More Notes on Music Marketing Strategies for Band and Artist Websites

by Matt @ Kurb on November 12, 2009

Hi, Matt from Kurb here!

We do all online music marketing for musicians – design, social media, advertising, SEO, video – we provide a comprehensive package that is affordable. It’s still $600 for 3 months for now, but it will go up again soon.

Email me, Matt @ Kurb to discuss you campaign needs and whether you can still get in for $600: –

So it just might be a couple of week before we can start on any new accounts, but that gives us a good opportunity to discuss what’s involved.

Holiday season is also a good time for building a campaign because most of our other business aside from online promotion tends to quieten down.

With an artist website, there’s always plenty of room for improvement, my thoughts would be to organise the information a bit better and get the site functioning toward the achievement of specific outcomes.

The fisfulayen blog from topspin CEO Ian rogers has an amazing rendering of an artist site from basic diagrams.

Youtube promotion can tend to be a vanity thing, I like to make artists aware when they’re making choices about the services they receive from us that the youtube hits look good on paper by seldom fail to convert toward outcomes, unless the outcome was simply geting more views.

PPC management and selected SEO services I’m very confident about, but I’m also a big fan of pushing email management as a platform for connecting with fans. When the delivery of secondary content (blogs, videos etc. as opposed to primary paid content) is streamlined into regular blogs and newsletters you’ve got a channel of communication and distribution you can feed new fans into.

That’s where it’s about complimenting your strengths with content services we provide in video and blogging to maintain that level of activity.

With a long lead up to your album release it is important to get started early as this kind of momentum is slow to build online, it’s realistic it may take from now til then to build some sustainable momentum.

But I would also be thinking now about the ultimate proposition your developing with the album. I’ll speak plainly and say in this era, I think the more dynamic business proposition is to sell the album as part of a package – let me use an example to illustrate:

you can sell a download of the album for $9 and make $7 off each sale

But you could also sell something else for $25 that you get a 50% commission of $12.50 and give the album away as a “bonus for fans” who support the artist by purchasing the $25 item.

This way you make more money form selling just as many albums and whats more the fans get an even better deal.

It’s just about the modern music industry – listeners now perceive music to be of a lot lesser value, but they do value supporting musicians, and thats why I encourage artists to change their basic business model from insisting that the songs are the primary commodity. When artists develop a strong brand and loyal following through maintaining genuine fan engagement, then they can sell fans anything, developing some really dynamic propositions.

At the moment I’m having particular trouble managing the web design because it’s getting hard to find designers who are reliable and cheap.

here is the work of one of our designers:

This is just a basic design, without much view to the necessary marketing and promotion requirements of such a website – email list, videos, player, links to myspace etc. – that’s where I’d work with the designer for optimal presentation as well as functionality.

some sites you can see that we are working on include

some videos we’ve produced for clients include

As I said, these online video productions are designed to assist the artists to maintian regular content online as part of our low cost packages.

this is a youtube video we recently promoted getting 60,000+ views on within a few weeks of the date it was added (sept 29 09)

What I would suggest for the best outcome is that we move quickly, simply developing the website similar to what you already have a little more so it’s as functional as it needs to be in order to facilitate promotion and then get the promotion rolling before we revisit developing the site to address the needs of fans and customers.

The website has got to be there to serve the fans, so I think once we start solidifying that fanbase, then we can consider what exactly the experience we want to provide for old and new fans is, especially when considering outcomes, and progressive, dynamic propositions / upsells / cross sells.

If I didn’t mention it, we also do basic myspace, facebook and twitter promotion.

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