Online Music Business Marketing: The Musical

by Matt @ Kurb on November 15, 2009

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

I provide online music marketing services that are comprehensive (that means you get everything you need from me) and affordable (you get at least 14 hours of PERSONALISED professional support each month for $200 – less than $15 p/hour – unbeatable!)

Design, social media promotion, video production and youtube promotion, online advertising campaigns, search engine rankings, email management, copywriting, branding and more . . .

Email it’s just $400 upfront right now and it’s going up again soon!

You have got to be hitting your goals. You and I.  We can’t be afraid to make them happen.

What’s going on with your online enterprise? With your music, your business, your whatever you’ve got going on?

Worked out why you’re not reaching the next level yet?

See, I know this stuff. Me, my presentation is dreadful. Do you know why? Because one of my greatest skills is in my thrifty business dealings, and good design and production values are particularly hard to swing on the cheap. That’s why I’m not too threatened by outsourcing becoming common in online business because it’s a skill in it’s self to manage people when you can’t even see them, when they’re on the other side of the world.

The problem with designers is so often they leave you with problems you can’t fix, that’s why I have designers on staff but invariably it takes 3 times as long to fix a website as it does to design it in the first place, so you have to be pretty onto it with your hourly rate, or a website can end up costing a lot just to work right. My designers barely get around to fixing up all my decrepit looking sites, because they’re always fixing and improving client sites.

But there’s no point launching a flash looking new music or music business website which looks really swish if it’s just going to confuse people and fail to do what it needs to do which is principally getting vital brand information feeding into the visitor who can then process your aptly placed proposition – such as “Download your free song now!” or “Sign up to receive a free song and a chance to win a chance to be the star of our next video.”

Or – this is how much it costs! Complete online music marketing for $200 p/month!

Do want it because it’s $200! $400 upfront! that’s how much it is! Now you know!

Y’know just something that’s at least making an effort or people won’t be interested.

With me you see I put the cheap prices way up front in big numbers and then roll out benefits relentlessly, the huge jumble of services I offer to help create that message you get the Full Package.

Design, copywriting, video production and marketing, social media, online advertising, email management, blog management . . .

It’s hard to do that with a free song. I mean you could go like 7c for a song! 47c for the whole album plus you get . . . uh?

That’s my tactic for my business – but then nothing I sell is 47c. 47c is nothing. 100 x .47c is $47 that’s not that great when you’ve just had to work for 100 sales.

Everything I sell is no less than US$97, I don’t like to make less than US$50 on a deal, otherwise it’s just a waste of my time. Y’know if you want a $97 music video production you send me the link to your footage and pics, I’ll forward that to my video team, I’ll give them $40 for a days work making the footage all interesting and appropriate with the music, and I’ll pocket $US57 for half an hours email communication.

Yes I am going on about my business, but can’t you see the point I’m making? You’re gonna sit there praying 100 people wanna buy your song, but I’ll organise and provide something high value with half an hours work.

That’s what I say to musicians, how can you offer something HIGH VALUE?

Y’know that’s worth money?

why make 1000 CD’s with a CD duplication run and have to give most of them away or sell them for $5?

Make 100 only. Ever. Sell them for $20 with an individual number. There’s only 100. There will only be 100.

When they sell out, replace an old song with a new one and change the order.

New album. Only 100 copies.

Crazed fans would buy them all after awhile. The chosen 100. Eventually you might have to make it the chosen 1000, the true 1000 who are the only ones allowed to receive a cd, it’s like a peerage, no one can join until another one dies, it’s like, intense.

You think those 1000 people don’t want to spend $100 each to get a cd ten months in a year? 1000 x 100 = $100,000 p/year?

Let’s get there!

But we’re back on CD’s again, don’t make me stoop to the lowest level when you know full well on the weekend I dress up as a pirate and run around kids birthday parties for $200 p/hour just to show you that high value services are the way to go. I give it all for an hour, and I get good money. And it’s so good, I’m building up my pirate entertainer website over the next year or so so that it will involve other streams of income on top of my birthday party appearances.

I just pitched a client then, and I just went straight to affiliate marketing. She was saying she’s aleready spent a binch of money – recording, mixing, photos – and what now, CD pressing and a publicist?

The expenses are too much, the overheads are cutting artists off at the knees when they’re entering the game. So I’m thinking we can’t mess around with SEO and blogging and myspace and all that social media nonsense, it’s all very well if you’ve got 3 years to wait around for your favourite blogger to like you  but we want to do business.

Jam it on itunes, don’t give it a second thought, maybe, you neve know, why wouldn’t you.

Press your hundred CD’s, in fact do it yourself. I can tell you how, and if you’re really desperate I can post you the inserts. from here in New Zealand. No but seriously, I’ll tell you the equipment you need. it’ll fit in the tour van so you can make discs on the road.

Itunes, limited edition issue, and the affiliate upsell – buy this thing, get the song free.

And not to mention a high value service. Like what?

$97 for this artist to create a youtube performance especially for the paying fans use – personalized to their whacky, sick perverse requests.

That’s just off the top of my head. With a video camera you can offer all kinds of specialized one off exclusive stuff as a collectable for a fan – that fan is the ONLY fan who

So let’s recap on our little online business marketing special

I – me, Matt from Kurb promo – I know all about online marketing and I know my presentation is not up to scratch and the shabby looking designs on my sites don’t inspire much confidence it what I can do.

Often I’ve just cobbled together terrible copywriting to sell some of my services. But still its better than what I see on most artists sites.

I’ve just been so keen to get to the advertising point, and my advertising will only ever to so well because the website design and copy it leads to looks terrible.

My videos are so bad it’s kind of quaint, people watch them and call me probably out of sympathy – the point remains, if my videos were twice as professional, i would only get at least twice as many leads.

See, I know what’s wrong with my online business marketing, what’s wrong with yours?

Email me, Matt – we can talk about it while I’m still only charging $200 p/month – that’s 4 hours from me and 10 from my staff, we do all aspects of online marketing – design, copywriting, advertising,email management, social media promotion, video, blogging and more.

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