CD Replication, Fan Farming and Outsourcing Music Marketing

by Matt @ Kurb on July 31, 2011

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I am back on the outsourcing vibe once again.

You know why? As I said I’ve almost all but given up consultancy because my cd replication business is doing so well – that’s why right now on this music marketing blog I’m really focusing on a couple of main thing:

– Doing a deal anywhere in the world on online marketing and CD replication (y’know, like doing 1000 cd’s and then working out how to sell them)

– Ways that exist for us to cut a deal so you make even more savings, mainly backhanders I get on certain deals.

This is how I’m working at the moment, if you get CD replication and/or some other stuff online through me, I get paid out, so it makes it worthwhile for me to offer you music marketing services, otherwise I can’t offer a good deal AND make enough money to make it worth it.

You get a cheap deal on CD’s marketing and other stuff, I still get paid.

Just being upfront!

But if you’re successful in the music business you’ll have to pass the same point as me. I make my money out of doing CD and DVD replication. It’s crazy for me to not take that money there, but y’know what happens? Look at this website, look at any of my websites! I don’t have time to do half the things I should do because I’m always working on a CD / DVD replication job, because the money is too good to turn down.

When your music is taking off, and you’ve got a tour planned, and you know you’re going to need follow up material as soon as that’s done – the real work of being a musician – can you really worry about doing blogs, and website updates, and social media, having a new dinky video every fortnight so the fans don’t forget about you . . .

But you have to do this stuff. I know I need to get this website and a bunch of my others looking decent, y’know looking like I take this seriously! Because “oh no, sorry my blog looks like shit because I’m too busy making CD’s” doesn’t really cut it, does it?

Especially if you’re a band, to be honest, now days, that’s what people look for to see if your legit.

Is your music legit? Your video on youtube? Your website? Your Twitter? Is it all legit, does it look like an artist that’s actually good, like people obviously think it’s good, because someone (you) have made an effort?

If it looks like you’re making an effort, fans go “Hey these guys might be around, they might be serious.” otherwise YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER SHITTY BAND WITH A SHITTY WEBSITE. The other angle worth mentioning is that you really do do it for the fans. You make your “secondary content” (the stuff you’re not trying to sell) about fans. It is for them, after all.

We have to get our websites looking good because a ratty looking site doesn’t signal to the prospective buyers that it is all on. That THIS is it.

So we need to outsource this stuff. There’s no point in me not spending the money, so it’s probably similar to you deciding you need some music marketing services to maintain audience focus online while you’re performing and/or writing music. Creating the content.

When it’s all taking off, you have to step up your game to go the distance. That’s not just a bunch of cliches. I’m doing great with CD replication now, but fixing stuff with my marketing – like the look of my websites – has to be done if I’m going to keep progressing.

Outsourcing is becoming the only option. I say that with trepidation because outsourcing is not a walk in the park. You can’t go too cheap, and you need to have a grip on what is possible.

So the picture here is that you must outsoruce at some stage. In fact, by the time a musician can afford to outsource online music promotiom, you’re already behind the game. This is the music industry now. Someone has got to pay to invest, and get the hype pumping, get he system in place.

That’s why I keep my prices low and try to work out these deals with cd replication and music marketing. Because then you can afford to start developing a plan a year in advance so when you’ve “penned” or “roped” enough fans they’ve got a nice little online play area where they can uhh, breed? Yeah maybe not, but you know what I mean.

You need blogs, social media, videos, newsletters – at least something every week to keep your fan farm plump and fed. It’s only later once those fans are juicy and fat that we can milk the cows and bring in the harvest.

Successful music fan farming with Farmer Matt!

So at the moment I am looking for new website designers, and new music video production staff because in the content driven online world, musicians and marketer need the content treadmill in action, this is what I’m putting together for artists so that it IS POSSIBLE to produce the required content on a budget, and keeping that buzz and hype alive.

I could do the web design and the music video production myself except I’m not very skilled at that, and I’m making more money out of cd replication. So I must outsource.

The online advertising I will continue to do myself because I have very good skills, there.

So you see I’m doing this both for myself and for the artists I work with because I recognise now that going super cheap is not always the best way. What I’m really focused on at the moment is keeping my products the same price but improving them immensely, looking for web designers and video production staff who are able to produce a higher quality of content because this is what artists need.

The best quality content and online marketing and branding interactions they can get for their money, they’re just not going to make it any other way, not if they spend too much, and not if they’ve got nothing at all!

I’m doing all this stuff for myself, my own music site now, so I know it! Outsourcing is no picnic, it’s hard to know what you can expect for your money, I already said not to go too cheap – you’ve got to end up with something that works, not soemthing hanging round loking half finished for 6 months – these are the issues I’m dealing with trying to find people who are really going to help my music and my clients.

That’s just the stuff that I need and I supposed to BE a music marketing guy! Add stuff I do all the time anyway – blogging, advertising, etc, you can see how much is involved and what your online campaign has to cover.

Imagine leaving out youtube. Imagine leaving out social media sites, not having a website, a blog, going without an ad campaign, all these things are not exclusive requirements but you’re not helping yourself by not having this stuff organised.

You can’t do it all yourself. I’m trying to come up with ways to make this work as cheaply as possible. The fact that it is a challenge to have reliable people who do great work for an affordable price is EXACTLY why it’s worth doing. Because most musiicans aren’t organised enough, they’re not backing themselves with real online organisation.

Real musicians with careers have got this stuff down – and it’s mainly because they’ve been around a few years and figured out what works for them. It’s different for every artist. This is all part of the process. I’d love to serve you a happy meal, but that’ll just leave you hungry half way to the next stop.

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