Frenzied Self Promoting Music Link Pimping: Youtube Promotion and DVD Duplication

by Matt @ Kurb on December 5, 2009

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Okay alright just a linky old SEO post to help promote my sites and artists I’m promoting at the moment by giving them a little link love from my big momma music marketing management blog which seems to get all the google love these days.

More about blogging and google strategies soon.

Alright it’s time to dish out some links, by which I mean helping myself.

Quite often, I have to accept that this site has become one of my most effective in terms of authority and somewhat legitimately so at that – authentic link exchanges, article marketing campaigns, and link backs from various other authoritative blogs and sites.

I did have a big old blog about some of the youtube promotion campaigns we were doing to promote and perform youtube marketing services for various client music videos on youtube. Unfortunately that was definitely one of the ones I lost, I went into great detail about the kind of service you can expect from us and what are the most relevant outcomes on youtube for marketing youtube music videos.

That is, quite often it’s easy to get a lot of people to come and watch your video – we can do that for sure, but whether they’re going to click away and never think about it again is another question because by the time you’re looking at the proportion of people who saw your youtube video and eventually purchased or contributed, it’s a very hard process to isolate and maintain, and therefore develop into a successful strategy.

But often artists simply want the social proof of showing that thousands of people have seen their video.

Also let me dish out some links right here to some of my newest clients that way they all make sure they get a nice juicy link from my big old bad old music marketing blog:

Check out the sophisticated sound of new UK soul / house artist Seb his latest house music video on youtube

Another video we worked on recently and received over 100,000 vews was S Aaron Projects 80’s influenced dating music video for the dating song

Mister Jack is a brand new artist performing UK ska, hailing from London and has a brand new christmas video about to come out.

Jocey is a brand new dutch pop artist with a fresh and vibrant chart sound, gritty club fuelled tracks with unmistakably catchy hooks and strong, self assured lyrics

Beware the confessions of the Panther Woman – this is an erotic, gothic thriller from author mischa kk bagley which has been described as a grown up, sexualised twilight complete with fantasy and dark foreboding personal transformations!

Ace Diamond is the first word in honky tonkin baseball songs and when it comes to pitching up a country ditty than Ace Diamonds Baseball Songs is sure to be a hit out of the park.

And if you haven’t checked out the chilled out sounds from artists Ganga and Daniel Masson be sure to head along to their websites to download some high quality free downbeat and chill out mp3’s.

New client hip hop artist Tone Zerell also has a new release forthcoming

Also I don’t know if you know but one of my main businesses – the business that makes me most of my money so I can afford to blather on about online marketing with some confidence – as well as online business strategies that might possibly work for music artists and brands – is DVD duplication.

Because DVD duplication makes me the majority of my money, of course I spend the majority of my effort advertising and marketing this – just as you would with anything else you were trying to promote online – music, anything.

It’s this example I often use to artists – have you found a business model that allows you to make a lot of money regularly from hig hvalue transactions?

Because that’s a really good start in business – then all you have to do is apply the marketing strategy which of course I kind of have that covered.

But it doesn’t hurt to drop a few links to my main dvd duplication pages, run through the appropriate relevant keyword phrases – dvd duplication service. dvd duplication auckland, cheap dvd duplication – all in New Zealand of course.

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