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by Matt @ Kurb on June 12, 2010

Who is running your online music marketing services?

You could make a big impact with the time and resources to execute a solid plan. Do you have a plan?

Do you even have a website, an ad campaign, a social media presence, an email list, a music video?

Then let’s get started!

For just $200 a month, with a comprehensive range of services, you get 10 hours of work, that’s value you won’t get in the states or europe, and not only to we provide the full range of services you’re likely to need, we have great resources and contacts and now . . .

ALSO – you can now jump in skype and get in touch with me to discuss your campaign. Regular skype sessions with me will bring you right up to where you need to be, and just this week in June we’ve got some powerful new youtube promotions and music blog publicity strategies on offer.

All you have to do is contact me at:

kurbpromo@gmail.com // +64 27 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +64 27 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

and we can start talking about the musc marketing campaign we can put together for you. I’m interested in hearing from musicians who’ve got ideas and something to offer.

We do – website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine ranking, youtube promotion, video production, copywriting and blog management, ad campaigns with free credit, and email list management and set up! All the strategy, the content, all the marketing!

If I had big success stories, I would be charging a lot more than $200 for 10 hours, and the moment I do, I will be!

This is what I’ve realised recently, I have a similar skill range and experience to many working in the music industry providing these services in London, NY, LA, but because I’m based in New Zealand, I don’t need to charge nearly as much.

However, I have been working with smaller artists for over 5 years now, and now that I’m starting to work with bigger artists in the UK I’m really starting to expand my knowledge of the all over process, and my skills are basically having all round knowledge of the modern music promotions landscape from constant application.

From what I can see, your artist is already established and getting good initial traction through social media, so a lot of those services I offer would be somewhat redundant, but as this area is constantly evolving, you may benefit from the input of certain strategies I use.

There are distinct other services I offer artists that you may benefit from – mainly my advertising skills and my website optimisation skills – general knowledge of both the major aspects of search engine ranking and using advertising effectively.

In terms of viral promotion, you need an ideas factory that can not only brainstorm, freestyle and develop innovative concepts, but also action them swiftly.

As my clients campaigns mature, it becomes an intricate orchestration of regular content and concepts to keep fans engaged and this is valuable work, when coupled with knowledge of the practical outcomes. It’s about unifying advertising campaigns, social media platforms, video and email management under the theme of short, revolving campaigns that keep current fans engaged, and also bring in new fans – ulimately, activating the estblished fan based to share with  their networks and recruit new fans.

I have knowledge of solid business and revenue models, but as you are going for a major label connection, again this may not be necessary.

I’ve also started moving into publicity since realising the techniques modern publicists use are not that much more sophisticated than what I’ve been doing, especially regards to getting blog coverage etc.

I’m available on skype for discussion of this, as well as regular input and consultation. As usually I am required to fulfill quite a broad range of services for artists whereas you may require me in certain roles, it may be appropriate to define the role i’d play distinctly based on what holes I could fill in your current campaign strategy.

WHAT WE’RE WORKING WITH HERE – is this what you’re working with n your artist promotions? You might need our help on that!

  • YouTube: 30 cover videos; 700K legitimate video views; 100K + channel views; 2K subs, several honors and # 12 musicians recently.
  • Myspace: 6M views and 19K friends
  • Twitter: 2K followers
  • Website
  • Press release of new artist released on free internet distribution services (20)
  • Tools: TubeMogul use; Tweet adder; YouTube TubeTool;
  • Professional photo shoot completed yesterday —this is going to be some of the most incredible artist photography ever.
  • Online Store in process
  • Original songs in the works – first single due out in 3-4 weeks.
  • Recently signed up with purchsing some video views.
  • Plan to promote excepton cover in 2-3 weeks.
  • Demo/promo kit and media kit in the works
  • Several celebritiies are following blare on Twitter and YouTube
  • Signed up Itunes account; CD Baby and one cover song on itunes.
We are most interested in going VIRAL…getting on blogs, increasing retweets, twiiter folloers, other music publications and sites and getting more US awareness and prepareing for launch of new single and EP…getting a big bang on these.  This is a singer, dancer, songwriter and also very unique in look, performance and vocal quality.  Our goal is to get signed with a major label and or begin promotion as a co artist with a major singer on tour.

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