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by Matt @ Kurb on March 6, 2010

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Okay so an article today reflecting on the success of ok go’s continued viral video marketing angle with consideration of 2 main points.

The ok go videos aren’t genius but they’ve put a lot of work into coming up with something that’s worth talking about – “remarkable” as Seth Godin says.

Most artists I see are not coming up with something remarkable and their really willing to work hard to make

a difference.

So . . . it appears that the band OK Go! Are on the verge of scoring another “viral” hit with their new video “This too shall pass.” which is the corresponding follow up to their first hugely successful choreographed treadmill video.

Of course I ended up checking it out in the end because obviously I do a lot of work in online video and music marketing so I thought this would be worth seeing for research purposes.

A lot of artists and clients approach me about video marketing in fact it seems to be a bit of a growth area right now and it makes a lot of sense strategically because in the online video area working on building up your youtube marketing is wothwhile because youtube still dominates that sector.

But I’m looking at what we can pick up from the video marketing campaign behind the latest ok go video because their dependence on this video being a viral hit is at the centre of their whole music marketing campaign.

This time, and this is one of the main reasons I ended up watching it, is they have the media resources of their label behind them which is pushing out the story of this new video all over the net, the link and the articles keep coming up, so eventually I succumb to see what all the fuss is about.

So they decided to keep with the theme of an epic low fi-ness – not particularly high production values but a device for extremely

This is what I started to think watching the video – there are a couple of principals at play here which are worth considering when you’re reflecting on your own viral video efforts

  • ok go! Are not going for a hi fi approach, instead they are putting painstaking amounts of work into the execution of their videos in order to ensure success. Are you putting this kind of detailed work and showing this kind of vision? Ok go know they have to deliver to a high standard to be effective and yet some of the videos I’m paid to promote really deliver nothing, they are a total outside contender with no obvious hook. What do you expect to happen to a video that really isn’t that impressive? Do you expect to give me $500 and become an overnight success? I don’t think that will work. What do you see happening after the fan has seen the video? Is your hope that the average viewer will remember your video enough from the dozens they’ve seen that day to ever act on it again? Are you going to make any attempt to ease the tranisition of someone who simply enjoyed your video to a real fan who is going to actually play an active roll in suportng you an artist?

  • Also, Ok go have not only a huge publicity machine in the form of their label, Sony, behind them, but an established angle for bloggers and media to pick up on and run with. This reminds me of what publicity and public relations is all about, because I studied it in school. The idea of PR is to do half the journalists work for them so all the have to do is pick and choose the way they want to present the story provided by PR and hey presto, the newshole is filled, and the media’s job is done. When you’re pushing a viral promotion are you doing the smart PR thats going to make your story runnable or are you still just crossing your fingers?

So – as you see ok go mentioned again and again in a series of endless prompts to get you to check out their latest viral music video marketing campaign – thikn about whether you’ve got the innovation and effort behind your video to really breakthrough aswell as an an expertl crafted youtube promotions campaign with which to promote it.

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Mitch 02.11.11 at 7:18 pm

OK GO is not on Sony. They are on Capitol / EMI.

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