McPromotions Combo: Building Online Music Marketing Campaigns

by Matt @ Kurb on November 17, 2010

Alright today we’re talking about rolling out packages for our new online music marketing campaigns. I’m in a constant state of refinement! That’s how you make it work. Keep trying different things

We’re throwing around a lot of ideas about how we will build music marketing campaigns in 2011.

We need to make our packages affordable and clearly defined. This is a business, I’m a businessman and entrepreneur, I need this business to work for me as well as delivering what artists want.

Artists want to be famous. Most artists will never be famous. Usually I aim to make artist their money back. If they can make their investment back, they are still in the game, they have moved forward in their promotions, and they have broken new ground in terms of their business.

They have a business that works, then they will need to refine and scale it to the point it can cover your bills. But first I got to cover my bills!

SO the new plans we’re drawing up aren’t radically different, It’s just a little bit more “macdonald’s” except it tastes good because I’m still head chef. I just want to make it easier for artists to choose the meal combo they want, and to know what they’re getting.

It’s like a Big Mac. It’s not going to be the best thing for your career, but it’s a whole lot better than starving for online promotion, and it’s very comforting to know what you’re getting is what you can expect.

SO we start of with month long platform units, then move to 2 month mini-campaign units where all our platform stuff works in synergy to promote certain concepts following a theme and offers with big deal ideas.

How much or many of those do you need? Who knows. Will your promotions stuff – internet systems put in place – probably have a glitch or break down and need to be fixed? Sure.

Will I go on and on about confusing internet marketing concepts? Definitely.

Well it takes as long as it takes until you recognise where your opportunities lie to develop your business, serve your fans.

If you get signed from that point, if you sign some kind of deal with some kind of backer, you may or may not still need us. That’s for the future.

You may have to stay independent, and manage your assets long term, maybe that’s the role we’ll play. It’s as I’ve said, so much is open ended in the music business, especially right now. Serve the fans and you’ll have a career, and you’ll need us to manage and do admin so you can coast on your achievements. Who knows. That’s for the future. For now we need to build your music business and it will take years, so we had better get started.

At the beginning you must build your platform with a number of units that represent the services you may need.

Website unit: $250 in a month

You must have a website to promote yourself online. You get your blog and newsletter set up included, and of course you get the domain and hosting for 12 months.

Ad campaign unit: $250 in a month

Full ad campaigns on adwords and possibly facebook. Includes at least $100 free credit.

Newsletter, Monetization and syndicated content unit: $250 in a month

Content developed for biography, newsletter, press release, article marketing, blog posts, short campaign executed for linkbuilding etc. affiliate marketing and/or advertising set up by request.

Social Media Set Up and Blast: $250 in a month

This sets you up on all major platforms, and we use various blast techniques on twitter, myspace and facebook to attract targeted fans as appropriate. Social media channels tied to syndicated content channels.

Video and Promotion unit: $250 in a month

If you already have a music video great, nonetheless you need to create an intro video for your homepage – the specific point of being encouraging signing up people to your newsletter, and/or other specific outcomes.

Blog Publicity unit: $250

This is a bit of a new one for us. Lots of people offer music publicity, it starts at about $2000. I copy them as far as I’m able, but I don’t really have the contacts. I do have a few techniques I use that can work though. We need a letter to charm the bloggers, we need a killer offer or angle for them to get in behind, and of course my staff will do the legwork of identifying who to send to, and then actually sending them out from your email. No fuss for you, rock star!

SO then we move to the campaigns, which plan and execute on all these parts of the platform around a core idea.

Usually that idea involves selling something, promoting an event or just trying to get fans to tell their friends and sign up even more fans for when you do try and use this to sell something or push a tour or something.

The idea is they are mini campaigns that come in waves bimonthly so your fans never get the chance to forget you and you’re there with something new to sell each time, as well everything else you’ve got available.

Content is promotion, offer a good concept, and then tie it to a transaction your fans will accept.

It’s marketing, stupid.

But how many mini campaigns do you need? What is the natural trajectory of this?

do it twice, do it 20 times, we’re going to hit a vein at some point, we have built a system to accomodate at least a few thousand fans before you have to step it up, so we’re ready.

And you’re going to get 1000 fans at some point. You’re going to start making money, a lot more than you pay me.

There are going to be different business priorities, first one being paying me more. Whatever I’m doing will be working so you’ll want to keep doing it, and you need to look after your fans, and be there, it’s our job to make that happen.

Managing all those fans will start to create administration issues, but also now that you’re making money we need to get down on some serious business, optimizing the whole market we’ve got going with the right products and offers, the right partners, the right deal for the right fans.

You’ll have to start giving me more money to cover everything as well as keeping those bimonthly campaigns rolling over until . . .

Something gives, you break at some point.

Either one of our mini campaigns catches fire it may be the first, in may be the 20th, or, you reach a critical mass, it might be 1000 it might be 10,000 but something changes.

People are taking notice. A big opportunity comes along. When that happens, well we can celebrate, but that’s gotta be 18 months away at the very least. Maybe you will have given me $6000 by then, but I should hope you’ll be ready to make it back, and I guess those parameters offer a lot of opportunity still!


A proposition must look attractive to your fans. The same way I titillate you with possible deals that seem irresistably workable, you must tempt the fan with what you can offer.

That’s what I do here, play with ideas about what my audience wants and how I can give it to them.

I could offer a deal of $5000 and 2 years. Give me $5000 now, and if you don’t make it back directly off systems I put in place within 2 years, I will give it back to you. Wait.

Give me $5000, I will do 288 hours work for you over 2 years, I will collect all the money you make online, and then I will give you at least $5000 plus whatever else you may have earned.

No that could be tricky. I just need to pay you $5000 if you don’t make it back in 2 years.

Butit’s a stretch, no ones going to front me $5000 just yet. That’s why we talk about platform units and mini campaign units.

How many campaigns do you need? Well initially, a mini campaign may not make back the $500+ you pay me. But sooner or later it will. What then? Why stop?

You might be signed, you might still need my services, you might not. I’ll be doing fine I’m sure, as will you and the opportunities we have to make a great business arrangement in the new music industry is wide open!

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Mohale thomas makhubele 11.20.10 at 1:38 pm

Hi i am starting recording company in south africa where iwant to bring all the indipended record labels under one umbrella. I came across ur website & saw some useful ideas , i will ur help since iam just starting can help u get more clients out of those who will affiliate with us . I currently dont have a website,

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