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by Matt @ Kurb on February 28, 2010

Matt @ Kurb does music marketing services for musicians who want to make money!

We build band websites, we implement online music business platforms to make money, we develop online advertising campaigns and social media promotion – we do content – write blogs and produce video too!


Email me, Matt: kurbpromo@gmail.com

If you’ve got $500, $400, $200 . . . email me, we can work something out, so you get what you need.

$200 will get you in the door *IF* you don’t mind rolling your sleeves up and doing some dirty work!!

Oh man, that was officially no post on this blog for over a month! How cocksure of me to think that I had done enough!

Don’t go a month without posting on your blog because that’s how long it took for my stats to start dipping, but a nice amount of leads are still coming through – musicians and other people coming to this blog, reading something I’ve said that connects with them and then emailing me to talk about music marketing services and things are ticking along nicely.

When you’re working with me it can seem a bit weird at first because artists are saying well what about my new album and my new video?

Well I’m sure it’s great but right now we need to set up a business model. That’s ways for you to make money. Because at the end of the day thats what makes you a professional, yes there’s all these rules about the music business but the traditional model of the music business is in disarray and more fundamental business ideas come into play.

If it’s not a business then it’s just a hobby. If it’s just a hobby is it really something you should be investing into? If it’s not then you need a long term strategy to build, unless you’re happy to pray for a miracle overnight.

So yeah, musicians give me their money for music marketing services after they read my music marketing blog, and I say well, let’s make your newsletter an event, because this is the event where you can make the most money schilling all kinds of vaguely related products as part of your newsletter, so it’s only going to work if the newsletter is a total blast of authenticity.

Your video on the other hand, doesn’t help us to sell anything, nor does your album really, but your newsletter on the other hand . . . you see this is important because if I can help an artist build a platform that allows for cheques to actually arrive with their names on it, thats a massive step around which everything else can be built.

So the point is, I like to get straight into building a strong newsletter platfrom and musicians are like well, what about getting more fans?

It’s a step by step process. What are you going to do with your attention deficit riddled fans once i get them to your website? Sell them your album right off the bat? It’s not going to fly.

So you set the awesome newsletter up with the sales links first, then you have a fancy website, THEN you start driving fans into your funnel.

You make that newsletter feel like it matters by putting effort into it, make it exciting, make them not care you try to sell them this and that, hell you gotta make a buck.

I could moan about artists being lazy but they’re probably putting all their effort into some video shoot, you wanna be on youtube, great, leave that to me, let’s get your business model sorted first!

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you work at it and 6 months later you emerge into the cool breeze of having a business system in place can I tell you what I think we should do?

Promote your music.

Yes. Once you’ve got your independent business sytem worked out to deliver you cash, then you focus on the frontend experience for the fans knowing the back end cash machine is in the back and I’m in there tinkering away making sure each of those newsletters is tight and snappy and getting the fans worked up.

I know I just rattle it off but this stuff does take work, that’s a big thing I’ve recognised you’ve got to be involved in this and have a vision, or it’s not going to work out.

My commitment has been to get in with my staff and active in what we’re doing, encouraging clients to try and understand what it is we do.

We provide cheap music marketing and online music management, our goal is to bring you from where you are to a profitable position online, and that’s not going to work out for you with fake plays and fake friends and fake followers, and you’re not going to last.

It means work and time and spending money to have a really awesome website with a series of gripping newsletters and a really incisive, well thought out targeted online advertising campaign, because I of all people know that “good enough” is easy – I specialise in “good enough” that’s why I charge $200 p/month for something thats “good enough”, except good enough won’t cut it if you’re going to drive fans into your business model, you’ve really got to invest!

Invest into your business, every inch of it! If you’re not willing to spend the money AND the time making sure it’s just right how are you ever going to have an awesome website? It’s taken me years to learn I can’t just throw $50 at some dude overseas and have him come up with a website for you that will make your fans head spin.

It just won’t happen. You’ll be forgotten.

So let’s finish up.

A sensible business set up that’s ready to run is more important than having 5000 people come to your site next week, because building a succesful entertainment business is not something you’re just going to trip over it’s something you’re going to have to build so that it can sustain itself or you’ll never last.

Don’t give your last $500 to me unless you plan on helping me work out where the next $500 is going to come from, because you’re going to need to put months and years into this, so you better have a plan to stay in it or you’re gone.

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