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by Matt @ Kurb on January 21, 2010

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here, I run a company that helps independent musicians promote their music and brands online and manage fan relationships to make money from music.

Our company is all about being affordable so if you’re realistic and realise it might take you a year or more to turn your great songs into a profitable business model, then you can afford to have us help you do that work until your independent music business is making money.

At the moment it’s still $US200 p/month – it will go up again very soon – you get all the online music marketing services you need and eventuates to about 14 hours work p/month for that price.

Just email me, Matt at – we can talk. Just a warning though I hate phone calls and will only get on the phone with you if I know you’re not wasting my time.

Hi Matt from Kurb here talking about what I’m talking with clients
everyday in dealing with online music marketing strategies and online
music management for revenue and making money in the music business.
Don’t hesitate to look us up at kurb promotions or the music marketing
management dot com blog for more information and music business

When you have one of the better designed sites around you’re starting
with an advantage – sure, it looks good, appears quite functional but
what I’m seeing when I look at your site is the sales and marketing
stuff I often talk about.

Fans have to be directed and told what to do, obviously they have to
be compelled, but at the same time it must be made completely clear,
so it’s with stuff like making that mailing list button bigger and a
more the focus of the whole page, or at least a “landing page” which
is a muster point for new fans to really push the email sign up,
that’s where we include the free giveaway etc.

So as long as you have the design covered, then I’m free to really
analyse what works in terms of sales, and then proceeding to testing

The day to day stuff, a business like ours, kurb promotions – which
you can find on the music marketing management blog – do your myspace
promo for you, but really, content is the key to music marketing.
Written content, and online video content. This is what I call
secondary content, it’s simply bait to hook them into the mailing
list, into the primary content which is the EP.

I don’t know if your “news” section will work as well for google as a
wordpress blog attached to your site, great for SEO, that’s what I

What email platform are you using for fan management and interaction?
It’s pretty much essential to use an autoresponder if you’re planning
on doing serious music business in future. We’ll set up your
newsletter for you, big picture, we basically work like this:

So at least 1 artist blog a week, 1 music video or artist video blog a
month, then we wrap the blogs and video up into the newsletter and we
promote the EP of course and anything else we can add in later.

We then use the written blog content to post to your myspace/facebook
and also I do my SEO backlinking with it also.

So with a blog going out each week and a newsletter and a video going
out each month, that’s basically an opportunity to sell something on
top of continuing to promote your releases to fans as well as building
the music marketing relationship – that’s where we’re going.

With the online video production, you can get help if you need it from
my staff, just by uploading the footage to them to work with if you
need help putting stuff together to meet the regular deadline set.

All I would be focused at the moment is: A video introducing
yourselves to the fans and inviting them to sign up for email. Make a
connection through video. Also, youtube is a jukebox, all your songs
should be up there even if the video is just something my guys put
together in an hour.

So when you’re set up with your music marketing platform that’s when
we get stuck into the google adwords online advertising, you swant the
best – and most – ideas and strategies available. If you can start a
new account with google I can secure you some free credit.

So with music marketing services like ours, basically you receive 10
hours a month from my staff that will be split between web design,
social media and myspace promotion, seo and online video production as
appropriate. My 4 hours will basically go toward your blog and
newsletter though some weeks we might focus on adwords instead.

Your job is to make sure that blogs and newsletters and videos go out
on the relevant platforms to complete the distribution of this
content fo rmusic management.

In future when we look at facebook promotion and twitter marketing and
we can see what’s happening, it might be more suitable for one of my
staff to do that job, those are things we would look at if you feel
you need more comprehensive services which is likely in 6-12months
when the fanbase is growing and those fans are active and purchasing
and need to be continually stimulated.

This is my approach we prepare now for when you have 1000+ fans who
are waiting for the monthly news and are willing to buy the things
you’re offering because they’ve watched all the videos, kept up with
all the news and they want to support the band. That’s when you’re
band has turned into a business that has got to be kept running.

So basically if you’re looking for music marketing services to get
started straight away we can fire up the myspace promotions
immediately and start getting our ideas together for blogs/videos
while developing the platform with a few of those improvements. Once
we’re set up we can get started on the ads.

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