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by Matt @ Kurb on November 23, 2009

Need Music Marketing Services Online?

$400 down gets you 3 months of Design and Development, Online Advertising, Social Media Promotion, Video Services – Production and Promotion, Business PLans, Branding, Search Engine Optimisation to get your website ranking in Google . . . and yes your blog – we can set you up a nice blog you can blog away on all through 2010.

You can email me, Matt:

$400 on paypal still gets you in these days, so grab it now! We’ll be humming over January and such as most of our other business is super quiet after xmas

I am loving my Music Marketing Blog right now!

Why? Because the fact that I’ve worked on it and posted regularly with original content for over 2 years has really paid off.

No one hardly leaves any comments but I figure that’s because I’m not very inviting, or perhaps I don’t make much sense – it’s very possible that the traffic has more to do with my SEO skills and the fact I can write lots of material.

You keep writing for years, working your keywords, then you’re going to get hundreds of people to your site, and there’s going to be something wrong if 1 or more of those people don’t sign up.

People email me and they know I want like, $400 just to get started! Think how many you’ll have signing up for your list if 200 people came to your site every day!

If you are some rich artist, which I want to work with, you can get me writing your blogs and your twitter and all that for you but I need at least $500 a month for that. But you get all the article marketing and SEO, newsletter too, I do all that stuff now, I have to, because artists aren’t and they’re not establishing a significant presence online because they don’t realise it’s something you plug at for YEARS.

If you can’t do it, then you can pay me, because I know it works. All my work is coming through this blog because I just yap yap yapped away about music marketing for 2 years.

But everyone’s so obsessed with their album release, it’s not the 90’s! Hype is so old fashioned!

That’s why you’ve got to keep posting on your blog! I don’t care what you post, I thought you were the artist? I don’t even need to be half inspired to write a blog.

This is my music marketing blog, which works out because I’m emailing people and talking about music marketing every day, and now just through this blog alone, people are coming along and deciding to email me to hear what we’re doing at Kurb.

I don’t make any effort anywhere else, I don’t even do ads, people just email me.

Look, I’ll be honest. We’re not incredible. We don’t change lives but no one else offers a service like we do.

Everyone’s confused about the music industry because o one’s sure what works. I can’t say any one thing works, but we have all the tools – it’s all there and it’s about as cheap as you’re going to get it.

The two most important things are that I actually find out about your music and talk you about what’s going to work. WHO are your fans and what exactly are you doing so that they get what they want, which leads to you getting what you want – IE paid.

The second is that I don’t charge what a proper PR or promotions agency would charge. The kind of service you get is similar to employing some PR firm but without the price tag.

Other than scale, it’s not really any different except you hire me for a lot less – or simply because you need support in the business side and it’s not prudent to indulge $5k+ on a PR company, you’re better off giving me $500 so even if I can’t make it rain, I can at least help you put the buckets out.

Oh, and keep blogging! Keep slogging at it, you need that content up on your site, you want the google honey trap. Traffic means attention and attention can be converted into business, I do it every day.

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