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by Matt @ Kurb on October 4, 2009


FOR $200 P/MONTH: a full range of online promotion services you would naturally require to have a comprehensive online profile: Design and set up, social media, advertising, content strategies including blog posts and video, email management and more!

Just writing a pitch to a music studio and another music business and just thinking what a perfect fit it is between myself and those who are also investing into long term music business. I already know the market and have a corner of the niche that I’ve developed so there’s also opportunities for us to work together exchanging services.

I don’t only get the new music industry but I know how to build a proposition that’s going to connect with artists and also how to roll out the marketing I’ve been doing it for years  now. You see social media marketing can be a bit of a joke sometimes but when your audience is musicians it can work because so many musicians are using social media to help them build fanbases because they read it on some blog.

That’s no reason why you shouldn’t abandon internet marketing strategies that actually work, but let me tell you, if you run a decent service then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be successfulwith our marketing techniques because I’ve used them again and again for continued growth of my own business.

As a music business I am willing to start working with you at the artist rate of $200 p/month initially which gives you access to a full range of online promotion services you would naturally require to have a comprehensive online profile: Design and set up, social media, advertising, content strategies including blog posts and video, email management – I think that covers everything that matters.

If you’re running a music business, though most of my marketing experience has come from within the music industry, my biggest success story is obviously my own businesses that are pitched towards musicians – the same target.

I guess this would be some of the ideas I’d go through once getting some feedback from you determining exactly what you were interested in doing:

1: business strategy: where are you making your best money or easiest sales and is there room for expanding that market or developing new ones? I offer as many profitable services to artists as I can.

For example, my cd/dvd duplication service is the most profitable part of my business. This is something I could help you set up cheaply as there’s a natural connection for your clients and I know the business
inside and out.

Are you interested in focusing on your local area or are you looking to expand your business by developing
online services that can be delivered digitally in some format.

2: social media vs internet marketing: I see a lot of businesses diving into social media without realising an intensive social media strategy that stands alone without internet marketing is a lot of effort to sustain.

Yes I use social media as a big part of marketing my business to musicians, and it’s something you can’t ignore but honestly it’s more about future proofing your business than finding a successsful sales
formula and scaling it.

My suggestions for social media is to only pursue it to the extent that it is practical, expedient and with long term conditions in mind.

3: Even though social media is very popular, especially in our industry, it’s the stuff that’s always been important online that is still important for increasing business and this actually creates opportunity while the competition is distracted. search engine optimisation, online advertising, list building, strong sales copy and propositions.

It’s these basics that push sales. Myspace, facebook, and twitter have their roles but take a much greater and more intensive investment.

4: video – the one exception is video, I find video suprisingly effective at developing the trust that reassures customers when they make the final decision. We’ve got a great little video team, not super professional, but great at getting basic online video stuff going and this is all a part of our standard marketing packages.

So basically if I could get a more specific response to this in regards to what your goals are for business development then I can come up with a more detailed action plan, so please email me, Matt @ Kurb: to discuss the personalised service you’ll receive to market your business.

I’m interested in this project because firstly it’s music business which I’m experienced in but it’s more on the business side which eliminates the need for the long gestation period most acts I work with need before they can break a profit, and also long term, there are opportunities for me to provide my online marketing and content services to your clients – in the past I’ve actually worked with a range of artists so I’m interested in continuing to develop connections.

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