Online Music Promotion Diary: A Big Deal in 2010

by Matt @ Kurb on November 13, 2010

At the moment I have been very tentative about new work I’m doing in online marketing because I still have a lot of work to complete for established clients and it doesn’t feel right, signing up a whole lot of new people but once this is done, I can think about getting new clients if anyone requires our music marketing services.

It’s basically $250 for 12 hours p/month, and we can do just about anything when it comes to what you need to do business with your music online. We can chat on skype about what exactly you might need. Just email

So at the moment I need to sort out 3 ad campaigns, two are a full ad campaigns, and one just needs some tinkering. The clients have to have their credit cards ready, and I need to get those vouchers so they can get maximum free credit, up to $130, that usually last 2 months, we try to sign up about 100 fans with that money in ads.

Glitches happen a lot! Stuff goes wrong. Jack of all trafes in online music marketing, master of none! That’s the truth but I guess that’s why I’m so cheap, I can organise everything!

For some reason google doesn’t like one of my clients sites, so we’ve had to put the landing page somewhere else do google changes its mind and lets us run ads. He got 87 sign ups with $100 so that’s a pretty good investment, we just have to sort this out.

Also, I need to talk to a past designer of mine about fixing a glitch on the artists websites with their sign up forms. The submit button for the email sign up is only half there, and it looks unprofessional, a messed up looking button, it looks ratty. This won’t do because it looks like the site isn’t even properly finished. Really you want to have a super sexy sign up form, I wouldn’t be ashamed to make sure your sign up form was THE hottest most eyecatching part of the site.

Lead the viewers eye. You want either super powerful, strong image of your good self, or a hot hot video real big, so viewers know what to do. The video or strong powerful image needs to be suggesting toward the sign up form that the ultimate outcome of the viewers destiny on this site is to sign up for that form. Work it. Sell it. You are hot business and you will get that email.

So theb there is some older clients still I need to clear up some stuff with, I need to do their adwords also, and so I might want to bundle it all up. I hate leaving my clients without their ad campaign and site at least set up with their newsletter. That way you’ve got a basic fan collection situation. Pay for ads, ads bring targeted traffic, traffic signs up to email, you can email and develop rapport with core fans and sell them stuff. Simple system.

SO finally, before I take on anybody new and look at the spaces we’ve got, it will take one final last review of each of these artists sites, to check and improve, some of these guys will need bios drafted up and put together.

Often a bio is also an article, a press release and a blog post, AND a newsletter. this introduces the musician to the idea of syndicated content. Different ways to serve beans in a can to different mediums, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Same idea, different channels. One good idea, multiplied and distributed strategically.

SO the musicians all got their ad campaigns sorted, they all got their websites sorted, Newsletters were set up. Then we moved onto social media. A video could be a unit too.

Units. What does $250 for 12 hours in a month get you? What does that represent? A unit.

Website unit: $250 in a month
Ad campaign unit: $250 in a month
Newsletter, Monetization and syndicated content unit: $250 in a month
Social Media Set Up and Blast: $250 in a month
Video and Promotion unit: $250 in a month
Blog Publicity unit: $250

Remember that includes your skype consultation at least once a fortnight. This way, you choose the units you need. Got a good website already? Got a decent video? Skip it.

You see it’s all coming back the little systemisation of it, we love it!

We all need to be clear, alright? Too many people, it’s not clear, they’re going on and on about all this and that, and I’m listening to all their problems on Skype, but $250 is not that much. But you know what you get.

Well what then? Get famous?

NO. In 6 months and $1500, you have only built a platform, the foundations that you can develop something from, a fanbase an income. Maybe you’ll have 500 sign ups by then, it’s quite possible, maybe you have got some money coming in. But it’s just the start.

Maybe if magic happens you will be pumping, but lets get real, 6 months, $1500, is not going to make you famous. But you will have everything in place to kick start your promotion, make money and build momentum when that magic happens and people do start to take notice, when things do start to happen.

The trap is set.

Now you need to drive them in there. Ads work great, but why stop there when the power of a great idea whose time has come is unstoppable?

That’s what you need. You need big ideas. The platform is there. The channels open – we got blogs, newsletters, social media, article marketing, video, publicity, all the channels are there. You need a big idea, and a big deal.

You want to produce outcomes, you’re either selling something so hot it’s crazy, or you’re doing something so insane everyone is talking about it.

What is it? These ideas don’t fall out of the sky.

I say you execute the first campaign over 2 months. 1 month planning, and 1 month execution.

What does a campaign unit require?

28Updates>4Blogs>1newsletter: 4 hours

video + campaign: 8 hours

adwords: 2 hours + $100

Article marketing: 4 hours

strategy / consultation: 4 hours

22 hours?

2 hours design..?

probably need 4 hours at least for blog publicity, but possibly not if the unit was already complete.

24 hours, 2 months, $500 + $100 for your ad campaign. Deal.

It’s a big deal.

Next we’ve got to shake it out, because going from platform units to campaign units – that follow bimonthly because that way you are constantly cycling the attention of your fanbase all year – only leads from campaign units to what?

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online music promotion 12.01.10 at 3:27 am

Maybe if magic happens you will be pumping, but lets get real, 6 months, $1500, is not going to make you famous. But you will have everything in place to kick start your promotion,

ashleywatson 02.03.11 at 8:47 am

Really it was the big deal in 2010 for the online promotion of the music.

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