Online Promotion Diary June #1: Youtube, Newsletter Content

by Matt @ Kurb on June 12, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here, we’re still rolling out music marketing campaigns for artists and what’s more, here in New Zealand, we’re providing international artists based overseas with exceptional value!

The big publicists and music marketing guys in LA, New York, London etc. – they don’t know anything I don’t know, they just charge a whole lot more!

For just $200 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 10 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe, and not only to we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need, we have great resources and contacts and now . . .

ALSO – you can now jump in skype and get in touch with me to discuss your campaign. Regular skype sessions with me will bring you right up to where you need to be, and just this week in June we’ve got some powerful new youtube promotions and music blog publicity strategies on offer.

All you have to do is contact me at: // +64 27 684 8250

and we can start talking about the musc marketing campaign we can put together for you. I’m interested in hearing from musicians who’ve got ideas and something to offer.

We do – website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine ranking, youtube promotion, video production, copywriting and blog management, ad campaigns with free credit, and email list management and set up! All the strategy, the content, all the marketing! We’re even doing publicity now so you can hit those blogs!

Alright I’m getting set for a big day working on my artist’s promotion, so in true diary style, I’ll be discussing each of the things I’m doing

Had an amazing week this week learning about new strategies being used on youtube for music video promotion and also a behind the scenes look at what’s been going on with some of the publicity and promotion for artists at higher levels, and what’s really going on at some of the most forward thinking labels.

The techniques labels used haven’t changed that much, they’ve just changed the medium from print, radio and television to using the internet in much the same way as they always did.

Now I can see how this works, I’ve been given some amazing insight, and am feeling more confident in offering publicity services to artists.

I’ll have to do a piece on Lefsetz’s recent series of posts which were really strong.

You’ve got to go in with some powerful stories and connections or nobody cares.You’ve got to have a platform established so at the exact moment someone does start to care, you’re ready to accomodate and activate these fans – otherwise it’s pointless trying to do this promotion and publicity.

That takes work to develop a concept and then prepare the platform for what could possibly eventuate from it, so don’t leave it until your release is just coming up, you’ve got to start putting this foundation in place now, because if a song of yours blows up on the music blogs, you’re not going to be ready to harness that attention to create real fans, the type who buy stuff and keep buying – and impress influential connections.

First up I’m working on west coast hip hop MC Al Coe‘s youtube promotion campaign.His budget is $750 to get a guaranteed 150,000 views across 3 videos to be promoted online within 2 months.

Now he’s getting some heat around the internet, but he has not in put in the necessary preparation and foundation – his videos are hosted on other youtube accounts and he doesn’t have his own website. Now those things are so important to maintaining control over your developing online brand that I’m going to take care of that before we get started.

Then I’ll be using some of our new youtube music video promotion strategies do hit these targets for authentic and targeted views. The stuff we’re doing now is some of the most effective I’ve seen in terms of getting large amounts of real views – it’s not just about increasing youtube views, it’s increasing the quality of the people actually seeing the videos, and prompting that fan involvement so it goes to the next level of artist to fan engagement.

check out my ads – this is just one way we help artists to earn – I can set up your blog, your site and add advertising just like this to create income streams.

Now Ganga, a denmark chill out artist with established credits on some of the most well known chill compilations is my longest regular client, so he’s still going a regular payment of $130 p/month because I wouldn’t raise the price of my services for a long term client who has stuck with me.

We did a great free artist advertising campaign earlier which brought in 87 fan email sign ups with $100 free credit we secured, so we need to keep those fans engaged, while building an automated email management solution that continues to engage more fans as they sign up to the list, promoting a range of music and profitable affiliate offers, but without putting time stress on the artist.

And each newsletter we d, adds to accumulated string of artist-fan rapport that we’re creating

So as the artist creates regular blogs each week – often reviewing other artists in the genre, then I take the blogs and edit them into a press release for article marketing which gets exposure around the net, and in the case of some artists, republished repeatedly, and it’s used to add to the string of newsletters.

Each newsletter is an opportunity to reconnect with fans and present options for sales.

In this way, content IS marketing – content allows you to connect to the fan and present your propositions that escalate engagement towards purchases.

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