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by Matt @ Kurb on March 16, 2010

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Looking for music marketing services and packages?

Here at kurb we specialize in affordable and comprehenisve online music marketing and music business models.

For $200 p/month you get 14 hours of broad ranging music marketing services – design, copywriting, blog support, email management, social media promotion, youtube video production and promotions, online advertising campaigns and search engine optimisation. We put together online music marketing strategies that get artists music businesses happening.


Hi it’s Matt here again from Kurb Promotions and what I do is I work with artists internationally and my focus is all on online marketing, online distribution, and online business models that help bands create income online.

As you probably know the internet in increasingly the medium for music industry.

When it comes to radio, tv, and distributing CD’s that’s not what we do, we rely on the web to do very economical promotions with clear business outcomes.

So usually what I would do for a new artist in a 3 month campaign is set up their website, secure online distribution through itunes and dozens of other sources which distribute both internationally and to local download retailers such as vodafone, then set that up so you can sell through your website.

Sales and branding we work so that when visitors come to the site it’s compelling and got an engaging feel to it, so we can sign up fans to a newsletter.

We set up a professional newsletter sign up and email management so you can continue to contact fans and offer them not only songs, downloads, merch etc. but other products that I match and help artists sell alongside their music from their website and their newsletters.

I’ve been working with artists like this for about 4 years now and what I find is new artists find it very hard to make initial sales selling CD’s songs etc. until the fanbase is established, thats why I tie in new sources of revenue such as offering relevant deals which provide greater returns for the artist short term.

We use several techniques to bring fans to the site but mainly online advertising campaigns, this helps get your intial sign ups to boost your list. Every month or more you can contact this list with new offers that pay directly by cheque mailed out from the US and most of my artists are doing this right now.

We also do very cheap youtube videos, this can be part of the package, as well as promotions on myspace, facebook, but I like to delay this until we have the money making system of the website and newsletter in place.

The 3 month campaign is a total of US$600. What you get for that is 40 hours promotion which we use to meet the outcomes we agree upon whether that’s website development, newsletter and business model set up, general website promotion and online marketing, and online video work. Clients commonly pays US$400 upfront and US$200 after 3 months at which point if they want to continue working with us they pay $US200 at the end of each month.

If you’re in auckland, you’ll also get some discounts on some poster deals and cd/dvd’s for the group, and of course because we’re not seperated by distance it’s possible for us to actually do a fairly reasonable music video.

I do state clearly to artists it can take 6 months for the investment to start paying back more than a trickle, but of course at that stage, you have a solid money making system in place for your music and most artists continue to use my service in order to develop this further and stay on top of online marketing developments.

I know you artists are interested in social media in particular.

If this is a real priority, i can get your myspace promo going for a month if you just send some log ins and again – that exhaustive list of artist influence and some more detailied information about location – suburbs, area/zip codes, surrounding suburbs – this helps with our targeting.

but just remember, it’s not the getting of the fans, but what you do with them, this comes back to the writing, and coming strong newsletter concepts, because these concepts can be pushed out in the same way through social media.

but can we sell stuff through social media? possibly not to the fullest extent, so hook them in with bulletins and blogs etc, that pull them from social media back to your blog where you can have strong content and the offers running that are going to lead to checks arriving.

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