’s how I ended up back here because I write what I like about music promotion and people will read it and they will email me.

That’s what you want right, people reading your blog and getting in touch because they want to connect?

So what are you going to sell them?

I’m serious. Look at me now, the new vibe on this blog is “This is what I really think and if you want to hire me it’s at least $1000 because my other businesses are sweet.”

If some body emails ME, I’m going to try and get $1000 out of them! $1000!! And I’ll probably do it. How are you going to do it?

Well not straight away because I’ve been doing this almost 5 years now. But you get my drift right? If I email you all like “oh my god I can’t believe that song is about that and your crazy video with that puppet is like omg so funny . . .”

What do you do?

Think fast. What can you offer someone that’s worth $200? $100? $50? What’s going to make that person think they got a deal?

Well you gotta build up some love first it doesn’t sprout overnight. That’s the work involved, growing the fanbase one by one until one day, you make that video, you upload that song and BABOOM it takes off.

BECAUSE you worked with me, you’re prepared when 600 people sign up to your email ist n 24 hours because

But I think part of my service should be helping artists put together high value items that can be pushed to fans – I need some proper methodology for putting together these things – how much it will cost and

Value needs to come either from band labour or band brand otherwise your margins won’t work. See you know I’m business because I sniff this shit like a shark. If you’re not business minded you need someone like me around to crunch it.

Paying $20 for a t-shirt and selling it for $30 is no good, the profit margin is no good. You get some nice big glossy posters printed that you sign for $1 each they’re worth $5. Decent profit based around the musicians adding value. I’m just jamming here – remember this is the stuff you’re supposed to pay me for I’m not putting all my best ideas for selling packages here!

Giving them a CD is an obvious one especially since the main reason I’m doing all this so I can get artists into my packages with cd replication, the CD’s we supply are just as low cost and high quality as anywhere else, except I get paid which means I can help you in other areas – such as putting togther the contents of a high end $100 “true fan” package – that your other CD manufacturing options wouldn’t cover.

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independent music marketing 08.29.11 at 8:17 am

I’ve been following your posts and am impressed every time I read them. They manifest the truth that you have mentioned about being in this business for 5 years now. Superb.
music marketing

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