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by Matt @ Kurb on July 5, 2011

Matt Turner does promotions in music etc. specializes in DVD / CD reproduction, video production and general online music marketing and management

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So I’m back on the music marketing management blog but with a new approach.

I’m focusing on writing in a way that I enjoy, with more expression, but I also want to be more effective. Sounds like a bit of a dream. What, you mean enjoying yourself while effectively making money? That’s the idea. I think that’s why we got into this business, right?

Before on my blog here I was constantly explaining about websites and SEO and advertising and using bots and affiliate marketing and it was all just a bunch of confusing nonsense when really what you need to worry about is firstly that you’ve got a great vibe, a great product, and THEN that you have someone who is smart like me to do your marketing and worry about that stuff.

It might not be me because I used to be very cheap and patient, now I’m not as cheap nor as patient so if I’m not really enjoying something or making good money out of it I’m not that interested.

You still need smart marketing online because if you’re on a budget it’s really the only game you have a chance of winning, because every other strategy is going to cost you six figures that you don’t have. Even if you want to get signed to a label, they probably won’t touch you until you get half way there on your own steam.

So read and learn, because you may not be ready to hire me – so let’s just be honest about the situation. If you haven’t really thought through how you’re going to break through then you don’t have the wind behind you in terms of making it online.

I was thinking that I needed a way to get myself out there a bit more and step it up myself, and so I had to come back to this blog because mixing business with pleasure is what I do best. I’m not ready to start throwing money around because I’m still perfecting what I’m doing.

The content war I spoke means crappy content is just not of any use. Anything that is second rate is no good. It may fill a gap temporarily but the competitor with the better content, the better offer, the highest value, is going to win out in the end.

You can’t just muck around or you’ll be locked out.

You gotta do something that people care about! Too many artists are self absorbed they don’t get that the world doesn’t get them! That’s cool, but giving me money won’t fix that problem if you’re not connecting. It’s not about selling out, it’s about being able to get people’s attention. That is the value in music now. As I said, the rest is up to someone like me to make it into business.

So if you don’t have fans going crazy don’t talk to me about making money. Because where’s your vibe at with the fans? Well then you’re going to have to spend money and work hard to get it happening because no fans means no one spending money, no business. Doing music business takes a big investment in backing yourself.

Often with my clients we start now because if in a year or two your music is ready, when your fan base is built then your business is ready. You’re funding your own development. I can do the whole mentor thing if you like but you got to pay me. It’s hard for me to get excited if I’m not making at least $50p/hour.

So I guess if I charge $50p/hour I should know how to work your problems out with a flow chart goal sheet? Gosh. I’m turning into a coach, please, no.

I’m taking this blog in a new direction, it was clean before, I tried to think about my audience but it got boring because it’s like this.

cheap music websites, cheap online music videos, cheap advertising campaigns, cheap publicity, cheap social media management blah blah, I been doing this for years now and what does it really matter if your idea is half cooked? You need to get something going on that you know people respond to and then you need to work out how you’re going to pay me to try and work out how and when you could make some money.

My ideas meant I could make some money. It’s what I’m good at. Can we make some money out of your ideas or not? Are you ready or not? Are you clear about where the money is coming from, when and how – is this a real idea or do you need to talk to someone like me about how long you’ll wait and how much you’ll have to spend before you see it come back?

I wanted to do my own thing, do my artist blog, but it didn’t really work, what I was doing there didn’t connect with people like the music marketing I talk about here, it didn’t feel valid.

If I blog here, people can pick up my knowledge, and become aware of some of the deals I’ve got going doing packages of cd replication / pressing and online music marketing. If I make some money well, excellent.

Again it’s that Derek Sivers thing – try and help people out, try and make yourself useful, insert yourself into the equation as the solution to peoples problems.

I’m hoping by talking honestly and being much more upfront about what’s going on here, people will work out that what I’m doing is worthwhile and I can be valuable.

How are you moving forward in your effort to provide real value, real quality content? Because if you can do that I’ll have no trouble getting you fans and no trouble getting those fans to part with their money but first you’ve got to get what you’re doing right to connect with people.

Think seriously, how are you going to connect with people, how are you going to give something really valuable so you can get a break?

I’m sorry but “because my songs are good” is just not enough!

That’s the new direction of my blog. Not just going on about details and how I’m so cheap, just to scracth a buck, but connecting with people so it’s known I can sort them out with CD reproduction, DVD’s Music Video production and yes even online music marketing and music management.

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