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by Matt @ Kurb on July 27, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb – we run an affordable marketing service for artists so that everything they need to build a business online from their entertainment services and products is provided and catered to!


You can get a place in our highly sought after and highly personal promotion service for your music marketing and business online

Websites, design, youtube video production and promotion, newsletters, fan management, online advertising campaigns, publicity, social media, if it’s onine, we do it! It’s just $250 per month and that gets you 12 hours work.

If you need a special ultra intensive campaign, that can be arranged, get in touch, we can talk on skype, whatever is suitable to your needs – just don’t forget you won’t get personal consultancy and development to this standard elsewhere at this price!

Thought it was time to quickly throw down what’s up here at kurb, I’m finally hiring an assistant who will work alongside me – physically, in my office – so we can handle more clients. They’ll be writing newsletters, drawing up online advertising campaigns, doing design, managing our video services, so every day it’s happening, things are getting done on our clients music marketing campaigns!

Also, as well as handling more clients, I am really looking forward to hatching big ideas.

In the past I tended to let the artist come up with the ideas and creative concepts that drove a campaign, I just handled management and execution. Now I feel that artists need powerful, creative ideas that meet the requirements of what fans expect from artists – the ability to deliver a unique entertainment experience.

And because I now have a solid track record in my own business I feel confident in what I can offer.

In the past, huge major label money was behind creating the spectacle of building up the superstar. Todays artists and middle class musicians dont have those budgets at their disposal so it’s up to people like us to come up with a service that provides not only marketing and promotions techniques, but also the ideas that drive it. that people respond to.

There needs to be a marriage between what is possible with the technology available and what ideas can be used to exploit it and turn potential fans onto a resonant message from the artist.

It’s basically what an advertising agency would do.

But as we get more experience here, it just means our services will be in greater demand and I can see our prices will just get higher and higher until I don’t really put them on the site anymore!

And then, I’ll probably not put my email address on the site any more. You get me? You gotta get in now!

So yeah, having another full time person here working on music marketing services and campaign strategies for our clients means not only better service but the opportunity for me to get my head in to more content driven strategies, more videos, more blogs, more use of the platforms available to ram the message home.

What is the message?

That the standard of production and execution that we are developing may not ever match that which can be offered by a major label but you know that there is someone you can go to, once you do have a reasonable budget – whether it’s $2000 or $5000 or $10,000 who will put together a campaign that although could never guarantee viral marketing take up as thats by nature impossible, will at least attempt to turn out every effort, both in terms of creativity and marketing resources, to provide entertainers with strong concepts to really engage their potential fanbase, and follow up on it, and carry out the campaign to the point where it provides a recognisable outcome for the musicians, the band, the artist – our clients.

I Believe that for true success in music, you need the “team” or whatever is replacing that label clout that is no longer there for most musicians. You can’t expect to buy an ebook or just read your favourite blogger each week, you need professional support if you want to be a professional.

You’ve got to back yourself by having the resources at your disposal.

Again I’ll say it, if you just want to stay alive – well that’s why we provide the packages and the experience that we do at $250 p/month. I’ve survived for almost 6 years in the music industry now I make the money of a well paid professional, and I’m ready for the big ideas. If you want big ideas, then I am taking that step to provide the next level of promotional development but with the same ethos of affordability and accessibility in mind.

When you are making money, you’ve still got to restrain the budget. You’ve got to do something big in order to reach people, and you know how powerful viral engagement can be once it gets going, something I am now studying, studying memes, coming to understand what could possibly ignite the chain that leads to incendiary viral spread.

If you can do something like that for $10,000 instead of $100,000 then clients will be choosing us. My direction now is to be taking my own advice and developing heaps of content for kurb that gets peoples attention and converts attention into solid business outcomes, to show what we can do.

But I’m not just showing you what we can offer you in terms of service, it’s all about recognising how important a role content plays in promotion. If you’re an entertainer, you’ve got to entertain! You’ve got to be commmitted to regular video. For the rest of the year I want to go deep into using content such a video to connect directly and bring attention to what we can do, I want to focus on it as my main business priority, that way getting lots experience in what kind of content people respond to in a way that works toward our outcomes.

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