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by Matt @ Kurb on March 13, 2010

Hi Matt here from Kurb on the Music, Marketing and Management blog and we’ve been getting a lot of traction for youtube video promotions – both marketing videos on youtube for more views and exposure, and the production and editing of your youtube video at a really competitive price – we can put a video together for you starting from $97! Check out our site cheap video production for great budget video services and deals.

Check out more info on our youtube promotions services and packages at our official youtube promotions site, or just email me Matt through

How about this solid package, bound to bounce your youtube profile right up:

– 10 hours viral promotion – seo optimization, profile review, social media, backlinking, press release

– 50,000 guaranteed views

– 10,000 co-ordinated views in one day to ensure you reach “most viewed”

Total Cost: $695 – what a deal!

We can not only guarantee set amounts of views but we can also offer our co-ordinated service, which means with all our staff focused on promoting your video at the same time your chances of getting “most viewed” skyrockets for the day, and of course once you hit the “most viewed” charts, you have the chance of going “full blown” viral as more and more random viewers are pulled in from the most viewed charts.

If you’re just starting out on youtube and only have a few hundred views on your video, you’re actually not doing too bad for fully organic promotion, and patience will be a great ally. What you’re doing is building a cumulative asset because if the vibe of your youtube is somewhat professional and the videos are of an appropriate standard, you just need to build up a bit of gravity, momentum.

What I would suggest is if your videos are good, and your profile is presentable with lots of text that improves your general relevance in searches both within and outside of youtube, you’ve done enough work actually on youtube, unless you want to start pulling out the tricks I use – that is building up views, employing internet marketing strategies to pull in traffic and concentrating promotions in order to get to the “most viewed”, as well as networking more, your best way forward is to have a blog on and (if you can’t afford to set up your own site) and get more text based promotions. Write regular posts zeroing in on your keywords ie “original piano composition videos” – stuff thats going to lead your people from big search engines like google straight to you and embed your video in the page this will help you get hits.

Remember, google owns youtube so very similar algorythyms will be used to throw up your website on searches as will decide whether your video is listed as one of the “relevant videos” and this is also another way to bring in lots of traffic on the youtube site.

Getting links back to your youtube videos would also help the cumulative momentum, but honestly long term, a better strategy is to get links back to your home site and have that authority flow through your site.

I would suggest you consider something such as “” for your site, it’ll help you get that traffic and google authority going, you can do later after you’ve got a million hits ๐Ÿ™‚

again patience, work on your videos, work on searhcable text, and you’re not doing too badly at this stage.

Well by tricks and marketing tactics I mean the stuff I charge for to boost your youtube.

By getting hits of 10k plus on one or more of your videos, it’s going to instantly look to visitors as if your established and this has a suprising effect on how new vistors will perceive you and your popularity.

Thats why these things tend to have a cumulative momentum.

A lot of the stuff we do to improve your account has already been done, we just speed up the viral process, especially in the areas I described related to off youtube marketing – using seo and social media and even advertising deals to bring in more visitors.

I guess speeding up the whole process is what you’re trying to achieve to get to the critical point where youtube actually delivers real life career opportunities, otherwise, well there’s 2011 to look forward to!

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