Your Music On (Featuring Mister Jack)

by Matt @ Kurb on September 21, 2009

Alright this is a post prepared by my lovely assistant Nicole, discussing the merits of Garageband and featuring one of our clients – UK Based Ska Punk act Mister Jack.

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“For the people, by the people” – this is the motto has adopted as their own. The independent music marketing site promotes the idea of people having a direct influence on the popularity of music, and deciding which songs will become tomorrow’s digital downloads #1. is a prime example of the shift in the music industry from physical album sales and CDs to digital downloads and social networking profiles with mp3s. was founded as iTunes equivalent of MySpace Music and It was the Apple Inc. attempt to promote unsigned artists across the globe, and is run by the same ingenuitive individuals who brought us the iLike application. This iLike application can be found on various popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Hi5, and operates as a mechanism of keeping up to date with the latest news regarding your favourite artists or any new artists you may discover. Using this iLike application one is able to receive concert alerts, updates on new videos and albums, and share the new artists you find with friends online. combines the customary social networking profile whereby the artist may promote their music with free registration and the setup of a standard musician profile, with an online distribution service via select digital music stores. A standard social networking site profile includes a short biography of the band, any relevant press release quotes, free mp3 and podcast hosting, ability for non-musicians to join the fan list, and a free gig calendar. However,’s musician-only profile includes all these features as well as resources enabling the distribution of music for download.

So how does the public influence the music we see promoted on’s homepage? It’s simple really. The second feature which allows to proudly raise their head as one of the more well-to-do social networking music sites are the music awards. As with any award bands enter the track contest as “nominees”, and based on the listeners votes a winning artist is chosen. Recently, the London-based Ska Punk singer Mister Jack won several artist awards including “Best Mood in Ska” and “Best Male Vocals” for the week of 27 July 2009. Currently this cockney colossus is rating at #8 in’s latest Ska charts. To peruse both these charts and Mister Jack’s profile, it’s best to log onto the website and see for yourself what this undoubtedly unique site has to offer.

If you are not a musician and feel you would like to directly influence music in a manner further than mere voting, although this is a notable form of promotion, has catered for all budding journalists in cyberspace. Non-musicians are allowed free registration with profile creation, but with free musician perusal features may also write reviews of the music they discover as well as listening and possibly voting for the artists. These individuals are known as reviewers hence the awards known as the Reviewers Awards among the users. If you find yourself drawn to writing sharing your opinion on music and having an effect on the popularity of tomorrows cyber stars – may be your cup of tea.

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