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by Matt @ Kurb on May 28, 2010

It’s Matt from kurb, this is a blog about how I advise and what we offer in designing various online music marketing strategies for artist promotions.

We do web design and set up, ad campaigns, social media, search engine optimisation, email list set up, fan mangement, blogs, video, the works/

You can work with us for 12 hours for $200, you just need to email me, Matt –

and let us see your website / myspace so we can get an idea of where you’re at.

Looking for a sophisticated music marketing strategy?

It’s a very exciting prospect working with clued up artists because it’s often a struggle illustrating how and why online marketing business models are preferable to clients who are stuck in the old away of thinking about labels, recordings, income from performances etc.

But using affiliate marketing to motivate others to push your music for a profit can’t change the perception that music recordings have decreased dramatically in value. You’re getting 69c a download, $7 an album – your margin is already too tiny to cut in a commission.

There’s no reason you can’t do it, but I can’t imagine it getting much take up because financial motivation just isn’t there for a product with low pay out, which is perceived to be overpriced anyway.

That’s why the model I advocate is pushing fanbase engagement to produce affiliate sales of other products.

As a musician and a character and a strong branded identity – you’re moving away from the stale, dry online marketing stuff and spicing it up with branding and narrative (through email list, etc.) that is going to bring fans on board with this new non traditional model.

If you understand all the back end marketing stuff then that actually switches our focus back to integrating music business and social media basics which are about engaging and compelling our core audience.

PPC and a pretty website can populate your list but the crux is making the sales.

We need to marry the ideas and business models of online marketing with solid content and fan relationships so value is going both ways, the fans are getting more than just the songs they expect to get for free anyway, and you’re actually establishing a model that’s significantly profitable.

And also a broader industry perspective of illustrating that your fanbase in demonstratably active, that’s whats going to get established music industry players taking notice and offering the support you’ll need to develop your career.

With most of my artists we can’t even begin to look out how we raise the standard of the content and “spreadability” “remarkability” of interactions and content, because we’re mainly focused on putting our online business model together.

If you know about online marketing, then you know once that system is in place the best support I can give you is working on how we really “raise the roof” with the standard of our content.

There are some slight improvements you could make to your website from a sales and marketing perspective – such as incentivising the email sign up with a free giveaway or something similar, but it’s a great start and looks professsional.

I have a number of strategies that I use but from a broad perspective it’s about balancing out development and engagement of your fanbase with strategies for increasing income from online sources.

We can do social media promotion, but I really like to focus on the development of content there that not only engages fans but feeds into propositions.

in fact managing “secondary” content is an important way to develop fans and hook those fans into your propositions, as well as text based material being the foundation of being discovered by search and relevancy on many sites and big search engines such as google.

What I mean by this is that we’ll often help artists develop content that can be used for newsletter material, blogs, social media updates etc., so it cuts down the need to micromanage each site and gets us into a routine of creating regular content for fans, which allows us to continue presenting your offers and then as we get more sophisticated over time, viral promotions that encourage fans to interact, be involved and tell other people about the act, and sign up for your email list.

Since you’ve got a good looking site, once we have this routine in place we can begin promotions in earnest. Online advertising campaigns are very effective when used efficiently at hyper targeting specific fans. As your fanbase grows we begin experimenting and optimizing with the regular content to see what’s most effective for encouraging fans to purchase offers, which, when working with us is not limited to just music but also other products we easily set up to run alongside

With a lot of the stuff you’ve mentioned, we offer services there, but as I’ve mentioned you have to weigh up how they fit into your overall business structure. For example, it’s easy to target fans on myspace, but hard to get them really engaged, simmilarly it’s hard to get deeper traction with youtube, but some many people use it as a default jukebox, I feel it’s important to have some content up on your youtube simply for the exposure, and we offer video services with great value for money there.

Our basic proposition is for US$200 per month you get 12 hours from my staff and I to put towards the specific goals and objectives you’re looking for. We ask for 2 months upfront for 3 months service, and if you’re happy with what you receive you are able to continue to pay monthly in arrears.

But as I say it doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to decide whether you want to focus on building up fans and exposure first, or get straight down to business of creating profitable systems for revenue.

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