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by Matt @ Kurb on November 8, 2010

Hi all, Matt from Kurb here stopping by for a post and an update on whats happening with kurb digital music marketing services.

If you’re interested in our music marketing services, flick me an email on – to be honest it is looking increasingly like I will be taking on no more new clients this year but I’m interested in hearing from artists who might be interested in getting started in the new year.

I’d much rather have a holiday, and I seriously have to catch up with the clients I have currently on the books, so at this point, new business may be fairly limited. I’m thinking it may be time for a review in our approach. Because the modern music industry is such an unpredictable and shapeshifting creature, you really must be sensitive to where you can create unique and innovative value for your audience (tribe, market, etc.)

So last month was one of my best months in business ever, so I must be doing something right.

What am I doing right that musicians can learn from?

I just read a retweet on twitter that said “You can’t plant a seed today and expect to eat an apple tomorrow. Respect the process.”

Online things take time. I’m already doing well enough to have learnt some effective strategies, but that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to reexamine what we’re dealing with and the best way to create value with the resources we have available to us.

Often that’s been my approach:

What am I doing that is successful?

How can I package that and offer that to musicians?

Well I been doing this for 6 years. I built a website and I started promoting it, and I tried heaps of different ways, and eventually some things started to work, and some things kept working, and then I started getting more clients, and slowly you start to get established and it has it’s own momentum, you can’t really be dislodged.

That’s why a lot of people fall off in life, not always because they fail, but because they succeed – you kind of get moderately successful and you kind of just coast along, because once you finally emerge, you find yourself getting quite comfortable when you get there.

But I can’t put 5+ years of development and promotion into a 3 month package. Sometimes it’s hard to see how 3 months fits into a career plan when you don’t have the vision or the experience to create a plan that is realistic, especially when your grasp of how music business works is spurious.

So what is the best way to provide services for musicians requiring online music marketing and promotion?

Well it’s different for every artist. There’s no other business where you’re going to find the scope of clients we deal with, and all their needs must be considered carefully depending on the circumstances. General concepts apply, but some strategies will be more effective and connect more successfully and possibly at different stages, in short, it’s complex!

It’s a hard task working out a sure fire plan for music marketing success because there’s a different plan for every band depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s hard for us to create a streamlined service when this factor exists. It’s complicated, but it’s not. Your content is hot, your business chops have been fully utilized, you will make it work. But coming up with great content, a great business plan, a great marketing strategy that’s not something you’re going to trip over.

It is an epic undertaking. You’d need 2 of me at least.

So what can I do for artists? I always gravitate to the concept of making money. If an artist can make money, they can keep going. “Keeping going” may not sound glamourous, but if you’re not established in the music business “keeping going” is a worthy ambition to start out shooting for because it’s by keeping going that you get there!

A career plan, a music business plan, these are hard things to construct without being responsive to the rapid change and demand for innovation we’re experiencing, plus you must be prepared to take some risks, fail, and fail again before you ultimately succeed.

I will definitely be thinking about the best way I can continue to offer music marketing services.

I will also continue to work on my own campaign for fun and experience as well as sticking with some of the clients who have stuck with me, because I don’t change up my whole deal when I’ve already committed to working with an artist in a certain format.

But deep down I have the sneaking feeling I will have to tear it all down and start again with stronger foundations for my next iteration of effective music marketing services.

Look at this way, if it takes 5 years to build a business and career in music (similar to most other vocations really) how do I make a business out of that? Instant solutions are hard to sell because they don’t exist!

I want to do things in a new way, in a more effective way that delivers the most value to the most people, it’s a philosophy that underpins success.

Before you decide to spend your money on promoting your music, what are you going to do that’s new and more effective and delivering a message to your fans that resonates with them?

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sunday 07.04.11 at 4:49 pm

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