Creating Big Ideas for Music Marketing Content

by Matt @ Kurb on July 8, 2010

Need some decent music marketing services? Join the queue, buddy!

HAHA no seriously, we had to put the price up again, it’s now $250 p/month for a place on our books getting comprehensive end to end online music marketing services! We know what you need, we know how to make money from music, and we can do it all ourselves for a lot cheaper than anyone else out there who will stand by their reputation for solid online music marketing!

We’re talking about comprehensive marketing, business AND creative support here, so email, send us a link to your website or myspace so we can see what you’re doing and maybe we can chat on skype and see if we can get a music marketing campaign happening for you!

So what I was talking about in regards to blogging and video and various content was a few details to bare in mind if you think you’re really ready to meet the appetite of new music fans for entertainment content.

You’ve got to start with a few tips on search engine optimisation, and move right on to not be boring and actually finding something your fans want to know about, that sounds interesting because unfortunately, that’s not as they say on twitter “what you had for breakfast”.

My personal theory was that artists are so used to faking it, and it’s so natural to assume that putting up some kind of front will impress people, new artists need to go the other way and

Do you think that I work a job? No way.

Do you think I wake up in the morning and go to work?

No, I wake up when I like, grab my laptop and I head out for breakfast.

Maybe I’m showing off, but I’m also illustrating a point, that I actually am I real music marketing entrepreneur guy. I make good money from music and promotions online. I don’t get a weekly pay cheque, and I can only hope people realise it probably wouldn’t be that way if I wasn’t good at my job.

So in this way, I’m outlining to you about how you can use content to paint simple pictures.

Do you stay home and work late on weekends? Well I do, and plenty, but I’m not glamourising that! Again, making the point, work what you got! If you and your band are “totally wild” then lets hear no more talk and see some vigourous youtube videos that will have crazy people who like your music telling their friends and saying “check these guys out – they are TOTALLY WILD!”.

In my case, I always thought the fact that I don’t rely on my music for income means I don’t have to be humble to the powers that be in the music establishment, because I’m totally independent. It means that I can say what I like, and be as irreverent and uncensored as I choose to be knowing that it won’t make or break my career.

I already have a career and it’s not kissing butts in the industry which is such an unfortunate part of being involved in the music industry these days, you do have to get good at greasing people up, and I am utterly terrible at it.

But as I say, it gives me an angle which can make my content interesting and different. How is your music, and the content you use to frame the whole image projected by it, interesting and different?

This is what I’m doing with artists, for the first few months we work on websites and campaigns and setting up various systems – email newsletters and social media and compelling video but then what?

You think you’ve done enough to be considered an entertainer now?

Modern entertainment and attention spans require that you continue to roll out new content, new iterations, new narrative concepts that get fans connected to you through powerful stories.

That’s why you need guys like me around for the long term, and probably me by myself won’t be enough if you’re actually going to breakthrough, because month after month you’re going to need to create ideas that your fans respond to.

It’s only after these repeated interactions that you take someone from being a mere fan, to someone who is going to stick with you and follow your work and continue to support you and make your presence felt in an increasingly noisy and anarchic environment for entertainment.

There’s no point in thinking about a few years in it if you’re actually wanting to make money. If you just want to have fun, that’s great, keep reading my blog, keep your money in your pocket. Otherwise, you’ll need help building a platform that will work long term, and you will always need fresh ideas to keep your audience interested, engaged, and ready to hear – and possibly buy – whatever it is you’ve got on offer.

I’m not worried, I do this every day. Fresh ideas will always be needed and I’ve always got them, we’ll brainstorm a few soon, but don’t muck around because one day I’ll be doing the same thing, but charging even more to do it and you won’t be able to hire  me then.

We’re talking about marketing, business AND creative support here, so email, send us a link to your website or myspace so we can see what you’re doing and maybe we can chat on skype and see if we can get a music marketing campaign happening for you!

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