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by Matt @ Kurb on November 16, 2009

Hi I’m fancy mister Matt, the top best mister fancy music marketing person and friends!

Design your site and blog, promote you on social media, do your online advertising campaign – maybe even with free credits – do you a video, set up your email list, do your blog and everything so you get lots of googles!

Build your music business with online promotion and business strategies!

All that for just $400 upfront, and $200 if you want to continue after 3 months. That’s comprehensive and affordable music marketing services!


Had the best day on my blog ever yesterday 314 unique visitors!

That’s pretty good! Running hot and time for another post!

So it’s coming up to christmas which is a great time for music marketing – not because people want to spend there money on you but because you probably have some time off to work on your music marketing and promotions and get things inorer for the coming year.

Did you know I joined myspace on Christmas eve 2004, believe that. 5 years!

Anyway. Forget about your marketing and promotions have you even taken the time to construct a proper business model?

Look at 3 tiers of earnings. Set this up:

– Your songs available for download

– A strictly limited edition package – limited to 50, 100, 500 – that you sell at a premium

– an affiliate tie in. Offer to give the album free to anyone who purchases one of your affiliate products.

(Affiliate products are products you receive a commission on when your fans click through your link to order)

This is what I’m talking about business and propositions. If you don’t make a proposition, how are you going to get paid? How are you going to find out how your fans would like to spend ther money.

You’ll probably find out that they don’t. But if you even get one sale then you have market research.

Me I’m always putting a line out there to see if something works, if the fish are biting. If you reel one in, you know it works. You have a working business model you can expand on.

Like me I always use this blog to make the proposition and one of the main points of this blog is that I now pretty much solely rely on my blog which is over 2 years old now and has 270 posts on it and I get up to 314 unique vistors – usually about 180 is my average – p/day – ends up being up to 4000 different people on my blog each month, I’m not saying it’s big numbers but it’s enough for me to earn a crust marketing music and bands and the only way I do it is through this blog.

I have a whole bunch of satellite sites like the sales site kurb artist management and even random music blogs that are set up on other servers such as just music online and then there’s stuff like the youtube promotion if you just want to get youtube views or the cheap video production which as I said is still a bit rough I’m sure you’ll agree.

But these sites just kind of aid this site, which is the main mothership drawing in that cyberspace traffic. Most people don’t care but one out of those 300 is thinking seriously about putting down $400 for a 3 month music markeitng campaign.

$400, that’s like 2 days work. For a whole online music marketing campaign.

Anyway yes, you should have propositions in action, and you should be aware that a blog is something that is only going to really work for you if you keep at it. But the point being, it does work. You spend two years writng and promoting your blog, you’re going to get 300 people and if all of them hate your music you must be really bad.

But you’re still getting free traffic that’s highly targeted and you’ll probably be making about $15 p/week advertising like I do. Big money.

I can’t believe I don’t even spend any money on advertising my music marketing services any more, though, blogging is pretty sweet and I don’t even try that hard with well researched posts and what not.

I just do this everyday and I’m not poor, but what would I know.

Sell stuff in any way, in every way, and blog about it. Do some article marketing. Do some adwords. Have a sweet email newsletter that sells stuff in a funky fresh way. Do stuff, and film it. Do anything record it in anyway, send it to my team we’ll slap it up as something on youtube.

I dunno, this online music promotion thing seems easy to me. If you’re having trouble, I can help out. We do the whole thing, cheap. We don;t work miracles but stick with it and you’re going to be moving forward without spending silly money you don’t have.

Put down $400 and we can get started. You get 3 months. If you don;t like what you get in 3 months well, we won’t ask you for anymore money.

So what are you waiting for, the price will go up soon!

Email me Matt:

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