How To Make Money in Music with Affiliate Marketing

by Matt @ Kurb on March 13, 2010

If you’ve got less than $1000, you don’t have many options for serious music marketing without a whole lot of patience, reading a whole lot, and probably making a bunch of critical mistakes – in fact your best option is probably just to email me at and talk about what you get on our $200 p/month music promo packages and how we can get you set up in a serious, viable music business position.

Hi Matt from Kurb on the Music Marketing and Management blog once again, looking to make money in the music business online and independently!

Today I’m still talking about the affiliate marketing music business model – just yesterday I set an artist up with 13 affiliate offers relevant to their audience and their niche, and with commissions of 50-75% on the sales, this artist will be making anywhere from $10 to $45 on each sale, and whats more, the fans will be perfectly aware of how effective this will be for supporting the artist, because the artist will be sending them out a free download on completion of the sale.

To me this is serious money when compared with downloads – especially when you consider the money that has to be put into promotion in order to get money out from download sales.

You can’t give me $500 and expect to go toe to toe on itunes with artists who have hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars behind them, thats just crazy, you cant do that with $500 in your pocket.

Even if within a few months we can be getting a sale everyday, it will beat the hell out of the money that was previously coming from download sales or efforts to push the sales of recordings, but the beauty of it is that their doesn’t have to be a choice for the artist, in fact, you can empower the fan by giving them the choice of whether they want to purchase downloads or take up an affiliate offer and receive the music free.

If you’re interested in trying this out with your music or music business – get in touch with me at – we provide some of the most most affordable and value for money strategies to take your music to a place where checks are arriving with your name on it. If you’ve got $200 p/month and the commitment and patience to go through with it and help us to help you, there are so many artists out there that this could make a real difference to.

In fact I was so into it I decided it was probably time for me to start pushing my own offers! You’ve got to give yourself a chance or you’ll never find out what works.

So today what I’ve done is set up a whole heap of different offers that I’m going to be using so you can see whats available – remember we can do all this for you for under $1000 so if you’re looking for a real money making music business strategy lets talk:

So I’ve been working quite heavily on structuring and management of artists email lists for making money from music.

The beauty of the internet is that although as with any music marketing campaign you should be focused, the parameters are such that you don’t need to restrict yourself to only one marketing tactic or business model to generate income. You can test and compare, and in fact, you should.

You can use the comparison to help your fans make the right choice.

So although my suggestion is that selling songs on itunes is not going to be hugely lucrative, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t set up a range of offers to guage what will

But this post is as much about me as it is about you, because I figured, if this method of making money from content and marketing is so effective why aren’t I doing it myself?

So right now I’ve got a list here of affiliate offers that I’ve set up and where possible, I’ve even included the commission I would receive on each one.

So do you know what this means? We can make a deal! If you are interested in purchasing a number of these products or services you can receive free consultation, free marketing services, maybe even free youtube views from me!

email if you’re interested!

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moviecapital / commission: $25 – this is a very high selling service that I’ve often used as an example here because most everyone likes movies and this offers 25 movie streams or downloads for $30 or 50 for $40

The following offers are all the offers I found relative to my music niche. Check out what there is! I found 13 offers relevant to baseball for one client, Health, Romance, Self Help, Games, Sport, Entertainment – imagine how many offers will be available in a niche relative to what your fans might be interested in?

sonicpro – music production software $18

chopper tattoo – $20 – Tattoos is a good one because it would appeal to certai music niches and these tattoo sites actually offer a good service, providing a cheap alternative to chosing a design from your local parlour.

Jamorama guitar – $31 – guitar lessons, good relevance here for guitar playing fans

hip hop beats – $18 – you’ve got royalty free beats that rappers


Learn Digital Photography $29 – alot of these products would actually make great gifts for perhaps not the fan who purchases them but a family member.

That means at christmas you can do your own gift guide, letting fans know that buying these gifts and getting a $29 pay out actually helps you out WAY more than buying a copy of your music which your fans nephew or neice may not really appreciate in their stocking as much as say . . . a digital photography course!

Learn music production: $25.10

Songwriting tips and advice guide: $20.49

Now this is where I really started to get interested – music marketing products DIRECTLY related to my niche! If you’re interested in buying these products through my link, I’ll definitely throw in a free bonus consultation or something to sweeten the deal –

In fact

IF YOU BUY ALL THESE PRODUCTS THROUGH MY LINK I WILL THROW IN A MONTHS PROMOTION – that’s 3 hours a week for 4 weeks – ABSOLUTELY FREE – and why wouldn’t I, I’m getting paid, and you’re not only getting a massive amount of music marketing advice and knowledge, you’re also getting a month working with me to help you implement it.

And look who I found!

It’s Greg from Gen Y Rockstars, who I know has heaps of solid ideas on online music marketing, and makes me totally confident in recommending this product.

The new music economy: $20

What else have we got?

music marketing manifesto $14.26

reachfame database $18.62

danny rampling – Djing + Success: $11.26

How to sell music online: $19.79

record label music business plan: $45

A to Z of music licensing: $15.93

music career masters: $44.37

run a hip hop label $33

buskers bible: $20

home recording studio guide

Well there it is – those are all the offers I’ve set up for my niche specifically related to music marketing – and I’ve made a note beside each offer of how much I make, but I’m not stopping there, I’ll continue to roll out new deals for both myself and my clients.

Next up I’m going to be talking about what I think I’ll be doing with my own own mailing list that will make people actually want to take up these offers and buy them,but in the meantime if you’re interested in working with me to set up a profitable system like this for your music business, get in touch –, the cost is $200 p/month and even if you’re at absolute ground zero with nothing we can still get a music business system land a music marketing strategy plan like this running for you within 6 months.


we can make a sweet deal – purchase the some or all of the products above and I’ll throw in free bonus consultation and billable hours put towards your online music marketing and music business development.

Get in touch:

Coming up soon on the music marketing management blog – Matt from Kurb starts his official super exclusive newsletter!

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