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by Matt @ Kurb on March 15, 2010

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Got some spare time so I figured why not post on my music marketing blog?

You see with over 300 posts in over 2 and a half years, I’ve built this blog into an asset that brings in hundreds of visitors daily without too much further work on my part, but if I don’t post for a month, that will start to dip. Though just by doing a few recent posts, i’ve been able to jump back, and now I know for sure – continuing to post on a blog regularly like I do is only going to increase the momentum and search authority of this blog.

So as I’ve always said – what’s the best way to promote your music with half an hour spare? Write another blog. Google will love you for it.

Also been doing a Facebook promotions campaign recently thats been really working out. Social media marketing – myspace promotion, facebook, youtube promotion – is a service we offer but the problem is often that musicians expect to get fans but don’t seem to want to do any work to encourage those fans to get into the vibe once they’ve spent the money having us attract them, so it becomes a wasted effort.

A lot of clients I’ve had have thrown $500 at me and walked away expecting me to magic up a music career – that’s not how it works. If you’re not present and making an effort to get involved with your fans whats going to make you stand out so fans decide that you deserve theor support?

It’s like I was saying about the ok go viral video promotion – it showed that these guys were prepared to work, if nothing else. I’m pretty shocked at how most artists don’t really want to work, and even those who do aren’t really that smart about it.

Eric Herbert has a solid post he did recently on his Evolvor Music about the realities of modern music business models, that you simply cant depend on sales of recorded music if you don’t have a budget for it. It’s not going to work economically.

If you’re going to make significant money, you have to be established as an artist and that’s going to take years of work and plenty of financial investment.

Perhaps a lot of musicians are not taking the business realities seriously – no business will want to invest into you if there’s no evidence of demand, and you have to create that demand. That’s where services such as those we offer help artists get the foothold they need and can tell you from my own business experience, that once you become viable, the whole game changes. You’re no longer struggling, you’re no longer taking punts, you’ve got something going that works, you just need to scale it.

The idea of selling a lot of CD’s, downloads, copies of songs is based on a music business model of the musician becoming very widely known and recognised and that requires a significant marketing budget.

Trying to establish yourself in this way with next to no budget – following a musc business model thats in decline due to a product that has lost significant value – is a suicide mission.

The services we offer are for musicians who don’t have 5 figures to fund the launch of their career. hat’s why in my mind, my strategy for musicians starting out or launching a new release isn’t about selling recordings because the returns will see the money run out fast.

You need to have a business head on your shoulders and think about where the short term returns will come from in order to

Musicians to have very linear thoughts about the music business and it’s often their undoing. Much like CD’s, performance as a form of income isn’t viable until you’re established and peope actually want to pay a premiumto see you. Until then, it’s viability is extremely limmited and is very likely to exhaust you.

In fact my experience in the music business is of watching musicians slowly but surely become exhausted by the poverty and hard work. I’m still able to be a musician myself because I’m not broke, I have a good income.

So often we have to sit down and really look at where you can expand your income immediately or you’re just likely to burn out.

The steps with a new artist are easy to make quite simple if you’re looking to get involved in the services we offer:

1 set up an email list so you have a platform that you can connect and manage your fans in such a way as to cultivate the relationship to a point where sales of items through affiliate marketing, generating high commissions for the artists, for this you’ll need to have a brilliant newsletter put together and this is one of my specialities so you can actually make money from music!

2 make your site good, have a music website that actually functions to perform what you need it to do – compell and persuade those visitors to become fans by signing up to the list – a free giveaway will make all the difference here.

3 have an online advertising campaign to bring highly targeted visitors to your site. Sure use social media, use SEO these are long term strategies tha will help add to and develop your overall traffic inflow but if you want results fast and are too lazy or busy or whatever to actually do the work like so many people are, then you need an online advertising campaign and THIS is my other specialty.

If you have a credit card, I can help you secure enough credit for your first month or so, and we can also do a whole lot of other deals too!

That’s what I know about – I love music, I feel the pain that musicians endure being broke all the time, I want to use my finely tuned marketing skills to make real music business happen, not just dreams of one day – so get on a kurb music marketing package!

Don’t forget if you need music marketing service online, we’ve got’em – $200 p/month gets you 14 hours and we’ve got all the skills you need in online music marketing under one roof.


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