Gotta Keep Improving Your Music Artist Website!

by Matt @ Kurb on May 22, 2010

Hey it’s me, Matt from Kurb, I do music marketing work for artists, and I help artists and bands make money online. you pay $200 you get the service you need online, to get your online music business model happening. I can look at your website and talk to you right now about what you’re not doing write and what you need.

Design, persuasive sales, an email list, an ad campaign, social media promotion, a decent video, we talk and about it, and you decide what your 12 hours gets you when you pay $200.


I’m still working on websites for artists, we want your website up straight away so we can start testing it out. But my issues are at the moment –

– the video and the sign up are nice and prominent, but there’s no room for the opening spiel to be right there pushing the free song and giving fans directive – the still have to scroll down, its not really hitting them in the face. this could be a challenge for my skill level, but its really important to think about wowing the visitor from the get go, and getting them to do what we want them to do:

– sign up for email, download a free song, and buy something – either an affiliate offer or a download

The difficult part is deciding what to push, so when we start advertising we’ll be watching carefully for what is working – what people are responding to, and when a pattern emerges, thats what we’ll start to make more prominent on the front page.

if it turns out one particular affilate product starts to sell, we’ll push that prominently on the front page. If it’s one particular song that people are buying, we’ll push that – its about giving fans what they want.

– where the slide show happens  – this is where I want to be pushing our free “no strings” download, affiliate offers and sales of the actual album and songs. this shouldn’t be too hard, but soon we’re going to want to have a whole pages dedicated to selling affiliate offers and for selling the album so that when visitors click on the panels they are taken through to sales pages pushing either songs or offers.

so it basically be sliding along 3 variations of panels:

– get your free (artist track) – click here!

– Support (the artist) with this great range of products – click here!

– Buy music and songs from (the artist) – click here!

and finally
– perfect our final spiel now that the front page is done – this is easy so its the last thing I’ll do before we’re ready to say that the website is ready for advertising. Long term it would be good to make the spiel realllly long, so you have lots of info, punctuated by offering the reader the option to click off and buy something or do something else we want them to do. ideally for google, 2000+ words would be good. I can put this together from material you’ve sent me.

its just differentiating what we need to do now before we can start advertising (such as pushing sales and offers), and what we can leave for another month – lots of little things like the myspace buttons and making the background a litle bit more baseball/rocknroll


ps – now you can see where the video will be positioned, its time to start thinking about having an intro video placed there. again over this year, you may want to do this regularly – ultimately you’ll need

– intro video
– video especially for our affiliate product page
– video especially for the songs + albums product page
– regular “stories” and “update” videos

if we can aim to be doing one p/month by the end of the year we’ll get a nice momentum going.


(this is also what we do for artists you see? fans click the links, make the purchases, and I get half the money just like I will now if you click the link and buy the thing! artists can make good money this way sustainably by building a fan base and connecting them with products worth buyng!)

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