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by Matt @ Kurb on March 8, 2010

Need a music website design – redesign, promotion, development, set up?

We specialize in online music marketing so that’s why we build websites that do what artists need them to do without the extra expense!

. . . give me, Matt an email:

As a music marketing guy I head my music website designer team up to make music artist websites that are functional for promoton as well as impressive for branding purposes and what’s more we do design really cheap.

You can have a  customized website with everything you need for $197 – but if  you want something that’ll really get your fans buzzing, only $397 gets you all the extras and all the opportunities to hook fans in – a website including video, experting marketing advice from me on your selling points, slick social media integration, and with a larger budget, we can bring the “pretty” + “impressive” big time!

You MUST have a website to be taken seriously by the industry as well as fans, and conduct serious promotion to build your brand as an asset – if you don’t have a website for your music you don’t have a your own personal web property and you don’t have a platform on which to make money from music online! You need to sort that out straight away! . .

Well we do design, build, develop, and promote websites, I guess the term “implementation” refers to the fact that the service we offer is to get musicians sites up and running with as little cost or fuss, and to make sure you see the big picture beyond a pretty website.

For a start I would suggest you only consider a .com or your local web domains, preferably both.

.com for your international brand, and perhaps your location variation obviously for local fans.

But I guess that’s all part of the service – not just getting a pretty website but one that will set you up for the best chance to get traction and with thought for your marketing – I am not a designer, I supervise designers who implement websites with regards for marketing and promotions – traction with the fans that use it, and of course not charging an arm and a leg.

Hosting for the first year is included, you want email management so you could build an email list. This to me is the most effective direct route for independent artists seeking to establish an ongong income online.

You want 5000 words on there so google will take you seriously, preferably on a blog so it’s easy for you to add your own updates and keep google relevance high.

You want a backlinking campaign to tell google you matter broadly on the web – a pretty website with few words and few links will not fare well on google, which will be your main source of traffic.

As I say, we provide the full service for musicians so they get things in place now that will be effective for traction and income next year. We can pretty much cover that for between $200-$400, but when it comes down to prettiness and web 2.0 functioning you might want to have an extra $1-200 up your sleeve.

In terms of marketing, once everythings finely tuned, I might suggest an online advertising campaign but really I think we can talk about that once your music website is complete.

When we get started on your band or artist music website, the more source materials you supply the better.

Obviously that’s pictures for a start, which are going to be pictures of/from you to go on the site and be part of the design, and also any images you can send us that will inspire the designers to get something closer to what you want, something that inspire the design vibe of your site.

flickr and are good places to search for images that can provide inspiration.

so you should choose 2 or 3 images as the key images for your site, then more associated images we can use – cd/album art is an obvious one, and finally any other inspirational stuff you want to send us.

After the aesthetic stuff is covered I’ll get back to the marketing = what do you want your site to achieve? A website is a transient destination, what do you want to achieve from potential fans and visitors while they’re there and how can the design contribute to this?

I will get you to send some copy – ie a bio, band introduction to use on the front page of the site, then we may revisit this once the site is launched.

a youtube video as a placeholder would be a good idea too – really, whether you have one or not, because although you’ll be able to add videos easily to your blog, i think it’s important to use video where possible and so it should be part of your front page design – even if you dont have a decent video now, you will, and you will want that on your front page.

again something we can look at after launch.

I would, just as with any other regular client, suggest you giveaway a free download also, so you may want to send me a song so we can go with that

links to all your social media / storefronts etc

This is what I’m thinking, I take $300 off you to launch your basic site, after that, if you feel it’s not pretty enough, the copy (written bits) aren’t selling the band or the “outcome” persuasively enough, the video we’re using isn’t appropriate, or the site doesn’t lend itself to efficient social media connection, those are all problems an extra $100 would fix if you felt you needed to spend more money at that stage – which all depends on what outcome you’re looking for.

So basically if you want to pay $300 by internet banking I can give you our bank account and probably have my designers back with some initial drafts within a few days.

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