Planning A Big Music Marketing Campaign Strategy

by Matt @ Kurb on June 7, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here, we’re still kicking off big music marketing campaigns for artists and what’s more, here in New Zealand, we’re providing international artists based overseas with exceptional value!

The big publicists and music marketing guys in LA, New York, London etc. – they don’t know anything I don’t know, they just charge a whole lot more!

You got to accept a music marketing campaign is going to cost some money. You can’t build a career or a music busines with $500, but $500 will take you a lot further with us then it will anywhere else.

For just $200 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 12 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe, and not only to we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need, we have great resources and contacts and now . . .

ALSO – you can now jump in skype and get in touch with me to discuss your campaign. Regular skype sessions with me will bring you right up to where you need to be.

All you have to do is contact me at: // +64 27 684 8250

and we can start talking about the musc marketing campaign we can put together for you. I’m interested in hearing from musicians who’ve got ideas and something to offer.

We do – website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine ranking, youtube promotion, video production, copywriting and blog management, ad campaigns with free credit, and email list management and set up! All the strategy, the content, all the marketing!

we’re even doing publicity now because we may not be hotshot publicists – but at least we do the job at a reasonable price!

We offer all the services, strategy at a low low price that means you don’t miss out – what are you waiting for – contact us!! // +64 27 684 8250

Okay well I’m going to get started on ideas here, they may not be fully formed but it’ll be a start.

If if you have a designer, covering the design angle that probably works because although I design myself, it’s not my strong suit and I often have a lot of problems cracking the whip with my design guys, since I’m I’m focused on affordability for new artists.

My initial thoughts were to take a stripped back upfront kinf of guerilla style with the website so it was not to ornate in any way but if these guys are handling it then thats fine.

All I’ll be concerned with in the design process is that key items such as email sign up forms, video and other important content are present and correct.

Also something to consider is our various audiences, i think it’s worth considering that perhaps musical enthusiasts and politicized individuals which we’ll be targeting maybe better targeted by seperate “landing pages” (the page visitor arrives at after clicking link/ad)

However stage 1 is having the site as a hub for the centre of engagement which right now qualifies as:

– Getting email sign ups in order to maintain and develop relationships with fans over time

– getting any content – whether video, blogs etc. designed to create a specific fan reaction or outcome prominently displayed

– and finally making sure those directives are very clear and obvious – the “call to action” to make sure a visitor responds to whatever propositions we’re pushing ie:

*sign up for email = get hi quality dl

*take action related to spreading campaign in line with outcomes = reward incentive for fan who participates

Then we need a strategy to get people to those pages

– first is advertising because I have a proven track record there. also “higher concept” viral/interactive strategies (based around fan participation or action) can be used to spearhead advertising

– advertising can be launched quickly and will give us valuable feedback, whereas higher concept stuff needs a little bit of thought and perhaps testing – there needs to be a strong concept ie a strong proposition that the fan will participate in willingly.

we get them to sign up for email = they get the single

now what can we ask them to do next to push out the word, and how can we incentivize it?

Facebook and twitter, social media marketing strategies are one way, we get sign ups on facebook, tweets and updates on twitter and facebook, we can look at social music platforms but again, a lot of work building up there.

also you mentioned producer/filmmakers being encouraged to work with this material, this is effective in reaching their small micro audiences without

– search engine strategies – powerful but not effective short term, this is something probably discussed later as it takes months to build up solid search ranking authority for a new site.

– classic PR: many blogs are obviously going to be keen to get in behind this, but we need a strategy to reach them. There are companies who offer this service but I am reluctant to trust them, thats why I would employ my own solution – although not my strong area – solid research on blogs where MIA has featured, then a proffesional follow up put together by us and executed by my staff.

Again, it’s the  connection with other artists that will open the door here where usually bloggers would turn their nose up, still professionalism in this matter is required to ensure a good take up.

Finally addressing what you mentioned about communicating with potential audiences such as politically disenfranchised youth, more active creators – DJ’s, videgraphers etc.

Again this is about a powerful strategy to appeal to them, and then incentivize a direct outcome on their part.

What will we offer to make the casual fan want to share? A producer or filmaker can be incentivized simply by the opportunity to have a platform for their creation to have credibility by association and I’ve seen nine inch nails use this very well.

again we may be dealing with 2 seperate audiences – a hipster audience who sees value in being perceived as having knowledge of free music, and a politicized audience looking for strong concepts and ideas to identify with.

It’s really about giving people – music fans / politicized fans / creators / bloggers and other new media sources – the right motivation and incentive to push our agenda.

advertising to push the sign up in exchange for the single is our first tier strategy, our second tier strategy is a powerful enough concept and incentive to then motivate people who do have the tune, to share through their personal and contibute where appropriate.

In terms of solid planning – I would also be thinking about a video on youtube / the site that will encapsulate our general concept in order sell our second tier strategy.

This way the process is very clear – visitor arrives via advertising, social media, blog etc – the understand the first proposition as its laid out – email for song – then we use the video to present whatever 2nd strategy we have in place to push a sharing / mashup / interactive / viral strategy.

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