I Hate Doing Your Online Music Marketing and Artist Promotion

by Matt @ Kurb on November 24, 2009

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Okay back on the online music marketing and promotions diary thingee – that is, me talking about what I’m actually doing with clients.

For new clients I’m straight into the Business model,have you actually got some kind of real idea of how this will work as a music business?

In fact I think I’m going to be really upfront with some artists so I can feel out whether they’re right for what we’re doing because most of the artists I work with don’t really have the budget to waste time waiting for me to do everything.

If you’re not going to get stuck in and write and do video and make raw content you can send to us to knock into some kind of regular content feed, we’re just going to end up pottering around seeing if a little bit of this or a little bit of that even makes a difference.

Pretty up this and that, hire a social media rent a crowd . . . well it looks good, will anyone see it? Will anyone care?

Are you just going to have us harvest myspace and twitter while you watch your list slowly rising without doing a thing to reach out to those people?

I had one client who wouldn’t let me do the email list or do any writing for them so the sites going to be hard to optimize and even if traffic was visiting, what are they going to see? What’s the outcome? See the website, look at it, then go away again?

And then – back to the music business model I was talking about earlier – they want to rely on selling songs. I’m sure I must have whined about songs enough on this blog enough already, but I hate songs.

Songs are not going to make you money so while I seem to have abandoned any idea of keeping to the theme of this particular post, I hate songs and their ratty 69c per sale and I don’t see why artists are showing up having spent $5k+ on recording – of course you’re going to be penny pinching over the promotions budget but don’t be suprised if your promotions are only a quarter as effective as your album sounds if you only spent a proportionate rate on it!

Have you thought about the idea of building a following BEFORE you decide to invest thousands into recording hoping that will be the magic solution?

But before I finish up this post I would like to point out one aspect of the artist driven music business that I don’t have.

I charge for my time and there’s only so many hours in a week. You can sell as many 69c songs as you need to be able to in an instant. And what’s more, by the time you are selling 1000 songs a day, the momentum will aready have builtto the point where you will probably continue to build fans and new fans will continue to purchase whatever proposition you’re pushing that gives ans what they want and puts money in your pocket.

The idea is just getting to the next stage where you actually have an online music business proposal that is working. That’s where we come in. Once you prove you can make money there’ll be planty of business opportunities to choose from and expand on.

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music music promotion 11.30.09 at 6:51 pm

How to Sell my Music Online Independently ? Can any one help me ?

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