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by Matt @ Kurb on January 14, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb – here at Kurb we offer comprehensive and affordable online music marketing services which certainly includes all elements of website design, development and monetization of your website as a band, artist or musician. You also get lots of other stuff you need aswell – social media promo, online advertising, online video services, youtube promotion, email management, blog promotion, artist branding and much more, starting from $200 p/month. Email:

Alright more of a personal post today as I’m looking to work out what I need to do with my own artist websites. It’s that time of year where you actually get to put in some groundwork on the foundations of your online platform because once 2010 kicks in, often you’re just too busy to deal with improving the standard of essential parts of your music marketing platform.

An artists website is in constant development, ideally, if you want to create a hub for engaging fans then you’ve got to bring a dynamic level of interaction and appeal to your site, but obviously if you’re short on resources you’ve got to face the fact that other than blogging and streaming various content, updating the feel and functionality of your site maybe something you can only do every so often so you’ve got to be practical about it.

If your website is going to look a certain way and do a certain thing for 6 months you had better make sure it’s looking and working as appropriately as possible over that period.

Often making decisions about what it is that your website actually does is one of the most important parts of marketing and website design.

The purpose of your marketing as a musician is to increase sales and build relationships, and website design meets these purposes in two main ways:

Design (Branding): Your website LOOKS awesome and sends an instant message to fans that you are a true professional musician as possibly even a phenomenon. Professional design sets you apart from other wannabe’s and amateurs competing for audience attention. But good design is expensive and is useless if it’s not functional and fails to retain the fans interest

Functionality (Sales): Ultimately most musicians need to envision their website as increasingly less about mere promotion and information but a centre of commerce where propositions are actually being pushed to the fans.

A lot of artist have great looking sites, but there’s no business component to them.

– Fans are not being explicitly directed towards propositions

– Propositions are no good. “Get the new album for just $9!” well . . . no. I don’t want to spend $9. Here’s an old sales technique chestnut. Get the customer saying “yes!” if customers are not saying yes to your proposition then your simply not being competitive enough. If you don’t want to be competitive then you may as well go home.

– Fans are not being compelled. Sign up to email and get a free song? Sure it’s very common these days and to me it’s a good starting point. A lot of artists would say this devalues the music, giving it away free. Well it certainly does if you’re not working it!

“Free song” doesn’t sound that compelling does it? Why don’t you tell us exactly why the free song is so good, so that fans feel compelled to

Why not arouse their curiousity with a number different strategies that will make fans curious to hear the song and so why not sign up for email when it’s free?

Is the some interesting angle you can add that will draw fans in and make them curious? Because “Free Song” is just a throwaway, that’s what it feels like if you’re not making the effort to really sell the content of the proposition.

There’s no need to be hyperbolic and outrageous, just use a bit of colour and flourish rather than just “Sign up for a free song.”

As you can see, it’s useful to have someone with basic sales and marketing experience on your team if you’re looking for music marketing services

SO feel free to email us at to discuss how we can help you with web design and any other part of your music marketing and music promotion campaign in the music business.

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