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by Matt @ Kurb on May 22, 2010

Hi, it’s Matt from Kurb, I do music marketing work for artists, and I help artists and bands make money online. you pay $200 you get the service you need online, to get your online music business model happening. I can look at your website and talk to you right now about what you’re not doing write and what you need.

Design, persuasive sales, an email list, an ad campaign, social media promotion, a decent video, we talk and about it, and you decide what your 12 hours gets you when you pay $200.


So . . . what happens if you want to email me and get some online music promotions services?

I offer a personal service so it would be great to see a website or myspace for your groups to ascertain where they’re at in terms of developing an online promotions platform.

A band needs to start building a website and a mailing list as the hub of their promotions efforts and we use advertising, social media, and search engine + content strategies to drive fans toward the website for sign ups and that build a core fanbase and eventually sales.

We examine your business model to suggest and implement the best ways to create income short and long term, and provide copywriting and video services to engage fans, so it really depends on what specific services your groups will need.

So any additional information you can provide or any other queries you may have, I’m happy to look at and respond to.


If I can see that in terms of a lot of clients I deal with your artists have already made a start, the web stuff looks good, there’s content there and your artists are already active on twitter and myspace.

There’s 3 points I see where I can help.

email list – the only big issue I saw on the sites was the lack of an emailing list and incentives to drive sign ups. Email lists are important because the firstly build rapport with core fans, and then allow you a platform to continually extend offers and propositions to them – more on that soon. I use the professional platform aweber for all my artists valued at $200 p/year which means we can have an individual list for each artist, plus an umbrella list for the group/label. Once the email is set up, a big part of my job is facilitating and producing content for regular newsletters that serve as vehicles for offers and propositions to fans.

promotions strategies – I talked about 3 areas of promotion – advertising, social media and search / content – these are 3 different strategies we can use to target fans and drive them toward your artist sites with the aim of creating exposure, spreading content, gathering contacts and ultimately, getting sign ups for email where we can build a rapport that will lead to ongoing sales.

business model – I am a strong believer in alternative business models. 1 song sale can make 69c, one album sale can make $6.99, but the sale of a wide range of affiliate offers is a powerful model for artists to generate commissions of $20, $30 or more on the sale of items that may be far more compelling to your audience if they are becoming increasingly accustomed to not paying for music. Of course building up the brand of an artist long term and managing fan communication for increased performance revenues is also something to consider when evaluating where the most profitable outcomes lie.

At the moment we charge $200p/month for 12 hours promotion work in these areas. 3-4 hours will be from me setting up strategy, the rest from my staff who are experts in various areas of social media, advertising, search engine traffic, video production etc.

For $350 p/month yu can have twice the service, 24 hours work per month.

We ask for $400 upfront and after 3 months if you wish to continue you can pay us $200 in arrears each month from that point.

Of course happy to answer any questions or explain any further aspects of our promotion offers.


(this is also what we do for artists you see? fans click the links, make the purchases, and I get half the money just like I will now if you click the link and buy the thing! artists can make good money this way sustainably by building a fan base and connecting them with products worth buyng!)

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