Don’t Give Up that Music Marketing Hustle

by Matt @ Kurb on October 9, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here and we are still offering 12 hours for $250 in music marketing and promotions, that covers advice and implementation in all aspects of your music career and promotions online.

I’m also going to be introducing a skype package – that’s straight consultation – 3 hours for $100. You can use as much of your 3 hours when you like and how you like, but it is simply chatting on skype and I am happy to visit certain websites and social media profiles of yours to check them out, comment and advise you appropriately.

Remember I won’t be hustling you to spend more money because I don’t really hustle so much in music marketing any more!


Hi everyone as I said I will be continuing to take on new clients when I can and I will always keep the door open, but building this part of my business is probably not my main priority – I will always work with a small group of musicians and entertainers in online music marketing and music promotions but I am certainly not taking all comers any more. I have to keep the numbers of musicians I work with down to a manageable level because when I get offered great money for a big project, I can’t just turn around and let down all my musician clients so it’s a real juggling act.

The issue I find, where I’m providing the most value for clients, is overseeing campaigns. I’m starting to realise just how hard it is to co-ordinate every element of a musicians online campaign, and distinguishing the viability.

Especially when I can see now that most clients need to be working with me for years or, consider paying me double time to make things happen twice as fast.

If I had an amazing record of successes then I would have no problem charging 10 times as much to make people into successful entertainers, but it is so challenging, that such an achievement has not been straightforward. Making people famous is not the easiest thing in the world as it turns out.

I need an artist who will stick at the ongoing promotions requirements for a start, nothing happens quickly now, and creating and executing an artist campaign that captures what that particular artist truly offers is a hard thing to bring to life on the budgets I run, but it’s certainly not impossible, because everything I do for my artists are things I’ve already been doing and been successful in for years.

That’s the secret though

When I’m working on managing projects such as musicians campaigns, I find it takes a lot of mental perserverance to have everything lined up – which basically means right now, I have to put in a lot of mental effort on music marketing campaigns but the money I receive on other promotions projects I work on is often a lot better despite this.

I’m also a lot more financially secure than I once was so I’m not really desperate to chase every dollar that comes down the road, but I will still write this blog because blogging is great promotion and it’s a great way to thrash out thoughts and new ideas in a useful way.

Also because I am planning to have more free time, I will probably be getting back into my personal projects, but of course, my whole view of the purpose of it and my role within the entertainment industry has changed, but I still think this is an excellent place to discuss more practical applications of music marketing and promotions online, and especially business, because I’m still a businessman at heart, I still see profit as a pretty strong indicator of the value that something truly creates for audiences and fans.

If you don’t want to make money from your music then I can really appreciate that but I think most people are like me and would find a lot of joy and satisfaction in the fact that their music actually does create market value and even though I wasn’t much of a musician I think I have learnt enough now to try a different approach – if I have time to write new music!

One thing I would really like to get into is remixing and producing tracks for my clients and getting more involved in the process there so for me, it’s about the boundaries between work and leisure being broken down – isn’t that what we all aspire too?

Doing this job has made me quite radical in my approach because artists often want to discover a system but the industry is such a lolly scramble right now, there is no system, but what still exists is the need to connect with fans.

I think it’s time to move to the next post before we get into new and radical approaches to music marketing . . .

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