Using Video Creatively For Music Marketing

by Matt @ Kurb on July 29, 2010

So I am really right into video now as I’ve been saying – It’s got it’s challenges sure, but how else can you really open yourself up to fans unless you’re providing a lot of content, a lot of branding, valuabl experiences? Video is the cheap and easy way to do that.

You must get over yourself. I know how you feel. The world is going to judge you. Of course they are, but we don’t care about the people who aren’t interested in what we’ve got to offer, because they don’t want to buy our stuff anyway!

We only a need a tiny portion of people who think our videos are cool to want to spend money on getting more and deeper into the experience you’re offering. It’s easy to do, it’s at the cultural cutting edge, the opportuity exists now to connect with fans so get into it and get some video done!

This week, next week, the week after, every week!

But first . . .

At Kurb Promotions we run an affordable music marketing service for artists so that everything they need to build a business online from their entertainment services and products is provided and catered to!


Websites, design, youtube video production and promotion, newsletters, fan management, online advertising campaigns, publicity, social media, if it’s onine, we do it! It’s just $250 per month and that gets you 12 hours work.

That could get you 20,000 guaranteed youtube video views as part of online video promotion service! There are lots of different online music marketing strategies we offer!

Get in touch, we can talk on skype, whatever is suitable to your needs – just don’t forget you won’t get personal consultancy and development to this standard elsewhere at this price!

So today I am working on a new video to go right there on my right which is a good place for people visiting my site to check out my video.

In fact being such youtube heads as all are, just seeing a video and being too lazy to read all the writing, a lot of visitors would probably just go on ahead and start watching the video.

Now since we want to get through to our fans, and we’ve got to let them know what’s going on immediately

In my case that I offer special music marketing services and then I proceed to inform immediately on what makes those music marketing services so special.

I just don’t think you can hire anyone with my expertise at the prices I charge. The people who are as smart as me and smarter already have good gigs, they are not interested in taking on your music or your project for $250 a month. They’re not. They’ve got other bigger things on.

Or alternatively you could be ripped off by someone who doesn’t see the big picture for you as an artist. They want you to buy a whole lot of stuff, or your outsourcing to some guy who is proabably great in one area such as web design or social media, but doesn’t have the full picture. Is not able to talk to you about what you need to get your music to take off.

But I’m not going into all that. I need to say all that in one sentence, and then I need to get straight to the proposition. It’s $250 for a month. That’s what it is. Have you got $250?

But if this was your video as an entertainer, we wouldn’t be trying to sell something because it’s not based on scarcity, your market is completely different but the power of not mucking around and pushing the best proposition you can is going to get you on the way to building a fan base.

Believe me, if you’re unknown, or even if you’re getting heat, asking people to buy your album as your lead proposition is ridiculous when you are trying to build the biggest fan base possible and then use that to create a market.

Commonly you’re there to represent your brand and represent what you have to offer. It’s got to be at least a free song for download, it’s got to be something that grabs people enough to agree to making a connection with you and what you’re doing as an artist.

Remember you’re the creative one, I’m here to help you, and sure if you pay me more, I’ll come up with the ideas, but we’re always working on a budget here so you’ve got to get creative, innovative and think about what you can do with the resources you have, and the resources we can offer you – video production and marketing, animations, editing all that stuff.

The resources are their for you to come up with a great music marketing video intro that achieves the outcome of getting a new fan to accept your offer of free music or whatever in exchange for ongoing permission to interact – which opens the door later to more viral and potentially revenue gathering campaigns when the fan base is solid enough.

The video allows you to push out your music, to push out your brand, and to push the proposition to build fans by securing their email or even some social media contact. Any kind of connection you can then build on towards revenue generating activities, and in establishing this relationship, video is one of the most important to do this, because you can communicate a whole lot of important information that other human beings like to know about you before the sign up for just anything – and in a short time.

Next post I am going to be working on my script for my new #1 music marketing services sales video, the one I use to hit new visitors to the site who are serious prospects for expanding my “core fanbase” or clientele.

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