Online Music Marketing Strategies Outlined

by Matt @ Kurb on May 27, 2010

I’m sure if you were as lazy a musician as I am a blogger, you wouldn’t have a chance but as I always say with a blog it’s the power of accumulation. The more you post, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get the more people end up buying your stuff.

What I’m doing with artists hasn’t changed, website, email list, ad campaign, social media, search engines, videos, fan management, thats not snap your fingers material. And most artists aren’t getting the picture, this has to involve them.

You build the system, and it’s like a trap to build your fanbase, but then you’ve gotta have some nice juicy bait, great songs and a great offer to hook people in and keep them on the ride.

You don’t build these concepts out of nothing. You get 12 hours from us for $200 to get you one step closer to that point, in the mean time you can read what I write to actual clients about what we do. Music marketing.

EMAIL KURBPROMO@GMAIL.COM to ask me, Matt how our online music promotion packages could help you. If you have a website or a myspace, I want to see it. If you don’t, you need $200 so we can sort that out for you immediately.

Well there’s a process we follow which begins with creating the artist website and email management and centring all our promotional efforts around this.

So website building would be our first priority, but even then, without a significant budget for promotions we still have to focus on building steady momentum with a core fanbase over time.

We can use advertising campaigns and social media to drive fans but we still need to incentivize these fans by offering them song giveaways in exchange for email sign ups.

We also have to look at a feasible business model – the problem with most of my clients is they’re not thinking short term, so they run out of money before promotions can create an impact. You’re not going to making significant sales from downloads until you’ve built a significant fanbase so we usually look at other means to earn income until then, and look to focus our promotions around that.

That being said, having my video team work up video concepts for your singles will help develop your presence on youtube, but this still has to be part of the links in a chain that leads to ongoing fan contact which then in turn leads to sales/income.

We also like to do a video where you appeal directly to fans to get involved.

Our typical campaign is 3 months, thats $400 upfront and $200 at the conclusion, but to be realistic, you probably need 6 months to achieve profitability.

Bookings and agency is not really our speciality but I can certainly give you some business advice in that area. Even more so than someone who does what I do, someone who can really help you will want to be compensated so you need to know when you’re best placed to retain someone with those skills – until then you’ll be relying on yourself and

My general specialty is helping musicians become profitable. If I can’t make your music business profitable within 6 months then you’re not going to want to keep paying me so i have a very clear outline of what I have to do.

Commonly we do about 40 hours work in 3 months for US$600.

Yes we make youtube clips, but you get what you pay for. If my staff spend 10 hours on 3 clips they wont look that impressive, but you’ll have 3 clips. If they spend 30 hours you’ll have some decent clips but you would have put most of your budget towards videos which wont make your money back within 6 months.

That’s a decision you have to weigh up. Once you’ve got the money coming in though you’ve got a budget for that. Strategically, I would probably give away something free and use that to make a video promoting it in exchange for emails so we can start selling stuff to a fanbase we’ve built up. We can have a few products set up within a couple of months making $US20 p/sale for the hip hop market and thats much more profitable than selling 69c downloads.

At the moment we are also trialling a new strategy using this technique – by spending $100 on your credit card, you can get your 2nd 3 months promotion for half price – just $300. So $1000 over 6 months can take you to your first cheques arriving. That’s our aim.

If you want to do this you have to decide how you want to balance out the hours you provide between work focused on immediate business aims and social media promotion, video production and promotion, etc. – stuff that looks good but wont make money short term.

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