Business Plans and Promotion For Independent Musicians

by Matt @ Kurb on May 22, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here, I run a company that helps independent musicians promote their music and brands online and manage fan relationships to make money from music.

Our company is all about being affordable so if you’re realistic and realise it might take you a year or more to turn your great songs into a profitable business model, then you can afford to have us help you do that work until your independent music business is making money.

At the moment it’s still $US200 p/month – it will go up again very soon – you get all the online music marketing services you need and eventuates to about 12 hours work p/month for that price.

Just email me, Matt at – we can talk. Just a warning though I hate phone calls and will only get on the phone with you if I know you’re not wasting my time.

I hope you’re selling lots of CD’s I do, but remember to have a back up plan for your business model, I’ve found it’s only getting harder to sell recordings. People still want to spend money where they see creativity and are inspired, but don’t limit that to your recordings.

What I’m really pushing artists to do right now is sell affiliate products because the returns from commissions are more generous than CD’s and sell better, so it only makes sense, Sell your CD too, sell what ever fans will buy basically, stay innnovative.

For example, check these offers out – I’m not saying you should run out and buy this stuff, but it’s an example of how affiliate marketing works. I have trust with an audience of musicians who are looking for business and marketing advice, so now that I have an established audience I’m able to put these links up, and if you click them, and end up buy one of these products in the next month, I’ll get 50% commission – or more!

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music marketing manifesto

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record label music business plan

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It sure beats the tiny amounts garnered from individual songs sales or putting ads on your site which are only going to generate small amounts up until the point you actually have won thousands of fans.

The point is when you’re starting out, you need to raise a promotions budget so you can pay someone like us to help you push forward toward critical mass of fans that you can develop a relationship with that will lead to revenue.

Remember it’s about the fan, you’re there to capture their attention through your artistry, and from whatever point you move forward from there to make revenue to support yourself, well that’s what being a professional independent musician is all about these days!

Use an email newsletter as well as a blog and social network promotions to push various propositions to your fans. It’s important to have many avenues open and have a variety of purcvhase options
available so you can see what your fans are really interested in purchasing.

Kurb promotions is always happy to start with the basic online promotion, but I am interested in the email list you’ve already established. Have you got a strategy to engage this audience, and are you thinking about what you want to happen when we start driving traffic?

We can work towards pushing your album or singles sales but I think the best ways to be sure that you’re connecting with that traffic is to offer some kind of free download or set up some kind of situation where the fans will want to return so that you continue to have opportunities to interact
with them and sell them the album or related propositions.

Basically have you got material ready for social networks blogs and newsletters?

When traffic arrives on your website, myspace etc. what is the main outcome you’re looking for?
Because rather than have fans arrive and go away again we need to be pushing toward a specific direction for fans to act, and if we don’t make that clear and straightforward we won’t be able to bring them to
a point of engagement where they are ready to spend money.

In some music marketing campaigns we might want to pay attention to how you can earn in the short term so artists can make money from music related business quickly to cover their initial investment

This usually for me involves focusing on 1 product or service combination that we can push at $100+ because it’s much easier to sell 1 x $100 product than it is to sell 100 x $1.

But at the same time I feel you’re pushing toward a earnest connection with fans, I think you’ve got the right attitude and appeal, which means although you need to support yourself the best path may be

slowly building up those “real” connections to your fans and me helping you with technology so you can retain that intimate, personal connected vibe with your fans while still keeping yourself viable as a professional.

It’s a hard road but in the future of the music business it may be the only one. Marketing and promotions can only do so much, and connection between the fan and the artist is now essential to building a business.

Getting everything for your music marketing campaign in order and accentuating your artist brand now could set you up for sustaining momentum long term. Generating income short term although, is another excellent way of maintaining momentum long term!

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